Christmas traditions

Started by Noodle Script, 2018 Dec 20, 18:50:04

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Noodle Script

Hello, everypony!

I hope that this is not too religion specific. So if this is wrong, I'm sorry.

I hope you had a wonderful December so far, both ponies who celebrate Christmas and ponies who don't. For those, who do, I would like to know: How do you celebrate Christmas and the days before and after it? For those who don't, please do not feel excluded. At least this is not the intention of this thread.

I shall start:

On the Advent days, our family gathers around the Advent wreath, Daddy gets out his guitar and we sing Christmas songs.

We usually buy our Christmas tree late before Christmas Eve. In the morning of Christmas Eve, we decorate the tree. When we were little, we used to watch TV until the late afternoon after that, but nowadays we usually go about doing our stuff. In the evening, we go to church. Mum used to stay at home. When we were children, we were told, she had to let in Santa Claus. Well, she turns on the right music in the evening, so we feel all festive when we arrive back home. Now that I think of it, it is kind of unfair that we never gave her the chance to go to church, too.

Then we would give presents to each other, the youngest beginning and going through to the oldest. When everyone gave someone a present, we start over with the youngest again and continue to do so, until there are no more presents left. If we don't have any presents to give anymore, but there are still presents, we give presents of others. If anypony is wondering: In Germany, many families celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, not in the Christmas days. The Christmas days are spent visiting relatives.

After all the gift giving, we eat. While many families have turkey or goose on Christmas, we don't. We have potato salad.

On New Year's Eve, we eat raclette. After that, we watch "Dinner for One". It is a short grayscale film traditionally watched by German people on New Year's Eve. It's about Miss Sophie, an elderly whealthy lady who wants to celebrate her 90th birthday with her four best friends. Unfortunately, all of them have already died, so she orders her butler James to play all of them. Drinking for four, he gets increasingly drunk and that's basically the whole story. At midnight, we greet the new year with fireworks.

How do you celebrate December?


Oh, this thread sounds wonderful! I always love hearing about the Christmas traditions of other people. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to put some of my own here, too!

We get our tree and decorate it near the beginning of the month, all at once. My brother and I used to decorate it ourselves, but now that we're older, we don't - it's just up to my mother to do it. We used to put little candles on the tree, too, but then we decided that that was a little bit too dangerous, so we stopped. ^^

On Christmas Eve, we visit the German side of my family in London. None of us like to make a big deal out of food on that day, since we're all very tired already, so we usually just get McDonald's or something. I know, I know, it's not in Christmas spirit, but it's easy and filling. Like yours, my German family also celebrate on Christmas Eve, so we open a lot of our gifts then.

Then, since the other half of my family is English, we celebrate equally as much on Christmas Day itself. As soon as we wake up, we give out the presents. A few hours later, most of the rest of my family comes over to our house to visit, and we often play board games together and the like to distribute small presents bought exclusively for that purpose. As for food, it's usually regular roast (chicken, potatoes, gravy, vegetables, etc.) but since I don't like chicken much (or any meat at all, for that matter) I just eat potatoes, and lots of them. I'm not complaining, though, because I love them! We don't go to church or anything, but maybe I'd like to try someday, even though I'm not religious. It sounds wonderful.

We do some celebrations on the day after Christmas, too, but it's mostly just a social event, so I don't enjoy it much. I tend to just find a corner of the room and play video games by myself, lol. It's still lovely being with my family, though.
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Up until like 2 weeks ago I never knew doing things on Xmas eve was even a thing.  I also live alone and work retail so my holidays are showing up at my parents at some point Xmas day, opening gifts despite saying year after year I don't want people buying me stuff, having dinner, then going home...
I cant be in my parents' house for long cause smokers, and I have no tolerance to it and develop headaches within an hour or two, so spending the entire day there tends to make me pretty miserable

Noodle Script

I hope you all have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas to everypony celebrating that.

trigger-bolt and Princess Darcy, thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions with us.


As I was younger in the 1970s and 1980s me and my family was buying presents in a nearby city, and was then spending the evening with two elder family members.
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Noodle Script

I didn't expect someone still posting in this thread, since it is already spring, so I'm pleasantly surprised.
Thank you, Griffon, for sharing this with us.

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