Starry Heart's Adventures

Started by ComedicWriter, 2018 Dec 10, 01:31:56

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A lot of other people seem to be doing it, so I figured I might as well do it too. ovO


(Yeah, I know, I'm double posting from the Pony Towers ™ Photo Collection thread.)

Today there was a pony tower! A lot of ponies were hanging out in Ponydale (18 to be exact), and a pony tower was suddenly born on the bench outside SCC.

Then we moved to the Ponydale Train Station...

And finally we ended at the CK Castle.

Also, on a less important note, I just breached level 40! Only 10 more levels to go...

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*Thinks this should be updated* Include your times with Bee Bun :)
That Holiday Cheeer emote from the Discord server will go here soon. I must spread the meme xD


ohecc I need to update this

but I'm not going to because I'm l a z y

basically Bee Bun is still a foal who does friccin swears, I reached level 50, and I haven't been playing LoE that much



Bee is a good foal
A nerd who draws whatever.

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