Hello everyone....

Started by J_Brony1155, 2018 Nov 13, 08:30:07

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Hello my name is Josh.

I became a Brony around 2014 and I am now just founding out about this website (terrible of me I know XD)
I should have found out about it sooner I have never really joined any of the fan sites until now finding out about legends of equestrian the game made me do this.

I will start off by saying that.... I like long walks on the beach, long romantic talks into the night, and MUFFINS!! (Oh who am I kidding!!) that was just for laughs. :P

I love the show, I love everything about it, the fandom is great and the people are awesome I hope to meet a lot of people on this site and in the game.

 I like games, I love MLP:fim, music, YouTube, hanging with my friends, I have a lot more interests too many to name really.

I just don't really know what else to say in this topic this is my introduction so here goes nothing...

Hello everypony!
"I don't know what went wrong..." ~Derpy~

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Hello and welcome!

I actually don't think you said "nothing". I think that you said a lot.

And that you have a lot of interests means that you are an interesting person and have an interesting life. I also suppose that walks on the beach must be very interesting. I don't have a beach nearby, so going to the beach means going on holiday for me.

So, I suppose you are a more interesting person and have a more interesting life than me.


everybody has an interesting life in one way or another.

(BTW I didn't mean for "nothing" to be taken out of context)

but you have to find what you like doing and make it interesting otherwise life is boring.
"I don't know what went wrong..." ~Derpy~

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Thank you for your uplifting words and advice. I think I need to find out what I really want, then do that.

Concerning the "nothing" thing: I think I missed how I was supposed to understand it, sorry. If it is related to the show, I have to admit that I just watched it once and, naturally, didn't notice every detail the first time. In the last few days I have been watching the series a second time, and started understanding some references.

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