Starry Heart

Started by Starry Heart, 2018 Nov 06, 19:21:40

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Starry Heart

2018 Nov 06, 19:21:40 Last Edit: 2018 Nov 14, 17:19:06 by Starry Heart
Name: Starry Heart:
Race: Earth
Age: 26
Appearance: Light blue coat, green eyes, mane and tail with stripes of purple, light purple, and red.
Cutie Mark: A heart, which is pretty ironic (see backstory when posted.)
Alignment: Evil
Special Talents: She is one of the most powerful dark magic enchantresses in all of Equestria, due to having spent most of her life studying magic. She has even gone as far as to create spells herself, which she has used on numerous occasion. (And no, she isn't OP.)
Personality: Cold, unfeeling, and harsh. She hates everything, and is very generally a 100% dislikable character (At least she is until you learn her backstory!)
Backstory: Once I get to reveal it in The Witchmaster RP, I'll post it here! I don't want to give any spoilers! :D
I am evil. You need know no more.

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