Costumes, Interiors, Decor and More: The (2018) Hallowe'en Update is Live!

Started by Ellowee, 2018 Oct 30, 21:28:38

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Hey again, everypony! It's that spooky time of year, so what better way to celebrate than by dressing up a virtual horse in thematic costumes? Well, lucky for all of us, Legends of Equestria's latest update, V2018.09.01, is now available!

This seasonal update brings a few new costume designs into the game, for all of you who want to really get into the spirit of things! As usual, they'll be available from fashion designer Ensemble, in the Crystal Kingdom - for a modest fee, of course!

There may also be a special item available to commemorate the anniversary of our Open Access Release, from Marvell in Ponydale - and of course, the yearly batpony costume quest is now available once more for those who didn't complete it last time round, from Ensemble! This does, however, mean that Festival of Light quests are no longer available - you'll have to wait for that seasonal event to roll around again to get those items if you missed out this time!

That's not all, though; new interior zones have been added for some key locations, such as Cantermore's Gala Hall, Ponydale's schoolhouse, and the mysterious Dig Site dungeon in the Heartlands!

A host of other improvements have made their way into this update: a bunch of new mob attacks and animations have been added, the Harmonious Armour is now available for artisans to learn and craft, and of course, the obligatory host of bugs have been squashed. Sorry, but the rogue teleportation spell that caused the Ponydale bench to hover 30 feet in the air has finally been removed!

You can find the full changelog here, and if you're playing one of the direct-download versions of LoE, you'll need to grab the latest game files from our downloads page! If you're playing using our Windows launcher, the game should update for you automatically.

We really hope that you enjoy everything that's been added so far; it's humbling to know that for over a year now, LoE has been a fully public game, and that we're still going strong. As always, though, if you have any issues or bugs to report, please do so using our Phabricator system, as explained here, to ensure that the right people on the team know about the issue and can get to work on fixing it.

Thanks for all your continued support, everypony! There's a lot more still to come, so we'll see you in Equestria!

Pumpkin Glow

I LOVE everything about this update so much! OMG!  <3  <3  <3

Thank you devs!  ^-^  <3  <3  <3

Dreamer Bunny

Wayward best npc

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Quote from: Pumpkin Glow on 2018 Oct 30, 23:07:33I LOVE everything about this update so much! OMG!  <3  <3  <3
um how do u update please D:  D:  D:  D:  D:  D:  :nod:  :nod: pl :(

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Sweet Wing

Hallow Night

Quote from: bigbootyjudy on 2018 Oct 31, 17:41:17does it update by its self or do I have to update it

If you have the windows launcher then yes it updates by its self, but if you have the direct download as in you can go straight into the game without loading it with launcher then you have to re-download it again or it will not let you in.

Also, can't wait till I get back into the game, I will be best spooky horse. :o
Great job LoE team!

Hallow Night


Wow I'm helping all the horses. So what it see you saying is that you have the direct download where you can go straight into the game. So what I did to get into the game is use my Google Chrome browser and go to the website of course and then click what ever direct download I am doing. Then it goes to the cloud and stuff. Then I click extract all and all that technical stuff then hey! Ya get de game! Then I click it to the taskbar and it should let you into the game and be just fine. That is how I got it. It may be different for you I don't know, but it works fine to me when I do this. I hope this helps horse!!! :)

Sweet Wing

i clicked the launcher that it is but when i did it it said error u must update this game


Man, Equestria just gets better and better. Hasbro really missed an opportunity when it didn't make it's own LoE, but I guess that just means MLP fans can craft a perfect product.
Let's turn every detail into something important.


If I might make a suggestion for a Thanksgiving/ Hearth Warming update... a cooking contest? Set up some long tables right in the middle of Ponydale, cover those tables in ingredients and surround them with NPC's, and create an uppity NPC pony who will judge a player's finished dish based on difficulty (apple sauce = low score, Vegi Pot Pie = high score). The player must out-compete the other NPC's and make a fabulous dish.

(Maybe a gryphon can be a contestant with a plate of eclairs...)
Let's turn every detail into something important.

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