Legends of Equestria Changelog 31st October 2018 (V. 2018.09.01)

Started by Ellowee, 2018 Oct 30, 21:13:54

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  • Added quest 'Slippery Slope'.
  • Re-activated seasonal costume quest 'A Costume of the Night'.
  • Fixed some issues that allowed Talent Mark quests to be repeated.
  • Fixed issues with quest 'Trouble Stoppers'.
  • Fixed conflicts between quests 'Storm Chaser', 'Handle With Care', and 'Thirty Minutes or Less'.

  • Added 'Anniversary Cupcake' hat.
  • Added 'Ghost Costume'.
  • Added 'Mummy Costume'.
  • Added 'Jack O' Lantern Costume'.
  • Added 'Pot' hat.
  • Adjusted drop rates for Heating Catalyst and Magical Catalyst.
  • Added Harmonious Armor set (Back Legs, Front Legs, Chest Plate, Back Plate, Helmet).
  • Updated textures for nurse's cap, medical textbook, and medical supply crates.

  • Added Dig Site Dungeon interior.
  • Added Cantermore Gala Hall interior.
  • Added Ponydale Schoolhouse interior.
  • Added various seasonally-themed banners and flags around Ponydale.
  • Added new skill attacks for Lantern Monsters.
  • Added a host of new mob attacks to some Lantern Monsters, Pegasus Rock Golems, Naiads, and Living Bushes:
    • Dimensional Rift
    • Crippling Wing Swipe
    • Pebble Spray
    • Steamline
    • Wiggle
    • Jiggle
    • Shake
    • Leafstorm
    • Razor Leaves
  • Updated texture for Cloudopolis hospital.
  • Updated NPC images for Mercury.
  • A table has been flipped upside-down in Sugarcane Corner. Someone has been partying too hard.
  • Fixed issues preventing the chat filter from working correctly.
  • Fixed floating trees in Evershade.
  • Fixed floating bench in Ponydale.
  • Fixed floating vase in Cantermore.
  • Fixed issue causing the facehoof animation to occur with AoE skills while armor with the dodge ability is being worn.
  • Fixed issues with eyes not closing during the AFK/sleep animation.
  • Fixed issue causing massive and lingering health regeneration after using an Apple Pie.
  • Fixed some issues preventing the crafting/cooking of some high-level recipes
  • Slightly reduced the strength of dragon fire breath.
  • Adjusted mob damage output more generally.
  • Adjusted bunny aggro range in Sweet Apple Orchards.
  • Adjusted tilt tolerance for mobs to help in navigating terrain.
  • Removed persistent winter snow from Ponydale tent roofs.

  • There are some positioning issues with the portals for the Ponydale Schoolhouse and the Dig Site that we're working to rectify. You might need to turn around after the area loads in order to continue! If you still have trouble, try using the "/stuck" command in the chatbox to move your character to the correct position.
  • The space under 'radio' in Sugarcane Corner is currently empty. We'll hopefully have something there again shortly.

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