Snowy Moon

Started by Snowy_Moon, 2018 Oct 29, 13:46:47

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Snowy Moon

Species: Night pony

Gender: Female

Age: Filly

Likes: Applejuice, Stargazing, Night, Creatures of the Night, Nightmare Night, Nightmare Moon, Spooky stuff, Books

Dislikes: Day, Arrogant Ponies

Special Talent: Cosmos related magic

Description: She is a little foal with a rhapsody coat, which has dark gray dots here and there. Under her eyes she has a thick dark gray eyeliner, which belongs to her coat.
She has an ultraviolet mane mixed with tin turquoise strands, which constantly covers her right eye.

Home: Orphan , lives in Ponydale (Ponyville)

Personality: Sometimes she has a strange behavior, where she just stares into the sky, at the same time she looks both thoughtful and astonished. She is a very friendly filly, but with difficulties in adapting.
Often she does not understand social behavior, which can cause misunderstandings about her reaction.

Bio: Snowy Moon is a fearless foal that has taken care of herself from an early age, no one knows exactly where she is from, not even her. The first face she saw was that in the moon.
At night, she roams the small town and searches for food scraps in the trash, trying to stay pretty unremarkable, which she often fails to do.
Her home is a slightly larger box which she adorned with old fabrics and gives her enough space for the little she has. But nothing in it stinks or seems to be dirty, because although it was once garbage, she has purified everything in the river.

History: (wip)


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