Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Tournament 2019

Started by Optic Rainfall, 2019 Sep 14, 18:57:04

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Optic Rainfall

Hello and welcome to the Sweet and Elite Hide and Seek Tournament of 2019, the concept of the weekly Hide and Seek sessions held on Saturdays, developed by DeceptiveCadance AKA Fancy Frosting. September 22nd marks the 2nd Anniversary of the event, of course due to some scheduling of other events in the game, the date has been pushed back to the 28th. You'll be joined by the host, yours truly, Optic Rainfall, along with my co-hosts/helpers, Wind Spray and Cogsworth Wingthrop. No need to ask for an invitation, everyone's invited to play!

Our main focus is to make sure that those who are competing will deserve every bit of experience and enjoyment from this event, but respect and fair play will need to be shown from every one of you. Your involvement is what we need to get this Tournament up and running, and in return we'll be crediting you with your pony name on the list of competitors along with some screenshots taken of all of you during the event. All players who are participating will be competing for the prizes and the glory. Are you eager to claim the title of Hide and Seek Champion?

If you're interested in participating in the Tournament, you'll need to understand how to play and what the rules are. See under Guide, Gameplay and Rules, as well as other information you can read, including Game modes, Scorings, Locations, etc. It'll take a long time to explain everything when the game starts, so we expect you to read this thread carefully and remember most of the important details.

The winning prizes will go to the 3 players who have the highest scores of the Tournament for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
These prizes will be announced on September 21st, so keep an eye on this thread to find out!
1st place
  • -----------
  • -----------
  • -----------

2nd place
  • -----------
  • -----------
  • -----------

3rd place
  • -----------
  • -----------
  • -----------


  • The Tournament takes place in the Amareicas server in Ponydale at Town Hall where we are gathered. Wherever you are, be sure to check on Global chat to see which room we are in.
  • You may want to arrive 30 minutes beforehand if you want to compete. Once you're at Town Hall, come on to the veranda (where Check List is) and I'll sign you up on the list of competitors so that I can keep track of your scores. I'll be sure to /whisper to you once I've done so.
  • There are a total of 9 rounds throughout the game with 5 locations to play on, along with 5 game modes. On the first round, Normal mode will be played for just the first round in Ponydale, and then there will be a vote on which game mode we should play next on the same location for the next two rounds. Afterwards we'll change locations and vote for a different game mode - other than the ones that have already been played - for another 2 rounds. The process repeats until we conclude on Round 9 in The Crystal Kingdom.
  • The 4 locations that we'll be playing on are, in order:
  • Ponydale
  • Cantermore Town
  • Cantermore Castle
  • The Crystal Kingdom
  • To learn more about them, go down to Locations below.
  • In The Crystal Kingdom, when we finish the last round of the Tournament, go up to the top of the Palace and wait around the fountain. The scores from each player will be tallied up from all rounds, but it'll take a long time considering how many players are competing.
  • We'll be announcing who is placed 3rd, 2nd and 1st by the highest score counts. Those players will be called up to the stairs (Where Prince Overwatch is), and they'll receive the prizes they've earned from me and my co-hosts/helpers.
  • We'll finally end this event with a group screenshot around the fountain.

  • When we have finished 2 rounds for each game mode in a location, we'll remain at the starting area while one of my co-hosts/helpers travel to the next location (Except Cantermore Castle) to determine what room we'll be playing in, then I can announce our move.
  • We'll vote for a new gamemode once we are all gathered at another location.

Be sure to stay in Local chat to keep in touch throughout the game.

  • In order to start each round there will be 4-5 seekers who need to be picked. For 2 minutes, everyone must roll a 30-sided dice by typing the command: "!roll1d30" once I've announced what round number we're on. The ones who have rolled the highest numbers will be picked as the seekers, the rest who aren't picked will be hiding.
  • Once those seekers who have been picked there will be a 1 minute wait time until the round starts, and they must have their pony staring into a wall at the starting area, and no peeking behind your backs. We all need to stay at the starting area until we can begin the round.
  • The Round starts with 2 minutes on the timer for hiders to spread out and look for a spot to hide in, while the seekers remain at the starting area. When the hiders have found their spot, they must sleep/sit/lie down in them and they mustn't move from that spot for the rest of the round or until a seeker finds them.
  • Once the 2 minutes are up the seekers will begin looking for hiders around the map with 10 minutes on the timer. When the seekers find each hider, they must call out the name of the pony they found, and this pony too will be seeking with them.
  • On the 3 minute mark, the remaining hiders who are still hidden in their spot must give out a hint on where they're hiding.
  • When 10 minutes are up or when every hider has been found, the round will be over, and everyone will come back to the starting area to start a new round.

  • During each round, I will inform you all on how many minutes are left for hiding and seeking time to keep track of.
  • For hints, it needs to be useful but don't make it too obvious. Eg. "I'm west of Cantermore"; "Somewhere around Town Hall"; "A spot where there's water nearby"; etc.
  • If there are 30+ players competing, then there will be 5 seekers to pick for each round.
  • The players who have the highest rolls may need to roll again if there's a draw and unless there are no more seekers to pick.
  • The gameplay will be played out differently if we're playing on different Game modes.
  • If the server happens to restart, the timer will pause and we all have to switch rooms. The timer will resume when everyone is present again.

We expect everypony to play fairly, and we hope that whoever wins aren't suspected of cheating. Breaking these rules will result in you losing points (See below Penalties under Scorings).

  • No flying, teleporting or B-hopping.
  • No using commands (Except for /sleep) during each round.
  • No going into portals that will take you to different zones. Eg. Inside The University, Carousel Boutique, The Mines, Ponydale Library, The Crystal Palace, The Crystal Stadium, etc. And no taking the train as well.
  • No changing servers.
  • No tagging players.
  • No hiding on mountain and water terrain.
  • No hiding in a spot where you can glitch into.
  • No hiding outside the hiding boundaries, or disallowed spots that are inbounds (See below Maps to know where the boundary lines are for each map).
  • No using misleading hints.
  • For hiders, no telling seekers where another hider is hiding.
  • Everyone has to roll the dice each round for seeker, but if you've already started out as a seeker once in one round you won't have to roll again, unless in Snuggle Pile, or in Jumble Mode when Snuggle Pile is added, you'll have to roll for hider.

  • I'm not sure if everyone knows, but it's okay to jump on top of building and showing off your parkour skills. Climbing up the walls of buildings is pretty much accepted as well.
  • B-hopping is where you sprint backwards and spamming the jump key
  • Mountain terrain is that purple surface you would see on the mountains of Cantermore.
  • Water will prevent you from sleeping, sitting and lying down, so you are not allowed to hide in it. It's still not allowed even if you actually found a way to do so on top of the water.
  • You are allowed to enter portals that take you to different floors of buildings; ones that are more transparent than the ones that take you to different locations.
  • Breaking the rules continuously could earn you a disqualification for the rest of the Tournament.

Game modes
Here you will know how each of these game modes are played for each round:

A standard game mode that follows the Gameplay and the Rules.

Flying, teleporting and B-hopping are allowed for both hiders and seekers. Rule 1 will be unaccounted.

In each round, the game mode is played different. Specifically some perks will be added. These include the following:
1 - Double points
2 - Flying enabled
3 - Teleportation enabled
4 - Add 30 seconds of hiding
5 - Subtract 30 seconds of hiding
6 - Add 1 minute of seeking
7 - Subtract 1 minute of seeking
8 - No hints
9 - Hints on the 5 minute mark
10 - Snuggle Pile

There are 3 dice that will be rolled me, Wind Spray and Cogsworth Wingthrop, using the command: !roll1d10 by adding these perks for each round.

Those who have low rolls will receive bounties. When a seeker finds a hider with a bounty on them all seekers will be awarded something in each round. The number the hiders have rolled determines what bounties they have, other than rolling an 11 or higher. The following are:
10 - 20 seconds added for seeking
9 - The Host becomes a Seeker
8 - Instant hints
7 - 40 seconds added for seeking
6 - 60 seconds added for seeking
5 - Enable Teleporting
4 - Enable Flying
3 - 80 seconds added for seeking
2 - 100 seconds added for seeking
1 - Double points

Snuggle Pile    
There is only one hider for each round, no matter how many players there are, and the rest are seekers. The objective for the seekers is to find the spot of where the hider is, and then they must sit/lay/sleep in that exact spot but not near it. The hider won't become a seeker when found and they shouldn't move anywhere for the whole 10 minutes.

  • In Jumble mode, if two/three out of the three rolls ended up with the same number, that perk will be doubled/tripled (unless that number is 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 or 10). And if we get two rolls with 8 and 9, that means hints will be back on the 3 minute mark.
  • For Bounty mode, If 10 minutes have passed and there's still time that's been added, hiders will NOT earn any more points for each minute mark afterwards, but they can still earn points when the round has ended. And for hints if 7 minutes have passed from the start of the round you must give out your hint, and even when there's time added you will even lose points on each minute afterwards.
  • Hider can't use their bounties. So if you have a bounty that enables teleporting, you yourself can't teleport.
  • For Snuggle Pile, player collision or /pc will need to be turned off during the game. We don't want to see a tower of ponies...
  • Be sure to call out in the chat that you found the hider so that you can earn points for it.

You'll be able to climb up the leaderboard by collecting points by doing yourself some good deeds during each round. However, breaking rules will result in penalties which you will lose points.

Earning points
You'll be awarded points if you've/you're:
(Normal/Chaos/Jumble/Bounty Mode):
  • Still hidden on each minute mark | +10 points
  • Finished a round without being found | +30 points
  • The last pony hiding | +30 points
  • Found a hider | +25 points
  • Found all hiders in a round | +20 points
(Snuggle Pile Mode):
  • Found the hider | +30 points
  • [Hidden with the hider on each minute marking | +10 points

For the hider, he/she will earn 150 points minus 150 multiplied by the percentage of how many players found the spot over how many players there are currently playing. An example of the equation:
   150 - 150 x 13/65
= 150 - 150 x 20% or 0.20
= 150 - 30
= 120 points
13 = How many players found the hider
65 = How many players currently playing
I'm terribly sorry if this hurts your brain, but don't worry, I'll know exactly how many points every player will get.

You'll lose points if you:
(Normal/Chaos/Jumble/Bounty Mode):
  • Haven't rolled the dice for seeker/hider before the start of each round | -15 points
  • Are suspected of breaking Rules 1, 6 or 7 | -20 - -80 points
  • Are suspected of breaking Rule 2 | -30 - -50 points
  • Have not been present in the Room when hiding on each minute mark, thus breaking Rules 3 or 4 | -10 points each
  • Are suspected of breaking Rule 5  | -50 points
  • Are suspected of breaking Rule 8 | -50 - -80 points
  • Are suspected of breaking Rule 9 | -30 - -60 points
  • Are suspected of breaking Rule 10 | -40 - -60 points
  • Haven't given out a hint on each minute after the 3 minutes mark, thus breaking Rule 11 | -15 points each

(Snuggle Pile Mode):
  • As a hider, are suspected of breaking Rules 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, or 8 | -100 - -180 points

  • You'll still earn points even if you've broken some rules. Eg. You'll lose 10 points on each minute mark by breaking Rule 3 or 4 but you'll still earn 10 points if you're still hidden, which means you won't earn any points every minute.
  • You won't lose points for not voting for a new game mode.
  • You'll earn 10 plus 30 points at the end of a round when you're still hidden.
  • Committing two or more penalties at the same time will even cost you more points.

There are map references for each one of these locations where they show hiding boundary lines (Except for Ponydale, you can hide anywhere there!), and the names of some buildings and places that can help you indicate where the disallowed hiding spot are. The disallowed spots will be listed below each location. They are inbounds, but they can't be reached without breaking Rules 1 or 7, but if you are allowed to fly, teleport or B-hop (Only Rule 1) then those hiding spots will be allowed.

Starting area: Town Hall
Spoiler: Ponydale map • show

You can hide anywhere around Ponyville, even on the edge of the borders where you can't go any further.

Disallowed hiding spots:
  • The third floor and above of Town Hall
  • The attic in the Auction house
  • The Bell Tower's Belfry and above
  • The very top of the Fountain Tree

Cantermore Town
Starting area: The University
Spoiler: Cantermore Town map • show

You must hide within the walls of town and also, no going past the river near the Gate to Cantermore Castle

Disallowed hiding spots:
  • The roof of the Courthouse
  • The roofs of the two tallest tower of the University
  • The tower of the round building next to Micro Transaction's Stall
  • The Graduation building's top floor and above
  • The top of the Gazebo and the big tree in the Gazebo Park
  • The roofs of the three towers of the Gate to the Heartlands
  • The Waterfall

Cantermore Castle
Starting area: The Castle stairway
Spoiler: Cantermore Castle map • show

You must hide within the walls of the area and no going past the Gate to Cantermore Town. The small island and the mountains are inbounds too.

Disallowed hiding spots:
  • The top floors of the four towers of The Triangle
  • The tower of the round building on the Small island
  • All towers along the walls east of The Castle
  • The top of the airship
  • The roofs of Wonderbolt Headquarters
  • The roof of the middle tower of the Gate to Cantermore Town

Crystal Kingdom
Starting area: The Crystal Heart
Spoiler: Hiding boundary lines - Crystal Kingdom • show

You must hide within the star/snowflake-shaped border. The Hospital is not provided in the image but that's still within the hiding boundaries.

Disallowed hiding spots:
  • The roofs of the Pinnacle and the two front towers of the Crystal Palace

  • Although Cloudopolis is also a location we play in the weekly Hide and Seek sessions, I'm afraid it's big to play for the Tournament even with Chaos Mode.
  • There are a few more hiding spots that could be disallowed but we will need confirmation on them if they are accessible without breaking Rules 1 or 7.
  • It is technically possible to get on top of Town Hall, but the method of getting up there is considered a glitch. Any other spots you can get to by breaking Rule 7 is disallowed.
  • For Cantermore Town and Crystal Kingdom, if you want to come straight back to the starting area, type: /stuck.

That's all the info I can give to help you out. I wish you the best of luck in this Tournament. Results, along with screenshots, will be posted under this thread.

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