Legends of Equestria's Crafting System: Explained!

Started by Ellowee, 2018 Aug 08, 18:23:28

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Hey, everypony! We hope you're as eager to see our next update as we are to let you at it; we're just putting the final touches in, and soon everypony will be able to enjoy what we've cooked up. Speaking of cooking, though, we'd like to take this opportunity to give you a quick taste of how crafting will work!

With this release, there will be two avenues for crafting: Artisanry and Cooking. Both of these paths have their own Talent tree, and Talent Mark quest, available for foals to choose by speaking to their tutors. It's important to note, however, that this isn't all the crafting system will support; we still have a plethora of Talents that we're working on which will also incorporate crafting, such as the Fashion Talent.

Another thing to bear in mind is that crafting will not be exclusive to ponies who choose a Talent that focuses on it; everypony will have access to the crafting system. However, much like with how other Talents' combat abilities work, ponies who specialise in a crafting-focused Talent will be able to learn abilities in this field much easier, and may be more effective when crafting items.

So, how exactly will crafting work? Well, whether you're forging a pair of Alicium Front Legs or baking some Chocolate Chip Cookies, the system has some broad similarities.

The first thing you'll need to do is acquire the knowledge of how to create the thing you want. For that, you'll need a recipe (for Cooking) or manual (for Artisanry)! These might be given to you as a reward for a quest, or dropped by enemies, or even traded for with NPCs and other players. Once you own a recipe or manual, you'll be able to learn it by right-clicking in your inventory.

Then, you'll need to head over to a crafting station. Each crafting branch has its own stations; Cooking requires an oven and a counter, and Artisanry utilises a forge, workbench, and harmony table. These stations allow you to create different articles, which can then be combined into your masterpiece. For example, when manufacturing armor, an Artisan will need to create cloth padding and straps using a workbench, and forge the metal ore they're using into ingots, before being able to combine them into usable armor. Then, using the harmony table, Artisans can create enchanted gems that can be added separately, and can further improve and customise crafted armor. Again, these articles are something you'll have to gather from around Equestria - through quests, from critters, or through trade.

There's lots of different recipes and manuals to learn, and so many different possible combinations! The quality of the item you craft can also be affected by your Talents, and you may find some items come out better than others!

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We can't wait to see what you come up with, and we really hope you enjoy Legends of Equestria's crafting system when we release it to you soon! Thanks again for your patience, and keep an eye out for the upcoming release!

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Thanks for the heads-up!  :ellowee:
Without this information, I would have been jumping straight into the new update and crafting system having no idea what I was doing!
My face would have been like this - o.O or like this - :o but thankfully now it's probably going to be this - :D
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please fix the bank bugs, i can't see all of my stuff in the bank on my game, Please fix all of the bank bugs


Not only is this a great way to have immersion, it's well beyond my expectations. Great job.

And there was some hints that makes me even more excited.

Customizable armor? Sign me up. And it seems there is a lot more varieties, even if color isn't one of the things that is customizable.

Or maybe the new even replaces the current version. I wonder what existing Sun and Moon armor translates to? And even if it remains as is, what crafting quality would it have?
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The heart armor in the last picture is adorable. I can't wait!  ^-^
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Ok so there's going to be different places to make stuff. I opened up the list at the table in SCC and laughed at the idea of fabricating armor in a bakery. XD

Is there going to be new quests to get the recipes for those of us who have finished all current quests?

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Mike Dragon

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Looks awesome! :D Though I feel like we might need an upgrade to the Bank, as well. We might/will need quite some more slots to store stuff once this update drops!

I have one question, though... It says that foals can learn some of these new talents and that it will affect some items made through crafting. But what about adult ponies, such as what we already have from before the update? Are they locked out of the "better stuff"?
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If so, maybe we should be able to make a 7th character to start fresh with (for those of us who already have 6 well established ones)?

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I know this is a minor thing, but with the introduction of crafting skills now. Will our level be determined by our highest skill or will it still be combat?
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Candy Floss in SCC sells a lot of starter cooking recipes and Ensemble in the CK sells one armor schematic.

That's all I know of so far.  ^-^

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Golden Gauntlet has a bunch of stuff including most armor and all ingots.

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