Started by rami999, 2018 Jul 21, 18:21:56

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I am new here too ,, Hellooo

Pumpkin Glow

Welcome. Have a good time.  ^-^

Proudy Hooves

Hello and welcome to the LoE Community! Enjoy your stay there!
There you can show yourself as a classy writer, creative artmaker, clever role-player or a cheerful and talkative fun-bringer like Pinkie Pie! And even more...
Now you can play LoE and get in touch with community!
Also you just can look at forums and do anything you wish! But don't forget to read and follow the rules there!
Good luck, mate!
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Fashionably late to the party, but hello! Welcome to this little shindig of a long-awaited masterpiece-in-development!
It's always nice to see new faces here!
Live well, and to the fullest!

Night Striker

Welcome to LoE! Hope to see you in-game!

And if you feel like joining a herd (guild), you can join the one I'm in! All you have to do is make an application here!

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

Want to be in a herd? PM to get more details to join the NLR!

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