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Because I need to write this down somewhere

Cutie mark:

Name: Jester
Previous Names: Carnival Heart, Cicada

Race: Changeling

Age: Young adult

Gender: Mare

Physical desc (text): Jester assumes the form of a pegasus almost all the time. This form has a light pink coat. Her wings are burgundy, but her wing's feathers are pink on her left and dark grey on her right. She has splotches on her right side, so her right ear and legs are dark grey. Just above her back right leg's "sock", Jester has a spot in the shape of a spade.
Jester keeps her mane fluffed up and messily styled, cut just beneath her chin. It is burgundy, but stripes of dark grey run through it. Her tail is held up by a thick grey ribbon and is styled short, fluffy, and messy, like her mane.
Jester's cutie mark is not real, but it's three cards, the two in back with grey and burgundy sock and buskins, the card in front with a musical note on it. This symbolizes Jester's love of musical theater, while also reminiscent of carnival card tricks.
Jester's eyes are purple.

Jester's natural form is a changeling, with orange skin, three purple gems on her chest. She has a tan beetle body and spotted dull pink and burgundy wings. She has short, flowy "hair" (I don't know what to call the changeling manes and tails) and a flowy tail, both burgundy. Her horn is short and caves in on the front. Her eyes are purple.

Jester loves being social and going to parties. Dancing, balloons, cupcakes and fun, are all things she adores. However, Jester is shy and anxious. She constantly has to push herself over painful nervousness to embrace the things she loves. She's a little irresponsible and lazy when it comes to her own responsibilities, but when it comes to helping others out, Jester always goes out of her way to do whatever the other creature may need.
Jester tends to love adrenaline, but only after pushing past her initial terror of things. And she loves to make jokes and make people laugh (hence her name), but she doesn't think she's very funny. Most of her jokes are sarcastic one-liners, but if she's in a really talkative mood, almost everything she says is lighthearted, playful, and humorous.
She has a hard time taking a lot of things seriously, and rarely gets mad. The things that do upset her and anger her, she's not afraid to tell you. She's honest and has a high tolerance for many things.

Jester works as a performer, doing musical theater in a grand amusement park. Or shows in general, maybe singing on a float during a parade, doing skits in the park, ect.

Jester hides the fact that she's a changeling. Almost nobody except her family knows. She's not proud of it. She almost never transforms out of being a pegasus. She doesn't think anything is wrong with changelings, but she doesn't want to be one, and is much more comfortable with herself as a pony.


Before Jester can remember, she lived with the changelings, with a family. She was a baby during the changeling reform. One day, she wandered off on her own and got lost. The changelings looked for her, but sadly never found her. Instead, a pegasus family discovered her and decided to care for the baby changeling. Not knowing her name, they called her Carnival Heart, as they were circus ponies.

Now being raised by ponies, as a young child, Jester was introduced to bullies. They picked on her harshly for being a changeling, called her names, and told her things no child should have to hear about who they are. So, Jester shapeshifted into a little pink filly. Of course, the bullying didn't stop, since everyone still knew it was her, but she tried her hardest to "never be a changeling again" from that point on. When she finally was old enough to go off on her own, she moved across Equestria and changed her name. She was still a "blank flank" since she had no idea what she was supposed to do- until she was introduced to theater.
At once, she believed that theater was a part of what made her special. So she did more, and more, and more, until she eventually tried out for a musical.
The same night she did, she gave herself a cutie mark- and ignored how sad she felt that she'd never have a real one.

She later went on to audition for a role at an amusement park's theater and eventually came to work as a performer almost all the time there.


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