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Started by valex44568, 2018 Jul 10, 00:47:27

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2018 Jul 10, 00:47:27 Last Edit: 2019 Aug 07, 04:24:44 by valex44568
I posted a thing about her some time ago, but considering I've made changes to her character, I felt that it was time I made a new post.


Species: Pegasus/vampire hybrid
Gender: Female
Age: ~215
Likes: Fruit, reading, pork, her job
Dislikes: Ponies who are complete and utter jerks, animatronics, and civilians trying to interfere with official business
Special Talent: using mirrored surfaces to travel between locations
Description: Dark navy blue coat; even darker navy blue mane with pale blue streaks; lime green and bright yellow eyes; is tall for a mare, being a little taller than the average stallion.
Job: Is a field agent for the guard, and sometimes runs messages between the different cities
Home: She has a small apartment in Cloudsdale that's modestly decorated with a modern, minimalist style.
Personality: reserved; nice enough to others; has a bit of a mischievous side
Bio: Born to a vampire father, Silent Shade, and Pegasus mother, Glacial Stream, near a long forgotten village, she spent the early years of her life learning alchemy from her mother. After her death, she moved in with her father who spent the next decades teaching her about his kind, even going so far as to travel the world with her visiting the various clans and bloodlines.
   A calm, collected, and perceptive mare, Nightstalker prefers to spend her time away from highly populated areas such as Canterlot. While she is able to subsist on normal food, she does have a taste for meat, something she satisfies privately. Thanks to her vampiric heritage, her senses and physical strength are augmented, making her well equipped to deal with the threats in the Heartlands. While she does not have the wide range of abilities her father has, she is able to use mirrored surfaces to travel between locations.
History: Before moving to Cloudsdale, she lived in the Everfree gathering and growing alchemical ingredients. As she honed her craft, she discovered a recipie that satisfied the hunger needs for vampires, though it didn't give them the power boost that blood did. With this new source of nourishment, she and her father were able to leave the forest and live amongst other ponies.
        Now living in society, both she and her father sought jobs. Whilst he became a curator of antiquities for a local museum, she sought to put her enhanced senses and strength to use by joining the royal guard. She volunteered for a post in the Heartlands, a position which most new recruits stayed away from, and has been dutifully patrolling the country roads ever since, making travel safe for all ponies and helping those that become lost.

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