Soobel's OC Dusklight Blossom

Started by Soobel, 2018 Jun 12, 11:18:03

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I have read Fo:E, improved with chubby alicorn bodyshapes and watched teal ducks on rivet. Eyes, feathers and other things born by itself. Backstory too.

Dusklight Blossom are halfbreed crystal alicorn from some small community from Equestrian outskirts or unknown badlands. Exact parents and origin are unknown. Like a hint about that anicient times before Sombra wars or other cataclysms was alicorns not so rare race and lone alicorns will appear sometimes somewhere.
She have never learn magic and cant do such miracles what alicorns usually do, she can cast just brighter illumination spells and lift heavier things. Race makes her not superhero or mary sue, that is more like imprecation not benefit. She afraid Celestia, other ponies respect and afraid her as alicorn and she have not closer friends and special somepony because that. Loneliness and lack of love causes stress, what causes eating disorders and obesity in turn.
She have strong connections with earth magic, she like plant and care shrubs and bushes, caring of parks and gardens and trimming the hedges are her special talent.

In the game she havent horn, have healtier shape and can fly. I use her as pegasus character, meeting her in LoE world mean that Soobel are in game.


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