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Started by kayla661, 2018 May 22, 12:11:57

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Hi! I was looking at all the fan art of the races in Equestria. And I thought, It would be amazing if you could choose between being the three races AND something new! like a griffin, Or a Hypogriff, Or another race of pony kind. And all of this could also go in with a school like Twilights, where all these races learn magic and friendship together. I also saw a race of pony I have never seen before and they are just as beautiful as the changelings! they are called Pelago Ponies
there is an image of one, If you look up the name Pelago ponies you'll find more of these beautiful ponies. They all seem to have magical powers, even without a horn. I figured I'd share the idea. Thank you for your time! <3

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I wouldn't mind being able to choose from some other races, if possible.


Yep and a Castle like Twilight's one would be great too  ^-^


It would be cool if they added changelings to the game, like as playable creations and non playable characters. That would be cool!

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