Wafer's random Adventures!

Started by MarchPrincess05, 2018 May 13, 12:11:31

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chrome thunder

That other cauldron is the one place I haven't found yet.


Hello everypony! I am FINALLY back from vacation and I just got home as I'm typing this and I'm tired as heck right now so yeah. Hai and buy some chocolate wafers.  <3  I'm happy to be back pones and tired.
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CMC Scootaloo

Welcome back! Just yesterday I missed your updates here!
You always wanted to meet Scootaloo? Then be on the lookout for her in Equestria, she is galloping all over the realm!

Pumpkin Glow

Welcome back, Wafer.  ^-^

I hope you had a great vacation!


Hi again! there hasn't been much going on as of late, but I still decided to post anyway. ^-^
there was a small party at scc the other day.

that's all I have for now pones! because right now I'm playing around with the fill bucket tool in inkscape.
if you have any tips on how to using inkscape, then please tell me! sorry for asking that, it's my first time on inkscape. anyways, have a great day pones!
(p.s. I don't know why, but my ponies drawings look like horses instead.  :P)
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welp, the other day, I started sliding across the floor!  :o

An image of the pony tower or doom!

a picture of last night's party:

unfortunately, there was no fireworks for me yesterday, as they had to cancel them because the weather was too dry and could cause a fire hazard.  D:  But at least I had a party to go to with kind pones!  <3
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today was.. an interesting day, first, I was on discord, then THIS happened:

don't worry, I got it fixed by relogging, but it was WEIRD.
another case of Lens y u do this   O:

then a truth or dare game that was one of the most fun I've ever had  ^-^ 
welp, that's all I got today, have a good day pones!  ^-^
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Henlo everypone! I am here to say that I am just on a vacation and that I should be back in a couple of days.
Also, the reason I haven't been posting pictures, is because of irl stuff and Me just plain forgetting to as well as no motivation sometimes.
But! I will be back in a while, and I can't wait for the new update and to see you guys again.  <3
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so... hello everyone! I am back home safely and soundly. and when I came onto LoE again, this is what I saw:

welp, this is it for right now, i'll probably see ya guys later!
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henlo everypony! im back again with some more pics for ya'll!
first, a little OOB exprolation.

and then a cider party that has a foal in it!  O:

welp, that's it for now! see ya with more pictures to come!  :D
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So, for today there has been a smol stack on top of the bench of Doom! which I trademarked as my own. you're welcome to trademark it as well.  :D

and I may/may not make an art piece out of this someday

because of the lighting, i could pass for a Earth pony!  O:
anyways, I hope you guys have a great day! see ya'll later!  ^-^
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hello everypony! I am back with a little bit of news! first, I've been doing some late night reading,

Also, Pacific is now an Artisan! And also a part of the-super-duper-secret team, THOR! You can find their Wiki page Here

and one last thing,
 I got masterful bronze front legs the other day!  O:

i'll see ya'll later!  :D
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Hello everypone! I hope you all enjoyed the 1st LoE anniversary! I know I sure did. the performance by the wonderbolts was amazing! here's a pic from the fabulous trio!  lol

and in the back you can see The even sleeping in his natural habitat.
...and then later, we all sat down to watch the rest of the show, needless to say, I enjoyed it!  :D

later, Ellowee spawned a dragon and fainted everypone by accident. then, she slept in a corner because she felt sorry

anyways, have a good day pones!  ^-^
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Fruit Loop

In the background you can see a wild sleepy floof pone :ellowee:


Hello everypony! I hope that y'all had a happy Halloween! ^-^ I am back with some new pictures to share with y'all! :D
First of all, I caught a spoopy wordsmooooooooooooth (I spelled it like that on purpose XD) at the graveyard

Then, on the next day, I participated in the treasure hunt with the A P E X hors (and got some chocolate in the process)
Then yesterday, i drank some punch and got a little sleepy.... Oops! i almost fell asleep!

Then.. I stared into the eyes of a gloomy ghost.. owo

anyways, that's all I got for now pones! have a good day! ^-^
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hello pones! how are all of you? I hope y'all are doing good!  ^-^
First, I had some fun hangin out with some pones at SCC

then here's one of my newest pones, Cherry showers (whom im saving for whenever the music talent comes out) fishing late at night

Then.. I managed to fly like this! I wasn't even using /cc when this happened XD

See y'all next time everyone. <3
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Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing well! ^^
Here's some pics from My friend Mooooooooloooooooooodooooooo's (Melody sweetheart) Birthday party

Some Shenanigans at SCC:

See y'all later  ^-^
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well! it has been a while! how are you all doing? spending time with your family I hope? ^^
I shall stay a ghost until the Christmas update, no matter what you tell me!  :P

here's some upside-down pics I took with /cc   :o

well, that's it for now, ii probably won't be posting for a long time because of Christmas break, have a merry Christmas everyone!  ^-^
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hello everyone! merry Christmas!  :D
here are my hearthswarming pics where i was santasmith's dragon-reindeer (not a mix between both, just a regular dragon)

lots of people watching the wonderful airshow!

Thank you for the wonderful airshow wonderbolts!  ^-^

see y'all later!  ^-^
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hey everyone! it's been a while..... well, more like 3 months.. sorry about that. I've just been super busy with school, and I still am. but look out for pics every once in a while
first, bee bun doesn't believe in Santa clause

some nice clothes ya got there...

Happy birthday jet black!!  :D
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