Wafer's random Adventures!

Started by MarchPrincess05, 2018 May 13, 12:11:31

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So, I just want to say to Goomy and Psykai that, No, I'm not trying to copy the both of you. I just want to post my "random doings" (or I guess random ideas, adventures, and maybe evershade fights) for fun.
either way, I can delete this thread, if you two don't want me to post, then I'm fine with that. (I don't want to be famous or to be considered as "horsefamous."
Anyways, this thread is inspired by Even Tide's Adventures and Psykai's Adventures, and here I will be posting pictures from random moments in LoE! Because I mainly wander around aimlessly in the game, then I almost allways see something weird, interesting, funny, or just plain Random. So, i will try to be at parties, wedings, etc, And i hope to have lots of fun! :D

My main pone: Tranquil Wafer

Tranquil Wafer is what I call "the closest I can try to be with my ponysona" Which basically means she's almost my ponysona because of the limited mane and tail options. But, she is like me, and loves to draw/paint and stays up for about 2 hours past her bedtime!  :3

All of My current ponies: Tranquil Wafer, Firefly Skies, and Pacific Shores
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I wish you all the best ^_^ Hope you have fun! I'll check in when I can.
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So, I had an interesting day! First, I went to a party full of pink ponies! :D Let's hope they don't take over.. (sorry for how big the images are, I'm not that great with pics)

And then shortly afterwards we bowed to or lord and savior, Opalesence! she was so brave..

we managed to get a full circle!

Afterwards, most of us went to the evershade to find the castle of the two sisters! needless to say, it was very fun!

then, we all did truth or dare by the camp-light! In which somepony dared another pony to watch g3.5! and, we even saw Psykai there too!

Then, after an exciting day, we all hung out in the CK spa!

and we had these two protecting each other. :3

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To start of the day, we hung out at the spa in CK, and most of us were merging with jet black!

and after that, i had a pencil-fight with Wordsmith! but, at the end of it, i accidentally knocked his pencil into the water. but, i said sorry and he said it was okay. and then after That, we fought on who's the best birbhorse.

But, before that, i turned into a giant! XD

Then, later in the day, we went to the Crystal stadium to hang out! and.. become princesses! introducing, Princess Wafer, Princess Random, Princess Lavender, and.. Princess jet! Princess Lavender decided to fly away to get burned by a fire though.. I hope she's okay!

This was a very fun and interesting day! hope to see you princesses tomorrow! :D
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As soon as I got home, I made my way to The castle of the two sisters, and what do ya know? some kind pones are here, and made a conga line!

Then.. I became a birdpony again and landed on wordsmith's head. later, I cheered him up by hugging him. :D

And Lavender ended up underneath the map... again..

and then, we held a very special birthday party for a very special pony. and after that, we did truth or dare! and blue Glaze had me change my mane and tail colour. but I forgave him.

my mane after the dare:

This was a very fun day! just walking around equestria is really fun sometimes! :D see you all in the morning!
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Quote from: MarchPrincess05 on 2018 May 16, 21:29:39Not much goin on today..

I lied. me and some of my friends had a small party and all lied down on the carpet to rest after our candy coma!

afterwards, we went grinding together in the evershade to get to lvl 30!

And, after LOTS of grinding Tranquil Wafer got the ability to wear golden armour! And, finally found the cloudopolis secret cave!
Well, that's all I got for today, probably won't be posting tomorrow because of end-of-the-year-projects. Have I good day everypony!
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some shenanigans went on today at scc..

Then, Tranquil found the secret cave in CK for the fist time! and.. she enjoyed it a LOT  :3

Then, she met up with other pones at CK and had a party!

Welp, that's all I got for today, didn't do much because of projects and won't be posting on Saturday because visiting family. Either way, Have fun in LoE! :D
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Soo.... I'm back! The past couple of days were interesting. First, TQ, or, Tranquil Wafer, or now, even more recently, Waffles, XD got stuck in a mailbox!

Then, I went in my first meet and greet in LoE!

The day after, Most of us had a party at scc and rolled eachother!

And now, Today, There have been clones wandering around!

Is that a new pone in the middle? who knows? (I do.) Have a great day everypony! :D
also, Let me know if I should do events, cause i'll only do them with approval! (and when I have time)
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Today I spent a lot of time with Random Fandom! we decided to dance in the heartlands!

Then, we did truth or dare! it probably would've lasted longer if the servers wouldn't have made everypony else spawn somewhere else! and.. i think Tranquil Wafer found her date for the gala! (te blue pone beside me)

That is all pones!
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Hello everypony! I had loads of fun last night with exploring the graveyard and tried to fight off the possed pone!

Earlier, Me and Random danced!

Then we sat down and relaxed after me having a long day at school

And, even though I didn't take a screenshot of it, TQ asked Random to be her date to the gala! and he said yes to her!  :3  ^-^  well, have a good day pones, see ya'll later!
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and.... Welcome to My new pone! Her name is Firefly Skies, a Pegasus filly. (so far)
So if you see her flying around, then feel free to say hello! it's just me :P
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CMC Scootaloo

She is cute and looks full of energy. <3 I definitely come hugging her if I see her!^-^
You always wanted to meet Scootaloo? Then be on the lookout for her in Equestria, she is galloping all over the realm!


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@CMC Scootaloo  awe, thankies you! :3
Well, while Firefly was exploring the other day, she found that walnut is gone! The book hat never fits on either of my pones  >.<

Then, after training up to lvl 7, she found out that everypony was at the cottage in the Heartlands!

Have a good day pones!  ;)
EDIT: LoE has interesting physics...

And.. for some reason.. Naids are giving me food and water..  o.O   I am honestly VERY confused. Maybe they are trying to give a good meal to eat? :o look at all of the weird stuff that I got!

P.S. I'm keeping firefly a filly until the flying talent quest comes out.
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2018 May 25, 19:46:37 #14 Last Edit: 2018 May 25, 20:29:33 by MarchPrincess05 Reason: party
Soo..... TQ was at the practice today!

Then, The new couple, Random fandom and TQ, danced!

Then, I took a GIANT screenshot of everypony that was there. Thankies you for showing up!  :3 And both TQ and me can't wait for the gala tomorrow! see most of ya'll there!  ^-^
EDIT: had a fun party to end the day!
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Sunny Sandbar

See you at the gala for more screenshots! And for the show of course!
That Holiday Cheeer emote from the Discord server will go here soon. I must spread the meme xD


2018 May 28, 22:39:58 #16 Last Edit: 2018 May 28, 23:09:46 by MarchPrincess05 Reason: link removement
Soooo.... I'm not dead!  X3  I've been visiting my gandma and my dad last weekend. But.. I did manage to go to the gala before I left for the weekend! And the gala was Awesome! Some pones showed up to have a group photo:

I didn't take a screenshot of it.. But Ellowee showed up for a second while I was there! (i'm pretty sure it was billow pillow though, because when I clicked on Ellowee, it said that I was already her friend even though I've never met her O:) Look at how many ponies were there!

And THEN something crazy happened that TQ (as a character) was unprepared for. Random Fandom kissed her!  :o   :3

Then.. we celebrated the winners of the gala royals! it was Clever and Wordsmith!  :3

The Gala was an awesome event! I thank Holiday Cheer and Even Tide for this wonderful event! Speaking of wonder, I'm so sorry I wasn't able to stay to perform in the air show! I had to go to visit family, but I'm glad the show was a success! This event was a great time Holiday cheer! I hope that I can see this event next year if possible!
Have a good evening pones!
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Hai everypony! I hope you all had a good day. I found this.. thing?

He just glides above the ground..
anyways.. it looks like TQ fell into the Poison Joke! A.. and she's tired.. great.

Shenanigans with an evil pone!  >A<

This is gravity.. right?

This is MY BED

TQ Pyro fire camp-out

sorry for short words, am tired today. goodnight pones!  ^-^
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Hello pones! I'm having a great day! Today marks the day I finished 7th grade! I can't believe that I'm done with 7th grade now! either way, to anypony else who is graduating, Congrats!

Well, yesterday... I didn't post because I was too tired (my timezone yesterday during that time: 11:24 P.M.)
But, we had a short game of ToD

Then talked for a bit with pones at CK

Then had some shenanigans at scc

me and ivory are twins  lol

I will  maybe/maybe not post later today. Also, Beginning on the 3rd of next month, I will not be available to play the game as I will be visiting.  :P
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Soo.. yesterday was fun!
first, I finally got to play with my dragon friends! and they got pretty tired.

Then.. I found this cauldron looking thing out in the middle of evershade nothingness.. unfortunately, because of loading in that area, you cannot see anypony else there  :l 

Then.. we did a ritual!

Then, we did truth or dare and welcomed prince waffles and princess potato!

have a good day!  :D
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