Pumpkin Glow

Started by Pumpkin Glow, 2018 Apr 27, 20:36:24

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Pumpkin Glow

2018 Apr 27, 20:36:24 Last Edit: 2018 May 18, 15:52:37 by Pumpkin Glow
Name: Pumpkin Glow

Race: Unicorn

Age: A young adult

Cutie Mark: A simple pumpkin


She has a purple coat, green mane and yellow eyes.

Wears a black witch hat all year around and mostly also has her mushroom and herb collecting pouch on her, which is also filled with all other kinds of items and knick knacks.

Her mane and fluffy tail are always brushed very nicely, except when she got scared again and maybe fleed through a few bushes, cause a bird landed on her hat, as she was reading the really tense part of a spooky story under a tree.


A one room attic apartment in Canterlot near the library, where she sometimes enjoys sleepovers with her friends.
It's always decorated like it's Nightmare Night tomorrow. There is a small bookshelf crammed full of spooky books, a few books on basic magic theory and also cook books.

A Chest full of Nightmare Night supplies and costumes and a cozy fireplace with an oven where she practices her moderate baking and cooking skills.

The middle of the room is dominated by a plush black and orange striped carpet with lots of patched up, soft pillows scattered around. This is also where she sleeps, cause her apartment doesn't have more space for an actual bed.

Character & Background:

Pumpkin is friendly and helpful, if she can, but is a bit of a scatter brain.
Often makes big plans, but gets distracted, startled, confused or lost somewhere on the way. She actually gets lost a lot and had to spend more than one night involuntarily camping out, cause she couldn't find her way home in time before nightfall.

She loves spooky stories and legends, but actually gets scared by them quiet easily, especially during, or shortly after having read or heard a new one, which she would never admit. In those moments she has been seen getting startled by and absconding from a single squirrel in the dark, or even just an unsuspected shadow in a whimsical manner.

Still she never stops reading, or listening to spooky tales and is always looking for new possible decorations for the Nightmare Night festival and her home.

On actual Nightmare Night her scaredness almost magically fades and she is up for a night of spooky shenanigans, where she will even actively seek out possibly "haunted" places.

Pumpkin Glow earns her bits by collecting mushrooms and herbs at the edge of Everfree Forest and selling them to potion makers in Canterlot. Taking the train back and forth in the morning and late evening several times a week.

On a especially reckless Nightmare Night she actually went deeper into the Everfree Forest and almost teleported into the open maw of a chimera, tripped over a cockatrice and then got stuck a top a tall tree, from which she had to be rescued by the Guards (they had a long ladder and one of those catchy blankets and candy to lure her down, it was a pretty embarrassing ordeal).

She actually has a lot of similar teleportation accidents. No matter how much she practices, there is always a chance that she will end up stuck in a tree, on top of a roof, inside a chimney, in a river etc.

Despite all this Pumpkin still enjoys using her, overall pretty weak and modest, magic where she can. Especially as she had a hard time learning how to do even do the most simple magic as a filly.

And if she can help someone with her magic, even if it's just to ignite a small camp, or cooking fire, she will be really proud and happy about it.

Pumpkin Glow's parents, Amethyst Glow and Smaragd Glow, had hoped she would join and take over the family gem buisness one day and were pretty disappointed when Pumpkin got her cutie mark and decided to live her life the way she does.
Despite being very old fashioned they eventually learned to accept it, though it can still come up as an awkward topic at family gatherings.


- Reading spooky tales and legends in the Canterlot library

- Going camping with her friends and telling spooky campfire stories

- Working on her pumpkin pie recipe

- Collecting and making Nightmare Night decorations and costumes

- Carving pumpkins (of cause!)

- Practicing her magic, which is mostly just handy all day everyday magic to make life a bit easier

Player info: When I am online in LoE I am mostly OOC, unless I am actually taking part in an RP. I personally prefer rp without too too much constant moving around the world. Classic "campfire rp" is what I enjoy the most. A location change now and then is fine though. ^-^

I am mostly open for a bit of spontaneous rp, if the opportunity opens up.

But I often get tired doing lots of typing in the evening (or... doing pretty much anything   :s ) so a lot of the time I might just be online to goof around, chat a little and maybe fight a few monsters, so if I turn down an rp it's mostly just cause I am really exhausted from my day and... my... brain... only... works... at... 40%  :o X3


Ahh, your OC sounds so cute. I really like the backstory so its pretty good for typin it from your bed lol
🌻🌻🌻   🌻🌻🌻   🌻🌻🌻

Pumpkin Glow

Thank you!  ^-^

I already had her general background in rough notes for quite a while now, so I mostly just had to bring it all into a more or less coherent format.   
And I went over it again today and did a lot of minor editing. X3


Im the same lol I usually keep memos on my phone about each character. But I usually struggle with the backstory ^^;;; My notes tend to be too incoherent lol But yeah, your OC is very interestin ^^
🌻🌻🌻   🌻🌻🌻   🌻🌻🌻

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