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Started by Pumpkin Glow, 2018 Apr 26, 09:03:31

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Pumpkin Glow

2018 Apr 26, 09:03:31 Last Edit: 2018 Apr 26, 09:05:43 by Pumpkin Glow

I am Pumpkin Glow from Germany and finally started playing LoE about a week or so ago. :)

And so far it has been a super positive experience. None of the super toxic general chat like in other mmos, which ultimately made me super reluctant to actually talk to people in mmos at all anymore.

But in LoE I find myself actually talking to people and so far I have experienced and witnessed nothing but friendliness, helpfulness and respect. Even towards very young, inexperienced players, or people who aren't great English speakers, yet. Which is super great. :)

As for me: I am in my 30s, grew up with G1 MLP and used to have the biggest pony collection in my street when I was a kid.
Made the mistake of leaving them in storage at family when I moved out back in the day and said family ended up selling them all without telling me. 9_9

I pretty much skipped all of the MLP generations in between until G4, which I instantly fell in love with.

My favorites are Fluttershy, Twili and Pinky. In that order. :o

And I live for Halloween and spoopy things, hence my oc. ;)

I actually draw a bit, but am not really great at ponies and somehow never find the motivation to actually practice, maybe some time tho...

This is an older pic I used as an avatar in a different forum. Not really happy with it tho... maybe I will actually sit down and practice ponies. °^°

Anywaaay... just wanted to say hello! :)


Hi pony, I hope you like playing for ponies, because this game is equipped with friendship magic. But remember one main thing. Try not to die often in Evershade. You will understand when pass this
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Night Striker

Hey Pumpkin Glow, glad to see you're enjoying the game! Hope to see you in-game soon ^-^

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

Want to be in a herd? PM to get more details to join the NLR!

Pumpkin Glow

Cloudy Skies

Welcome to the Forums, horse!

You can be almost anything here, a  shy simple life with animals like Fluttershy,  >.<  a bookish smart pony like Twilight, X3  or an adventurous lifestyle like Rainbow Dash!  B)

Whatever you be, make sure you follow the Forum, Discord, Imgur, LoE, rules...

Have fun!
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