New Game Update (V.2018.03.02), Rules Update, And More!

Started by Ellowee, 2018 Apr 03, 22:06:07

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Hey again, everypony! Bet you didn't expect to hear from me again so soon, eh?

Since we released the Winter Warm-Up (V.2018.03.01) update, we've been working hard on a few issues that cropped up, as well as continuing to work on some older ones. We actually managed to get them sorted faster than we expected - I know, hard to believe, right? - so we're releasing a new, minor update! If you're using our Windows launcher, the game should update automatically; everyone else will need to grab the latest game files from our downloads page!

Now, because this is a minor update, you shouldn't expect any big content additions or new costumes; most of it is bug fixes. Some of those fixes are pretty big, though, like the friends list! The revamping we did for the Winter Warm-Up release caused some unexpected issues, but this new release should resolve those.

Don't feel too bad if you're blocked here; this is for testing purposes!

We also fixed a few issues with our newer quests, 'Tomorrow, Spring is Here' and 'Are You A Princess Too?', as well as some problems causing issues with the bank and trade systems; we also addressed a couple of exploits that were causing trouble. As always, if you want the full details of what's been done since the last version, you should check out our changelog!

While we're here, though, we should probably clear up something we've had a few questions about: the release version numbering system. Some people thought it was date-based, meaning that the Winter Warm-Up release had been build-ready since March 1st; however, this isn't how the numbering system works. It goes as follows: year.major.minor. That's why the previous build was 2018.03.01, and this is 2018.03.02! What happened to 2018.01.X & 2018.02.X, you may ask? Well, those were team-internal test builds that we ended up not releasing due to either not being ready for public consumption, or having added more since the build that it was more sensible to just make a newer build and include all the previous changes there too!

Finally, we've also gone through our rules system, and updated them to hopefully be clearer, while also providing all the protections that you're hopefully used to by now! There are three separate rule posts - one for our in-game rules, one for our forum rules, and one for our Discord server rules - so we'd recommend you reading through the rules for any of those platforms that you use. If you have any questions or issues regarding the rules, please contact our moderation team via email, or through our Discord server!

Hopefully that all clears things up for you! Remember to grab the latest files from our downloads page; and if you have any issues or suggestions, as always, please submit them using our reporting system, as explained here!

That's all for now; see you in Equestria!


Oki doki loki :D

*Goes to install the new update*

Thank you very much for all the effort you're making to fix bugs and bring new content to the game  ^-^



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