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Even Tide

2018 May 24, 09:25:18 #40 Last Edit: 2018 Aug 13, 07:57:51 by Goomie
Redacted: Party Planning Server Link

Even Tide

@Shadow Incinerator
The gala itself will be happening on the 26th of May this Saturday. The times are on the initial promotion post, you can use this link to convert your time if you need to and the Wonderbolts Practice Sessions will be today at 7pm London Time, tomorrow at an unknown time, and then impromptu practice a couple of hours on the day of the gala just to get things in motion.

Even Tide

2018 May 24, 09:53:43 #42 Last Edit: 2018 May 30, 11:29:30 by Goomie
Spoiler: Archived Gala Late-Entries Photoshots • show
[center]To anyone that cannot attend:
Please contact me in-game if you see me to arrange some photographs at Cantermore Castle. You may not be able to be at the event, but you can still get a nice photo that will be added to a forum post as soon as possible.
This is so that everyone can feel included! I'll be running this until the 31st of May next week.

Keep an eye out for my ponies, Even Tide and Flurry Cane, to arrange this!

Sunny Sandbar

Darn. I wouldn't be able to do the last one which sounds like the biggest one bc I work then. If it's fine with you I may hop in to today's practice bc I have nothing to do today.
That Holiday Cheeer emote from the Discord server will go here soon. I must spread the meme xD

CMC Scootaloo

I'll be at the practice session today! I don't think I'm quite Wonderbolt material yet, like Rainbow Dash, but I won't miss a Wonderbolts flight performance! 0:)
You always wanted to meet Scootaloo? Then be on the lookout for her in Equestria, she is galloping all over the realm!


Nova is going to come, flying is her material.
Hello I'm Woona. Got a problem, I'm all ears, and hooves *giggles*. You can always find me right here, in Discord or Ingame



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@Goomie Can TQ and Random fandom sign up for the Gala Royal Contenders? P.S. I will be at the gala for one hour, but not all of the hours cause of family visiting. P.P.S: I will be here tomorrow for the wonderbolts practice! :D
A nerd who draws whatever.

Even Tide

2018 May 25, 09:28:04 #47 Last Edit: 2018 May 30, 11:34:09 by Goomie
Spoiler: Past Wonderbolt Airshow Practice Announcement • show
[center]Wonderbolts Airshow Practice
We'll be meeting today (25/05/18) at 7PM and 11PM London Time, Cantermore Castle. Click the link to get your own time zone for conversions!

Please note: This is for a past event and has expired since. Thanks everyone!

Whether you've signed up for the event or you've just come to watch, feel free to come along and be a part of the fun. We will not be taking any more recruits for the Wonderbolts Air Show at this time.
There are two training sessions today due to people with later time zones. You're welcome to attend both or one as you see fit.[/center]

Even Tide

Fillies, gentlecolts and others of the equine variety! Put your hooves together for the event that was:

The Grand Galloping Gala of May 2018!

Hosted by the princesses themselves, tonight will be one to remember for a while. Our peak height was 84 ponies all in the same server!

We even had a surprise cameo from Ellowee herself! You had to be quick to catch this trickster mare in the act folks. She didn't stay long!

A toast to Clever and Wordsmith, the Gala Royals of the night! Congratulations for your winning dance and for everyone else for participating!

Though I couldn't stay to see it personally, I want to thank the Wonderbolts of the night for their performance and amazing patience! The practice sessions began tough, but as time went on we all got it down to a T. I'm so proud of you guys!

As the morning rolled in, the party began to settle to a close. New friendships formed and old friends and lovers bonded...

But all good things must come to an end at some point, as the ending ceremony rolls in. The event lasted for a whopping 5 hours!

Thank you to absolutely everyone for coming and making this event as huge as it was! We couldn't have done it alone without you.

And for those who are sad to see it go, well... There's never a dull moment. The next event may be just around the corner...

Pumpkin Glow

2018 May 27, 11:34:34 #49 Last Edit: 2018 May 27, 11:37:55 by Pumpkin Glow
I am still so bummed out that I didn't get to go to the Gala, because of an important real life thing clashing with the date...  :s

Especially because everything I have seen and heard about it so far is fantastic and I am glad the event went so well.  <3

Everypony involved did a wonderful job and it seems like it was such a grand, special day for the community!  ^-^  

Even Tide

Got some Sugarcane Shenanigans I'd been meaning to upload for a while, but got sidetracked with helping out with the Grand Galloping Gala

In which Even Tide takes up foalsitting:

Seating plans are thrown out the window as we all form a horse pile...

And Tape Quintus takes up the art of becoming one with the pillows. You okay there, buddy?

Holiday Cheer

Oh is this what you all did while I was in the Stadium the other night XD

Also Tape Quintus mastered that art before you were born.  He's also secretly a cat.

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

Even Tide

2018 May 30, 11:20:47 #52 Last Edit: 2018 Jun 02, 15:44:15 by Goomie
Spoiler: When I Was Just A Filly Photoshoot Details • show
[center]Coming up on Saturday June 2nd is the 'When I Was Just A Filly...' photoshoot!
The event will take place at 8PM London Time, starting in the School for Gifted Unicorns.

The theme for this one will be foals! Bring along your avatar as a foal, or bring along any of your ponies who might be waiting on growing up until their talent quest becomes available.

The locations will be as follows:

See you then everyone!

Even Tide

2018 Jun 02, 16:21:07 #53 Last Edit: 2018 Jun 02, 16:59:20 by Goomie
A strange kind of magic has spread over Equestria! The magic of nostalgia has infected a bunch of ponies and turned them all into foals! They decided to retrace their steps as a foal in order to make their way back into adulthood, starting with a trip back to school.

Nothing new to learn here. At least, nothing to do with this strange magic anyway... At least breaktime gave out!

After some time to play and revel in their foalhood, the transformed ponies headed to the library to find out just what this crazy magic was-- and if there was a way to reverse it!

Then the solution hit them-- this was all just a big poison joke! The foals spent some time playing before they headed to the flowerbed and waited in the old castle to return back to their adult selves.

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the photoshoot event! The school, playground, library and clubhouse areas were planned-- but the Crystal Heart, poison joke and the Castle of the Two Sisters was all planned on the day!

Even Tide

2018 Jun 03, 17:09:40 #54 Last Edit: 2018 Jul 22, 19:03:15 by Goomie
Spoiler: Former Hoofhunt Idea • show
While running around in the outskirts of the Heartlands, I came up with an idea upon finding the PVP zone. I'd never seen it before and honestly had assumed it was a small, grassy region to combat with other players, but it turned out to be much more...

There's an entire miniature map in there! I had absolutely no idea it was right under our hooves this whole time. And with hide and seek being a popular game, why not combine it with the PVP zone?

Fillies, gentlecolts and others of the equine variety, may I proudly propose a new game:


No apparel or any items allowed unless it's one of the following (or equivalent):
Armour is only for players who do not have 5200 health! Please match it as much as possible.
Our seekers will wear red socks! (#FF1C0B)
Our hiders will wear green socks! (#518533)
Ponies given a grace period will wear white socks!

Hosted in the player versus player arena in Heartlands' Midway Village, Hoofhunt will be a game of hide and seek with a combat twist.

No flying,
No using tab to target out-of-vision ponies,
No teleportation,
If you lose sight of your target once you've locked them, let them go!

Everyone will have free roam of the PVP arena to hide away from or search in even teams (where possible). Seekers have the job of finding hiders and engaging skirmish, while hiders must avoid the first hit to escape a fight.


When a seeker lands the first hit on a fleeing hider, they must duke it out until one pony faints. Hiders are pacifists until attacked, but they may use candy showers to out fellow hiders or distract a seeker.


The hider will rejoin the game as a seeker. The winner will continue to search for other ponies, too.


The seeker will join the hiders while the winner continues to hide.

The winning hider will be given a grace period where they wear white socks to indicate invincibility for a full minute. This is to prevent seekers from being able to target them after a fight.

Ponies caught abusing the grace period or fighting ponies in the grace period will be disqualified for the round.


If they switch sides,
If they have defeated someone,
If they have been defeated,
If they have entered or exited a grace period.


0 - 30 seconds: Hiders enter the ring
30 seconds onwards: Seekers enter the ring
5 minutes in: Head count, people announce if they are seeking or hiding. Game ends prematurely if only seekers remain
10 minutes in: Round over, everyone returns to /stuck and another head count is cast.

Seekers will win if all hiders have been eliminated, while hiders will win if they have anyone left standing!



Thank you to Wordsmith for recording!

If you're interested in potentially hosting these events now and then, let me know and we could strike a deal! I may run it occasionally myself if I have the time to, but no promises.

Thanks again everyone!

Even Tide

2018 Jun 06, 09:22:57 #55 Last Edit: 2018 Jun 20, 17:18:25 by Goomie
Spoiler: Summerween Shadowbolts Sign-Ups • show


Similar to how we hosted the Wonderbolts Air Show for the Grand Galloping Gala, we're on the hunt for some more pegasi interested in working to make another air show sequence for Summerween! The only difference will be instead of the heroic Wonderbolts, we'll have the sneaky Shadowbolts take their place. For more details on Summerween, click the title of this post to be taken to Pumpkin Glow's post!


The audience will sit on this raised land near the Heartlands graveyard. Due to some strange magic that not even the Shadowbolts can reckon with, flying above the graveyard itself can be some tricky business.

The airspace however will expand quite a ways across the trees below, giving everyone a lot more space and hiding places to work with! Just be careful of the mobs below...


Summerween will begin at 10PM London Time, while we estimate the air show to be around 12AM (9PM GMT to 11PM GMT). This may be give or take, as we don't know how long the event itself will last! To be safe, come half an hour early to check on things.


The outfit regulations will be the same ones used for the Wonderbolts VS Shadowbolts Photoshoot. For convenience, this outfit will be reposted here.

Lab Coat #5F3563
Socks, plain black (#252234) / argyle / striped with yellow (#E9EA50)
Skeleton Bonesuit
Batpony Costume


Much like before, the sequence will be put together in training sessions that will happen on the build up before the event. Shadowbolts must attend at least one session towards the beginning and one towards the end of the training period so that they know how to perform the sequence. Anyone that signs up and does not attend at least two of these sessions will be removed from the sign-up list.

As we have more time to work with, these dates will be spaced out over the next two weeks to minimize stress levels. People are also welcome to come and watch these training sessions if they wish!
(Convert your times here)

Wednesday 6th June @8PM London Time (Early Sign-ups, cancelled if none)
Saturday 9th June @ 8PM London Time
Wednesday 13th June @ 8PM London Time
Saturday 16th June @ 8PM London Time**
**Cancelled due to numerous circumstances
Wednesday 20th June @ 8PM London Time
Friday 22nd June @8PM London Time (Before the show)

Now closed!

Berry Shade, Nightstalker, Nightshade / Maverick, Lemon Cloud
Skye, Luna Eclipsa, Day Dream, SirDead Puppy

I believe that about covers it. But before I end off this post, I would like to stress a reminder to players to please please look after their health and priorities first over playing LOE with us. We will never be mad at anyone for taking charge of things in their life! In fact, I'd prefer people to look after their responsibilities and themselves over joining an event if it means consequences.

You're all a wonderful community to work with and we care about your health. So be sure to look after yourselves, drink some water and stretch your backs if you haven't already.

I think that's everything... Alright. Catch you in the next one folks!  <3

Even Tide

Some out of bounds exploration in the Heartlands I was doing with Flurry Cane, close to the time when I ran into the idea for Hoofhunt...

Speaking of Hoofhunt, the promotional post only used few of the photographs I took:

And then spending some time with some cool folks  :P  Although in the outer bounds on the cauldron, they could only be there in spirit due to strange rendering bugs.

Even Tide

2018 Jun 15, 07:39:45 #58 Last Edit: 2018 Aug 07, 08:58:43 by Goomie
Not much to report on just lately. Seems we're a week between a lack of updates and events...

So of course we make our own fun.  :P

Strangely enough, there's an entire stretch of land far under Cloudopolis. There's not much to see here, though. Thank you to Solar Flare for touring us around!

Some shenanigans in the school of gifted unicorns, where the real present is learning you're studying in a yellow box within the void of space.  :o

I took the opportunity to do a bit of exploring in Bramble Woods a couple of days ago. Unfortunately I had to cut things short due to the frozen mobs suddenly springing back to life! I got some really nice shots though.

I also made friends with a few of the locals!

I think that about covers it. I'd like to remind the Shadowbolts that tomorrow's training session will be cancelled, as numerous people including myself aren't going to be available. The next training session will be on Wednesday 20th at 8PM London Time as normal. Alternatively, why don't you go to Pumpkin's Pumpkin Patch Pony Camp-Out?

While we wait for the upcoming Summerween and Summer Sun Celebration, why don't you go check both of them out or even enter the SSC competition?  ;)

See you around folks.

Even Tide

2018 Jun 16, 09:12:00 #59 Last Edit: 2018 Jun 21, 18:44:17 by Goomie
Spoiler: Old Upcoming Events • show


- ~ o ~ -
Hosted by Blue Cloud, Holiday Cheer and Sapphire Moonlight
- ~ o ~ -

To celebrate the longest day of Summer, these lovely ponies and the Princesses themselves will be hosting the Summer Sun Celebration! This is a role-play gathering that will have food, dancing and even a brief performance by the Wonderbolts!

This event will take place on Thursday the 21st of June at 4PM CDT. There is also a photography contest as listed above that you can participate in! Please submit your entries to Holiday Cheer before the 21st.

To find out more information about this event, click the image above or alternatively, click the link here!

- ~ o ~ -
Hosted by Pumpkin Glow and Holiday Cheer
- ~ o ~ -

Summerween is a holiday within the Gravity Falls universe! It's origin story is simple and sweet: the residents love Halloween so much that they created Summerween, where they have the same format of trick or treat but by using hollowed watermelons instead of Pumpkins.

This event will take place on Friday the 22nd of June in the Heartlands at 9PM GMT time. Stick to the paths and venture your way around the Heartlands and help to collect 500 pieces of candy so that the Summerween Trickster won't come and gobble you up!

To find out more information about this event, click the image above or you can alternatively click here to check it out!

- ~ o ~ -
- ~ o ~ -

Hosted by Pumpkin Glow, there will be another one of her amazing roleplay camp-out events tonight at 7PM GMT in the Heartlands Pumpkin Pie Farm.

These events tend to go on once or twice monthly, so if you ever find yourself looking for a good time on a Saturday evening, why not see if the camp is available? As always, click the picture above for the link or check it out here.

Training will be cancelled tonight
Numerous of us won't be able to attend to keep everyone up to speed tonight.
The Wednesday follow-up will be on as normal!

And that about covers all of it thus far. Have a good weekend everyone!

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