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Started by Even Tide, 2018 Apr 01, 14:18:16

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Even Tide

2018 May 13, 16:39:30 #20 Last Edit: 2018 Jul 22, 18:59:23 by Goomie
 :D  Sugarcane Corner got temporarily taken over by the Pinkie Palooza!  ovO

Things got strange real quick, though.  O:

A big thank you to all of the support in your posts and in-game just recently! It means a lot to me to know that you all enjoy the crazy events I'm getting into.

It's come to my attention that numerous ponies have been asking if they can make their own threads recording their adventures recently. I want people to know that they don't need my personal permission to go ahead and do this-- so feel free to join in on the fun with us! The forum could always use some more stories about folk's adventures in-game.

I take absolutely no credit for the idea of starting the adventure-type threads- it was folks like Holiday Cheer and Psykai who inspired me personally to make events and adventures like this. Then folks like Pumpkin Glow and then more recently Tranquil Wafer, and it seems like lots of folks are coming together to share their stories!

So whether you're reading along for the ride, writing your own stories or even both, I'm glad we can all come together and share our recounts of things in the game. Feel free to come along and join us whenever you like.

See you in the next one everyone!  <3

Even Tide

2018 May 16, 10:54:57 #21 Last Edit: 2018 Jun 17, 21:06:27 by Goomie
Spoiler: Flurry Cane - Former Pony • show
Not much to report on today! Or at least yet, anyway. I just wanted to introduce a new pony to my squad:

This is Flurry Cane! I plan on aging her up when the flying talent becomes available. If you see her bumbling around, feel free to say hello! It's only me.


how do you get that snowflake trail? is it from the enchanted iceskates?
A nerd who draws whatever.

Even Tide

It is from the enchanted ice skates! The dandelion bracelet also emits pollen on occasion as you run around.


@Goomie oh! I'm just wondering, is there still a way to get those ice skates?
A nerd who draws whatever.

Even Tide

Unless the devs are implementing it again this Winter, the only way to get it at the moment is through trading with other players. Maybe ask around and see if anyone has any spare

I'd help ya out, but I have none besides the pair Flurry wears unfortunately 3:

Even Tide

Quote from: Goomie on 2018 May 16, 10:54:57Not much to report on today! Or at least yet, anyway.
I lied. :P

I got to explore the outer skirts of Ponydale again today! Pumpkin Glow, Spectral Spirit and I mostly just sat around to chat for a while.

And then Spectral and I chose to look a little further. For some reason we became ghosts of the forest as we explored, as we couldn't find eachother...

Until suddenly we were close enough to the town again and we became tangible once more!

See you all next time, everyone.  <3

Even Tide

Sort of eventful night last night! I spent a lot of my free time exploring the mountains of Cantermore, wondering just how high you could get up.

There isn't a lot of interesting stuff to see up here, but it's fun to see just how far up you can go. Although, there was something I was curious about...

Just who is this handsome fellow?

After much climbing, I finally got to the top. I put a candy shower up for scale size of just how far up I was... And then promptly proceeded to turn the world upside-down!

After finishing my expedition in the mountains, I took to meeting up with a couple of ponies in the Crystal Kingdom to go and seek out the secret cave... It turns out it's not just a unicorn hideout anymore!

It was a bit difficult to get a shot of us all together, as hanging out beyond the borders seems to turn you into a ghost, but on the odd occasion we could see eachother.

Deciding that maaaybe a cave group photography wasn't gonna fly, we all took off to the outdoor cafe near the Crystal Heart-- and lots of other ponies showed up!

I unfortunately couldn't stay long due to having somewhere to be the next day, but I had a real blast with all of y'all.

There's a lot of events and things happening just recently! I don't want to have my events clash with someone else's, since it wouldn't be fair on those that want to attend both. How would everyone feel about the 'When I Was Just a Filly...' photoshoot being on June 2nd 7PM GMT?

Please let me know if anything clashes with within the next week or so! If it does, I can rearrange. If there aren't any official plans or nothing that comes up for me offline, then I'll be holding it at the proposed time above!

See you soon, everyone.  <3

Even Tide

SCC was pretty busy last night! With the Everfree Northwest LOE panel in motion, many ponies came to party and talk during the stream.

Something fluffy has taken home to the corners...

Quote from: Goomie on 2018 May 18, 11:48:26There's a lot of events and things happening just recently! I don't want to have my events clash with someone else's, since it wouldn't be fair on those that want to attend both. How would everyone feel about the 'When I Was Just a Filly...' photoshoot being on June 2nd 7PM GMT?

Please let me know if anything clashes with within the next week or so! If it does, I can rearrange. If there aren't any official plans or nothing that comes up for me offline, then I'll be holding it at the proposed time above!

Not much to comment for this one folks. Though I have added 'All Aboard The Hype Train!' to the list of future planned events. Go check it out!

See you all in the next one.  <3

Even Tide

2018 May 22, 07:19:17 #29 Last Edit: 2018 May 30, 11:13:43 by Goomie
The Grand Galloping Gala is just around the corner!
Hosted by Holiday Cheer, here's a run-down of the event details thus far.
PLEASE NOTE: This thread is archived. Any information on it now is from a past event.

Photographs here were added by yours truly, unless mentioned otherwise!

Spoiler: show

Quote from: Holiday Cheer on 2018 May 01, 10:20:23Last night a group of ponies made a visit to Princess Luna and Princess Celestia at the Cantermore Castle and while they were there, Celestia gave out some tickets and announced that the Grand Galloping Gala season has started and the Gala will be held very soon.

So be on the lookout for that and consider yourself invited.

Thank you to the ponies who came to do these promo shots!

Quote from: Holiday Cheer on 2018 May 21, 13:27:00Derpy is hard at work giving out tickets to all the ponies who are invited (it's everypony  ;) )

Photograph taken by the lovely @Psykai!
(Please ask me if you'd like me to remove it, I'll happily do that for you!)

We are putting the final touches on the planning.  The event begins at approximately 2PM CST but will go on all night pretty much.  For those of you who want some time translation:


For those ponies in Great Britain: 8PM
For those ponies in other parts of Europonia: 9PM

And I believe the GMT is 7PM but I don't really know how that works.

Where are we going? What's on?
The Gala will be held on the grounds of the Cantermore Castle and will feature dancing, fine food, a closing and opening ceremony, and (possibly) a performance by the Wonderbolts.  So don't miss out!


For the duration of the gala and the build up to it, we have a Discord server in place. If you're helping to organise or if you just want to come check out what's going on, pop on in!


We're looking for ponies who'd potentially want to put on an air show for us at the Grand Galloping Gala! If you're interested, let me know via this thread or in-game itself (My ponies are Even Tide and Flurry Cane) and I'll add you to the team. Though I have no confirmation yet, it's quite likely that you'll be directed by Holiday Cheer on what to do at the performance, so keep this in mind!

Here is the uniform criteria, it's the same as the outfit from the Wonderbolts VS Shadowbolts photoshoot:
Lab Coat #6C9FB4 OR Winter Warm-Up Weather Team Vest
Horizontal striped socks or argyle socks #6C9FB4 and #FFF7A0
Enchanted Ice Skates (OPTIONAL)

Tranquil Wafer, Berry Shade, Dandelion Fluff, Chad Flufferton, Blue Cloud, Twilight Nova, Amethyst Crust, Lemon Cloud, Sky Storm

Again, a big thank you to the folks who helped me take these promotional shots!

We will have a live DJ for the event!

Music for the event will be provided by Random Fandom! He'll be the live-DJ for the duration and will post music links into the chat now and then. Feel free to follow along with him or play your own songs!


Quote from: Holiday Cheer on 2018 May 23, 13:34:11That's right everypony.  We will be holding a contest of creative talent up to and during the Gala.  Ponies are invited to submit entries for art/gifs/written works/videos relating to the Grand Galloping Gala 2018. 

Please submit them either to myself (HolidayCheer #7188) on Discord or provide a link when you see me or Sapphire Moonlight in game (in whisper). 

We will be voting on the best entries and the winners will have their work displayed here on the forum as well as the recognition from the LoE community for your skills.  Looking forward to seeing what you ponies can come up with!


Bringing a date to the gala with you? Why not sign yourselves up to be put into a vote as the Gala King(s) or Queen(s)? An event-exclusive poll will be released on the day for everyone to choose who they think deserves the title of the Gala Royals. The winners are quite welcome to make a quick speech, and then we'll form a dance circle around the couple!

To sign up, please whisper me in-game or post here the names of both you and your date. I'll add you to the list below! But remember: Please do not vote for yourself on the day! This would be extremely unfair. Votes will be one per person and entirely anonymous.

Theia Nova and Twilight Nova
Clever and Wordsmith
Tranquil Wafer and Random Fandom
Marshmallow Cactus and Winter Cactus
Blue Cloud and Fluffy Cloud
Ludwig Beilschmidt and Feliciano Vargas
Snowy Smarty and Orange Tea
Amber Moonlight and Sapphire Moonlight


Photographs will be taken on the day! These can be group shots or just couples if they so choose. We'll try to get a group shot at one point if possible!

Pets are welcome!

If you would like to bring along your little friends, there will also be the nature garden at the back of the castle. You can even choose to leave them to play! Who knows, maybe you might find a rabbit hidey hole...

Bubblegum Slash will be providing fireworks!

Special Thanks
Thanks to everyone for your interest! Remember, this event is being hosted by Holiday Cheer, not by myself. All of the ideas and photos here were inspired by her! Give her some props and go check out her thread over here. She's an amazing pony who does absolutely amazing parties and events for the community and also a big inspiration for me to start doing these events.

Thank you to Sapphire Moonlight for co-hosting the event with Holiday!

Thank you to Psykai / Gloomy Feathers / Derpy Hooves for his amazing character posts about the mailmare extraordinaire!

Big shout-outs to SnowBound for making a Princess Celestia and a Flying Horse to use in the photo promotions!

Shout-out to Kindled Flame for making us a Princess Luna!

Thank you to Flutters Shy / Dainbow Rash / Miss Rarity / Pink Pony / Silly Applejack / Princess Twilight, Twilight Nova, Wingless Flier, Coda, Stormy Cloud, Wordsmith, Clever and the other ponies who've helped thus far to create photographs for the promotions! Please let me know if I forgot to add your name.

Big big thank you to Berry Shade, Dandelion Fluff, Blue Cloud and Lemon Cloud with assisting the Wonderbolts Air Show routine! Another big thank you to Jet Black for helping to record the practice video!

Shout out to Random Fandom for putting together a playlist, and my props to Bubblegum Slash for the fireworks!

Even Tide

@Holiday Cheer and everyone else in-game just now:
Due to unfortunate circumstances to do with our internet provider, I can't get back online tonight. Sorry about that, I'll have to try again tomorrow to get some more stuff.

chrome thunder

2018 May 23, 00:25:06 #31 Last Edit: 2018 May 23, 04:23:19 by chrome thunder
Well all of my pegasus friends (characters) are Shadowbolts, but I might be able to convince one of them to join the other side for the air show (likely Maverick). If I'm available on the day it will be held (what date is it?). Edit: NVM I have plans for that Saturday. Wouldn't be back til sometime after 10PM).

I've been practicing flying with the mouse look and 1st person view. It's pretty tricky but you can really pull off some stunts with it like taking off straight up, diving under bridges, through arches, etc. It'd be neat  if we could do actual Blue Angels moves like formation flying, knife edge pass, etc.

Even Tide

2018 May 23, 19:29:20 #32 Last Edit: 2018 May 30, 11:34:56 by Goomie
Spoiler: Wonderbolts Air Show Practice Announcement • show
[center]Wonderbolts Airshow Practice
We'll be meeting tomorrow (24/05/18) at 7PM London Time, Cantermore Castle. Click the link to get your own time zone for conversions!
Please note: This is for a past event and has expired since. Thanks everyone!

Whether you've signed up for the event or you've just come to watch, feel free to come along and be a part of the fun.[/center]
P.S: @chrome thunder
That's alright! If you have any ideas you'd like to contribute though, feel free to help contribute.

chrome thunder

The converter shows that as 1PM central US time. I might be able to pop in for at least that (it's a work day for me but I don't leave until 6:30).


@Goomie I will not be able to make it to practice as I have school during that time just wanted to let ya know!
A nerd who draws whatever.


I would like to sign up for the Wonderbolts.  My main character is Blue Cloud, and I have a few ideas I'd like to contribute.  However, I will not be able to make it to the practice.  I would like to have another practice session later in the day so that I could contribute my ideas and assist with the routine.  I can PM you my Discord ID to make communication much easier.  

Pumpkin Glow

That sounds fun! I will 100% show up to hang around, watch and be useless.  ^-^

Even Tide

@MarchPrincess05 @MMTfan1
No problem TQ-- life comes first, yeah? Do what you gotta do my dude.  <3

Blue, I'll add you to the sign-ups. Extra ideas are always a great idea, provided everyone can easily pull the stunts off. If you catch me on at any time, give me a shout and we can have a look over things! I'll bring along my pegasus, Flurry Cane, to help out. Thank you so much!

In terms of the practice sessions, I can't guarantee that I can host them at a later time due to Berry Shade only having around three hours to donate for the cause-- but I could possibly set them to be earlier. I can't guarantee I'll be around in the later hours either, but if we can keep eachother all up to speed and help eachother out I think we can really pull this off.  :D

These sessions will be held today and tomorrow-- on the date of the gala we can probably get ourselves together just to practice for a couple hours beforehand if people can attend that. I don't have a time in mind, but again if at any point anyone can't show up for the practice sessions or the air show itself, please please let me know as soon as you do. This'll make organization tons easier.  <3

A temporary Discord server to set up things might be an idea, I'll have to ask @Holiday Cheer about it so we can get her up to speed on everything too.

Holiday Cheer

A Gala Discord server!  Sweet Luna why did I not think of that!  ovO  :I

Consider it done.

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

Sunny Sandbar

@Goomie I see that the gala is scheduled for 3P EST, but what day? You aren't having today's practice, and the Gala on the same day are you?
Also, if my schedule allows I'd like to participate in the wonderbolts airshow. I'm free today, but if the gala is on Friday or Saturday I won't be on until 2.5 hours after the scheduled start time
That Holiday Cheeer emote from the Discord server will go here soon. I must spread the meme xD

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