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Started by Cloudy Skies, 2018 Mar 31, 16:29:06

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Cloudy Skies

Fluttershy seems to be the most popular pony, while I like Rainbow Dash.  :3
Anyways, I was wondering if some Fluttershy fans could tell me why they think Fluttershy is awesome.  :D

Discussion encouraged!
Have fun.  *-*
Shnuggles are nature's way of saying "Want a hug?" :P
Also they are a way of saying "I'm scared." :P
They also could mean "CAN I LATCH ONTO YOU LIKE A CRAZY PONY!?!?!?!" :P

Night Striker

I just find that Fluttershy relates to me the most honestly. I was really, really shy around people when I first found out about mlp, heck I'm still kind of shy when it comes to talking in world chat or to other ponies in-game, despite being fairly active on the forums lol

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

Want to be in a herd? PM to get more details to join the NLR!

Crimson Tail

I'll just leave this here.
Played LoE since the first open server event!

Master Masher

I like Fluttershy and i also like Rainbow Dash But i like them both equally (same goes with Derpy and Luna) I like all of them. If it came down to one i could not decide which one.
Hi master masher. master as in well a master at button mashing. i am a gamer planing on braving youtube as"Master Masher" what ever it comes down to. Still figuring out the kinks with the running LoE and my profile

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