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Started by Epic Mount, 2018 Mar 13, 11:42:52

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Epic Mount

2018 Mar 13, 11:42:52 Last Edit: 2018 Mar 13, 11:48:14 by Epic Mount
An OC in mind for LoE is a pony named Fabergé. She is either located near Fluttershy's cottage or in Ponydale. Depends where this could work.

She is a merchant who sells unique rabbit and chicken themed accessories (like bunny ears or rooster hood). One idea in mind is a wicker basket of eggs that can be carried in the mouth.

However Fabergé is a merchant who doesn't want bits like all the other merchants. Her currency of choice are special eggs that are found hidden throughout Equestria (or very least hidden throughout the Heartlands) These eggs are not impossible to find, especially for earth ponies who lack flight or magic to get around. But they are difficult to find which require to look around the nooks and crannies of Equestria. (Maybe they randomly spawn using a very large spawning area across the map.)

~Quest idea~
When you talk to Fabergé she may offer a mission to hunt a Cockatrice boss or look for specific eggs in certain locations. Rewards in mind is either a "Chicken egg" or maybe the option to recolour one of your existing pets.

White Pony

Cute idea... not sure if the Creators of LoE would have time to create this one for Winter Wrap Up (Easter)

CMC Scootaloo

2018 Mar 13, 15:50:49 #2 Last Edit: 2018 Mar 13, 15:55:56 by CMC Scootaloo
@Epic Mount

This suggestion brings up the question if Equestria has a holiday similar to Easter here on Earth or not, again. We only know of Winter Wrap Up, but that is to welcome Spring and resembling the meteorological start of Spring on Earth on March 21st.
But, game-play wise, that sounds like a fantastic idea! And lore-wise too, actually, cause your idea doesn't imply that Equestria has a holiday similar to Easter, it's just an NPC with rabbit and chicken themed stuff for sale who only accepts eggs as currency and those items can very well serve a different purpose than a holiday in Equestria, so there's no conflict with Equestria's culture that we see in the show.

It's probably not possible to have this in the game until this year's Easter (unless something is already prepared behind the scenes without our knowledge), but it could definitely work for next year as long as there's no development of major features of the game getting in the way of it.

@White Pony

Before the snow gets cleaned away during Winter Wrap Up, ponies in all of Equestria get together and search the snow for both eggs that were laid already, as well as animals who hibernate under the snow (assuming Equestria has animals that have a high resistance against the cold and can sleep under the snow without dying) and bring them away into safety.
It is the first step of Winter Wrap Up and considered as the most important one by many, as it bewares the eggs and sleeping animals from getting destroyed or injured/killed when ponies remove the snow with shovels and machines.

If there is something resembling Easter in Equestria, this is now my theory for how that event looks like.
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Night Striker

This seems like a pretty cool idea, I support it, though I have a feeling it's going to create a sort of hoarding system if the spawn of the eggs are in set places or if they're in a general part of the heartlands. But I'm sure the devs will find a way to prevent that somehow lol

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

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Holiday Cheer

Funny that you should mention some type of Easter event for LoE because I was toying around with a similar type idea.  Obviously I have no ability to make things happen to the actual game mechanics, but what if we organized a 'pony hunt'.  As in players either create a new pony with some type of "Easter-egg" theme or just use one of their existing brightly color characters and volunteer to be an 'egg' that other ponies have to find. I realize it sounds a lot like hide and seek but on a much more massive scale as ponies would have to search all of Equestria for the Easter ponies.  And we could maybe work out some other rules to make it flow better or be more fun for ponies.  Just a thought I'm putting out there.  I'd organize it of course.

Of course having some type of game update to go along with any Easter themed events would be great too.
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Epic Mount

@CMC Scootaloo
I figure that given Legends of Equestria can only have so much in common with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that the developers may take creative privileges if they want. (Though I'm one of those players who still think locations should still be named after their MLP:FiM counterparts if LoE has Nightmare Night, Hearth's Warming and Winter Wrap Up anyway, but thats besides the topic.)

But yeah, the idea of an egg collector named Fabergé who wants you to collect eggs in exchange for rabbit, chicken and springtime accessories does not confirm or deny an Easter like holiday in Equestria but can still be regarded as an easter related thing for players to enjoy. These eggs in mind with rainbow-like cyan, green, pink and yellow colours assosiated wioth Easter, but simply an unrelated thing going on for players to enjoy.

@Night Striker
The locations I have in mind are places that Earth Ponies can reach but still well hidden and require you to find. For example there is a viaduct that runs through Hearthlands. Maybe an egg can be located under it. These eggs could perhaps be located under trees or in the middle of nowhere thats accessable for all but hardly anypony travels. They could be hidden out of sight next to buildings, under bridges or docks near rivers or on islands etc. As long as it's possible for Earth Ponies to find who are the least accessable ponies in the game then it be possible for all players to find.
If say, an egg was located on the very top of the Cloudopolis statues where only pegasi can find, thats just unfair (then again I haven't tried climbing those statues myself, may give that a try.)

CMC Scootaloo

2018 Mar 14, 16:43:56 #6 Last Edit: 2018 Mar 14, 16:46:01 by CMC Scootaloo
It's a trademark and copyright thing. You don't find "Nightmare Night" or "Hearth's Warming Eve" anywhere in the game, just a spooky event and festive holiday cheer.
And in reverse logic, this means the game can be as close to real Equestria from the show as desired, as long as no trademark or copyright is violated, which includes, if we ever get that question answered, an equestrian Spring holiday similar to Easter, as well.^^

And about the eggs, they should be hidden everywhere. It just needs to be ensured that there are as many hideouts that are earth pony-accessible as there are hideouts that only pegasi and unicorns can reach, to give everypony the same chances.
A good hideout shouldn't get unused just because an earth pony cannot go there. Unless we talk playing Hide & Seek, of course, but that's a different story.

Though, technically, earth ponies can go everywhere. Even on the alicorn statues in the Heartlands. But this is usually reserved to midnight-hushing climbing experts. x3
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Epic Mount

2018 Mar 14, 16:58:29 #7 Last Edit: 2018 Mar 14, 17:10:44 by Epic Mount
There are some places in the HEartlands, they're just open areas in the middle of nowhere. Thing is these areas are usually off-road or in the corners of the map which makes me wonder how often ponies explore these areas. These areas could be good places to hide eggs... though maybe behind trees or something.

And given I still get lost in Ponydale and Evershade forest, these places would also be ideal to hide eggs. There are loads of places to hide small eggs in Evershade that nopony will probably ever find due to ponies trying not to get lost in Evershade.

But yes, it would be nice if this was an event.

An idea for a quest that Fabergé gives out when talked to could be to hunt either a Cockatrice boss (slightly larger and higher-level than average cockatri) or a jackalope boss (A rabbit with dryad horns).
She could reward players for this quest with either a "Chicken Egg" or maybe you can recolour your pet rabbit from a selection of easter colours (cyan, pink, light green and yellow), or maybe a jackalope pet instead.

Or maybe she can offer a quest to find a unique spring time Apple Dryad? (Not to harm of course.)

CMC Scootaloo

The Everfree Forest would be absolutely perfect to search for eggs! All those trees and bushes and roots and rocks and corners you can hardly look into..... Imagine how long it would take! 0:) This needs to be a thing.

And I love the cockatrice boss idea too!
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Epic Mount

2018 Mar 15, 11:23:15 #9 Last Edit: 2018 Mar 15, 11:45:20 by Epic Mount
It would, but wouldn't the Everfree be a bit too dangerous to search for eggs?

I mean I know the Heartlands arn't that safe but it's not as dangerous as Everfree. Everfree has monster mobs that could harm ponies only there to find eggs. That would mean that only high-leveled egg hunters would find eggs in Everfree more efficiently than the low-leveled ones and I'd rather keep the egg hunt open for all levels and pony-kinds.

I also had an idea for how the mission can work, but I may need to start another thread about it. But an idea for where the boss is located can be in Bramble Woods. The idea is that Bramble Woods can look different throughout the seasons and depending on whenever LoE has a holiday themed event or not, can have quests that take place in Bramble Woods.

CMC Scootaloo

Dangerous, yes, and challenging. All the better. 0:)
As you said, you want to keep it open for all levels and pony-kinds. This includes pegasi and unicorns and high-level ponies, as well. ^-^
And working for your reward is important, too. There should be several types of eggs, ranging from very common to very rare.
The common eggs can lay around everywhere. But the rare eggs, they should only be at hard to reach places and among dangerous enemies.
Those eggs should appear in Equestria for a few weeks past Easter then, of course, to give players enough time to become strong enough to get them.
But it's important to have the feeling that you earned something. It should be a challenge for some of the eggs.
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Epic Mount

2018 Mar 15, 12:24:15 #11 Last Edit: 2018 Mar 15, 12:41:37 by Epic Mount
Hm... I dunno. I think thats over-complicating it a bit just a little. As much as I would LOVE to make my own MMORPG like LoE someday, if perchance one of Team LoE finds this thread and approves of it I dunno what Team-LoE will have to do to make it work.

I mean for starters Fabergé's shop will have alternate programming from regular shops in order to accept collectable eggs as currency. I think that would require copy-pasting the original merchant programming as a seperate program and reprogramming it to corrospond to an alternative currency/point system (as well as Fabergé denying you the right to sell your own things for points, she will only accept found eggs as currency). Then theres picking loads of different locations that will make suitable hiding spots for the eggs to spawn. Then theres the matter of how long until the eggs respawn (probably 50% chance of respawning whenever a day in LoE time passes, which would prevent campers.)

To go as far as a variety of eggs that can only be obtained from various difficulty would be unfair to more casual players who just want to have fun exploring.

Maybe there can be two kinds of eggs:
Hidden Egg- Eggs found throughout the Heartlands. Fabergé values them at 10-points of exchange in her shop. They have a rainbow pattern of pink, green, cyan and yellow.
Golden Egg- Eggs found in places that requires more skillful searching, such as pony-parkour or able to traverse dangerous places. Fabergé values them at 500-points of exchange in her shop. They are golden with a faint sparkle effect around them.

One of Fabergé's common items for sale could be around 50-75 points or so.

I'd rather keep it all simple and open for as many players as possible without excluding the casual players.

CMC Scootaloo

2018 Mar 15, 16:00:13 #12 Last Edit: 2018 Mar 15, 16:02:32 by CMC Scootaloo
You lost me at "casual players". I still love the general idea, but, a game should never cater to casual players. Doing that makes a game too easy and leaves serious gamers (those people games are actually made for, you know) with a ton to desire in regards to difficulty, challenges and showing off their skill (or developing a skill in the first place).
Catering to casual players is a method of today's gaming industry. The big companies want more money, so they try to get more people into gaming, even those who normally wouldn't play a game because they don't have time or aren't willing to invest the time they have, so they make their games easier and easier, sometimes to the point where you really have to ask yourself.....
LoE is not a commercial game. It's a free indie game, so let us not carry that ideology in. :s
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Epic Mount

2018 Mar 15, 17:23:13 #13 Last Edit: 2018 Mar 15, 17:25:25 by Epic Mount
Well the very least allow it to meet in the middle for casual and serious players.

Let's say someone brand new to LoE just downloaded the game and began playing it. Then Team LoE announces a new event for an exclusive time, like an Easter adventure. How cool will that be! But oh! You need to be Lvl 20 or 30 or so in order to take part in it. That means if you want to get involved you have to actually grind up those levels instead of just taking your time and enjoying the game at your own pace. Meanwhile all the seasoned players around you get to enjoy the event while you feel left out.

It's logic like that why I'm glad LoE is entirely free and will not resort to premium accounts or pay-to-win tactics that other cheap MMORPGs online do that make casual players feel inferior to those who purchased exclusive equipment with actual money than earn their possition like everybody else.

If Team LoE likes my idea, I think it should be accessable for all players, n00bs, casuals, tryhards or whatever labels you want to stick on those kinds of players. All players should be allowed to get involved regardless of levels, personal gaming skill or what ponykind they choose. if someone with a higher level than you has horded more eggs than you that doesn't mean you can't have just as many eggs, just gotta look harder for them.

As you said "LoE is not a commercial game. It's a free indie game" so there should be no reason to priviledge players.

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