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chrome thunder

2018 Feb 26, 12:02:07 Last Edit: 2019 Sep 24, 21:31:06 by chrome thunder Reason: character descriptions
Thought I'd share some screenshots I've taken since I've been here.

My characters are (all are part of Team Cloudsdale):

Chrome Thunder

This is my ponysona. The name is the result of entering my real name into one of those pony name generators. The first one I tried gave me the name "Brother Lionheart". Might have used it, but I checked and there was already around a half dozen other OC's with that name. The second one gave me this and I stuck with it. What I like is the cutie mark almost perfectly  matches the one in the game (cloud and lightning bolt).
Chrome's occupation is a signal maintainer for the railroad. Also a storm spotter (which I really am IRL), and a member of the NLR.


Maverick started as my first ever brushable custom: A G1 big brother pony:
A few years ago I made 2 fanfics that he was the lead character in (Ace Combat: Battle for Equestria and Ace Combat: The Changeling War), changing him from an earth pony to a pegasus and changing his cutie mark from an F-14 to a spade (wish playing card symbols were available as CM's in the game).
Maverick is a weather pony and part of the Shadowbolts branch NLR Air Force. He did don a Wonderbolts costume for one event. Now a member of the Wind Riders / Wind Howlers.


An OC I based off the Nightshade flower. She was another character in my 2 fanfics (in the 1st an antagonist, the 2nd a protagonist).
A tough as nails mare that hates wearing dresses, and loves doing stunt flying (including making low, high speed passes by other ponies), and being mischievous. Also a member of the Shadowbolts and  Wind Riders / Wind Howlers. .

Dahlia Hawthorne

In 2009 I started making a series of G1 and G3  customs based on Ace Attorney characters, including my favorite villain from the series. She became a main character in my Ace Combat: BFE fanfic too.
Unlike the character she's based on she's not evil, and is yet another Shadowbolt and Wind Riders / Wind Howlers member.

Papa Emeritus

Nothing special just a pony based off of the lead singer of a band I became a fan of last year (I wish the skeleton costume worked on him correctly, and I wish a pontiff hat was available in the game).

A unicorn that is fascinated by paranormal stuff, exploration, and is one of the few non pegasus  weather ponies.

Ice Crystal (deleted)

He was based on the G1 Mountain Boy (a series of big brother brushables  only released in the UK). Had to delete him as he was stuck as a foal due to a glitch in the final mission.

Raspberry Beret

She is a canon FiM character that appeared as one of the Method Mares in Made in Manehattan. Originally a no name, she got the name Raspberry Beret as part of a fanbase naming contest on I think Reddit or somewhere. The season 8 episode Horse Play made her name canon.

A mare who's well versed in art and theatrical events (she needs a beret and a turtleneck in the game).

To start: Some from a situation unfolding in deep Everfree as I type this. The dragons and timberwolves have become docile in one room. Even the lv. 65 one. Here's me, Solar Flare, and Twinkle Sparkle with the lv. 65:

And us and Night Powder with a 50:

Here's me and a Timberwolf:

Have lots more, but wanted to post these first (and I don't have time right now ^-^ ).

Edit: And here we go (spoilered to help with page load times):

Spoiler: show
Ok time for some more.

The first one I ever took (and turned into a macro) was when I discovered Cockatrice corner in the Everfree:

Typical SCC shenanigans :

Hearts and Hooves day party:

Uuuuuuh... Dog pony?  :P

Oh, what a feelin'...

Nightshade as a foal with some others:

Soldiers of the night (has anyone tried a meetup of "NLR soldiers?):

My favorite spot to sit on top of SCC:

At the secret cave:

Maverick at the cauldron:

Nightshade flying over Canterlot:

Maverick flying under the fog in Everfree gorge:

Dahlia Hawthorne on Twilight's bed:

There I'm caught up. Will post more if something interesting comes up.

Edit: 3-6-18: Had another event happen in the dragon corner of the Everfree yesterday. Me and a few others were grinding exp from dragons and timberwolves (well they were. My main character is finally maxed out), when suddenly NPC Private Wing Sentinel appeared, and started interfering with us by killing any wolves that got near her, and she wound up in the middle of some of our attacks, and she started coming after us. Namely me even though I wasn't attacking her. She managed to kill me twice, then a second one of her showed up. The others managed to take them out and they didn't reappear.

chrome thunder

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Time for more pic's:

Nightshade with her head in the clouds during the Winter wrap up event:

First time seeing Ponyville without snow:

After losing another bet with Maverick, Nightshade had to wear her (just released) punishment :

Dahlia had no problem with the new gown though. Here's her and several others checking out Micro Transaction's booth. She got the princess special too.

Uh oh...


Nightshade on the highest point in Ponyville:

After enduring several break ins, Delano put an ad out for security guards. Both Papa and Chrome answered it:

Papa was in SCC when the mysterious level 65 cloud appeared:

And Nightshade was there for the Lv. 100 cloud that appeared afterwards:

No explanation necessary:

Why hello there, Maya (Fey). *Smiles, closes eyes, and tilts head*

Finally yesterday Chrome decided to run the Bramble gauntlet alone. Here he is looking over the valley of doom. Will he make it?

The first try he failed. On the 2nd he succeeded, and managed to kill the Haetea.


Purchasing AllState insurance coverage for fire, theft and damage is much more economical than hiring security guards... and a lot more effective!  :D

Holiday Cheer

Oh wow Chrome.  I didn't know you were so well travelled.  Let me just say you're an awesome pony!  Keep up the good work.

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

chrome thunder

Thanks.I'm never one to miss a good photo op.
Now for some more.

After reaching the end of the Bramble Woods, Chrome noticed Angel's parents (the lv. 100 bunnies) appeared to be gone. He decided to check. Using his superior magic abilities, he was able to pass through the force field that blocked off access. And sure enough they were gone:


So then he wondered: What is beyond the brambles?

Desolate terrain. But wait what is that in the distance?

The edge of the world (or at least the bramble area).

Flat earth confirmed.  :P

He proceeded to run to all 4 corners of the world, circling the brambles. The only things of interest was this bluff, and a pit that seemed to be inescapable.

One last overview of the brambles before passing through the barrier again.

More recently he popped in to SCC and discovered a virus that turns ponies into  :D was going around. Needless to say he didn't hang around.

And Dahlia found a new overlook of Cloudsdale:

Last night the music player in SCC broke, so ponies took to the square for a block party. Nightshade got the chance to show off her new Shadowbolts uniform (and do some aerobatics):

By the time Dahlia showed up, it had turned into one big, server lagging madhouse:

The party broke apart as soon as the sun came up, but many ponies continued to mingle. And another cloud showed up, which soon had a whopping 9 ponies sitting on it:

Then Nightshade checked out a get together at the pond in Sweet Apple Acres:

The party soon came under heavy attack by Angel's relatives, and Nightshade got fed up with them:

She took out enough of them to jump a full level in combat.

Until next time!

chrome thunder

2018 May 13, 19:51:42 #5 Last Edit: 2018 May 13, 21:37:20 by chrome thunder
And here we go again! (updated the first post with my character's descriptions)

(spoilered to help with page load times)

Spoiler: show
Papa heard it was possible for unicorns to reach the Everfree cauldron, so he decided to see for himself.

(What can I say? Papa has a Travellin' Bone

After breaking 2 barriers, he could see it:


He then proceeded to explore the rest  of the area, but could only see half due to the gorge. So he went home and had Maverick  see what else was there.

Mav' didn't find much other than a good view of the gorge by the dragon den.

Papa wasn't done yet though. Next he decided to explore the area around Ponyville:

Hmmmm there must be a better overlook of town:

There that's better.

The area around Ponyville is some of the most scenic he's ever seen. Here he rests on a hill to watch the setting moon:

Fascinating  :D  :

Sunrise over Ponyville:

A mini forest (outskirts of Everfree?):

Another scenic location:

He finally returned to town.

Maverick walks into SCC and finds chaos. For some reason Private Wing Sentinel was going on a rampage , attacking everypony (or was being egged on  :/  ). It took several minutes to calm her down (AKA knock her out):

Chrome went to the Crystal Arena for a New Lunar Republic race event Saturday morning, but only him and Night Striker showed up.  :c  Maybe next time.

Then the big event later that day: Shadowbolts vs. Wonderbolts in Cloudsdale. Maverick, Nightshade, and Dahlia were on the best side :P  (there is an unofficial Shadowbolts theme
) :

FOR LUNA!!   :luna:

Nightshade at the arena (pretty popular mane style amongst the Shadowbolts   ;)  )

Dahlia at the Dojo

Final set:

Post event chillin':

Until next time!

chrome thunder

Back with some more.

Spoiler: show

Papa went exploring again. This time around the outside of Sweet Apple Acres:

Dahlia on watch at the CMC's clubhouse

Papa at another SCC party:

Unbeknownst to Papa and Rose, the princess of shipping (Cadance) was hiding nearby waiting to strike with her crossbow.

Direct hit.

A day later the new couple went to an impromptu (and unannounced)  party at Fluttershy's cottage:

Uh oh...

Luckily Fluttershy was chill about it. Angel seemed to be silently judging Papa though:

Maverick, even though he was a Shadowbolt, put on a Wonderbolt flight suit and joined one day of training for the airshow at the gala. offering ideas and trying his hoof at the stunts. Here the team is getting ready to do a candy shower chain:

Sadly due to a prior commitment, Maverick won't be able to join the air show/Gala. Same story with Chrome, Papa, Dahlia, Nightshade, and Raspberry. :c

chrome thunder

2018 Jun 15, 20:37:42 #7 Last Edit: 2018 Jun 15, 21:15:03 by chrome thunder
Time for some more pic's. Took a lot of good ones of events, places, etc., but there's too many to post, so I'll try and cover them.

First I had an idea floating around: Since Papa is supposed to be in a band (Ghost), I thought of holding a concert somewhere. What would happen is i'd post a link to the song in chat for people to listen to, then i'd do my best to keep up with the lyrics. Any thoughts?

Spoiler: show

Nightshade dropped in on a get together at the blacksmiths in the Crystal Empire (after buzzing it a few times):

Nightshade spotted a pony at SCC that reminded her of a character from an 80's cartoon.

Here we go again. Clouds are to ponies what flowers are to bees:

Hey what happened to the library interior?  O:

Best (little) princess:


Oh no...

Poor Crystal Moon and Lil' Woona:

Nightmare Moon? It's Shadowbolt time! Watch out Celestia!

The mane main 6 had to spoil NMM's fun though.

On June 2nd, Papa and Rose Dust tied the knot in the Crystal Empire:

The honeymoon was spent battling mobs in the Everfree :P

Also on June 2nd: Chrome took part in a costume contest put on by the NLR at Rarity's place. His Godot (from Ace Attorney) won for most creative:

He also did one where he put on the 5 different kinds of armor (that he happened to have on him at the time):

After contest party at SCC:

Nightshade found yet another gathering to buzz, then hang out at:

Dahlia and Starlight helping a new pony:

In a stunning twist: Maverick discovered a way for more than 1 pony to be visible at the cauldron:

Papa found his new favorite spot:

After failing so many times, Papa finally found his way through the Heartlands barrier (he was running along it and suddenly something launched him in the air and through it). Here he is at the tree of the lone apple:

The outer area is immense:

While exploring he had to keep an eye out for rips in the time space continuum:

In the mountain area, every time he thought he climbed the tallest one, there would be one next to it even taller:

Looking down at the Cemetery area:

A lone tree behind the graveyard:

He found the actual area of the PVP area (behind and to the left of the Cloudsdale gate):

Before returning, he stopped at the apple tree and felt the need to start singing a Black Sabbath song:

If there's a get together at night, expect Nightshade to find it:

 Maverick and a couple others buried under loot chests:

Chrome went looking for the former location of the Ursa Cave, which took him below the Everfree in most cases:

Had no idea the ponies have a doggy paddle animation in the water:

This mask outside Zecora's is always looking at you ovO

He finally found what looks like the location of it:

So it's you... In the flesh...

Nightshade at the first Shadowbolt training session for Summerween:

Chillin' at the PVP area tower:

Nightshade's first trip to the Cloudsdale cave:

She then received word of the barren land below Cloudsdale and decided to check it out:

Flying back up to the city:

Chrome then went on an out of bounds exploring tour with several other unicorns  :/  :

Until next time!

chrome thunder

2018 Jul 24, 05:18:30 #8 Last Edit: 2018 Jul 24, 05:20:37 by chrome thunder
It's been awhile. So much has happened since the last time.

First off: Through the use of Gimp, I created a group pic' of my characters:

Spoiler: show

Dahlia chilling in Canterlot at a doughnut giveaway.

Into the moon:

Ready for more acting lessons?

At a Youtube filming event, things got a little cloudy upstairs in SCC:

Later during the event: The mane 6 and a wall pony:

Maverick at the welcome back party for Sapphire Moonlight:

Nightshade playing with Flurry Heart:

Chrome took part in some kind of ritual in the Everfree:


Thanks to a tip from another pony, Papa finally broke through the Crystal Empire barrier:

Now this isn't good:

Some nice scenery out there:


Finally the secret cave. Will he make it through the 2nd barrier?


He then received word of caves under the gem mine in Ponyville. He checked it out and found air gaps (not really caves), but then he had an oops moment and became a mole:

The ability to launch stealth pillow attacks:

"Inside" SCC:

Rose and Papa with guests in their house:

On July 13th, Rose and Papa had a son: Electric Spark:

And now for more recent:
Maverick, Chrome, and Raspberry are taking part in the Equestria Games as part of Team Cloudsdale. Here's Maverick at one of the numerous training events for the air show (go to the Team Cloudsdale thread for group pic's):

Opening ceremonies for the Equestria Games. Team Cloudsdale represent!:

Even Ellowee appeared for it.

Then things got weird with a dragon sacrifice:

The meeting of the teams soon turned into a pillow war:

Behind you Chrome!

He turned and boops were exchanged.

Then there was a dance party after the ceremonies. And the place filled with clouds:

Which was soon interrupted by dragon attacks. A result of the Dragon Kingdom declaring war on Equestria after the sacrifice:

With the threat of attack on the Equestria Games, and because of the enemies hanging out around the paths in the Heartlands, Nightshade and other ponies offered security for the first events. The events had to be called off though after the dragons conspired with the Dryads to disrupt the time space continuum and caused time to slow down.
Here her and 2 others are beating up the relentless diamond dog mobs:

That's it til' next time!

Nightshade star

Welp, this is extremely funny: My own OC Nightshade is a changeling, but she's also super stubborn and everything lol
I'm pretty sure this is sheer coincidence but I just wanted to point that out :P
Also I love all of the drawings and characters :D

I still have an unhealthy obsession on Tom Holland

(Avatar credit to MNR_Art, couldn't read it that well)

chrome thunder

Back with more. Most of these are of the Equestria Games:

Spoiler: show

The sun rises over the Cloudsdale flight school as Maverick and another member of Team Cloudsdale
practice for the flight race event:

And practice for the air show:

Showtime. Pegasi lining up for the race:

All of the training paid off as Maverick won the flight race:

His victory was short lived though as the race had to be rerun due to confusion about 3rd place.
Having the win ripped out from under him was on his mind in the 2nd race, and he made some mistakes. He might have got 2nd place, but he landed on the rim of the finish platform, and the momentum forced him off it and by the time he got back up it was too late to even get 3rd.
The airshow went good, though again he made a couple of mistakes. Luckily Cloudsdale still won.

He spent the next few days reflecting at SCC or other places, not feeling like taking part in anything else:

The next day Chrome got 2nd in the CE unicorn obstacle race, and Raspberry 2nd in the earth pony one.

Dahlia showed up to watch the 2nd earth pony race, and like many others was starting to get tired of one arrogant pony:

Pillow tag training:

While there Chrome did an out of body experience to see the distant image of Ponyville visible from SAA:

Getting ready for the event, which didn't go well for his team due to the venue change:

Will have some more after I get off work.

chrome thunder

And here we go:

Spoiler: show

Nightshade made it to level 50, followed shortly by Maverick, but their status will be short lived. :s

Wrong armor Maverick!

That's better.
And why is it always cute when a pony hides like that?

Chrome at the early teleport race. He just barely squeaked out 2nd place:

Raspberry at the early earth triathlon (which she failed miserably at after having good practice runs). And a bit of a clone issue:

Nightshade showed up for the 2nd set of races, and wound up taking part in corralling a royal guard who went berserk and started attacking civilians: 

Raspberry preparing for the earth part of the relay race. After discussion though it was decided instead Chrome would do the teleport part.

The final race. Maverick decided to give it 1 more try. He didn't fare much better, coming in 4th, but he was happy to see his team get a win over their arch rival.

Group photo:

Waiting for the closing ceremonies:

The awards. Followed by the dragon's getting revenge on Equestria.

After everyone recovered, the largest candy cloud ever was formed:

Maverick leaving the Crystal Empire the next day, still with a bit of a heavy heart. Weither or not he takes part in other competitions remains to be seen:

In other events: Nightshade and 3 guards keeping watch over a party in front of SCC:

Not one but 2 lines formed:

Poor Pumpkin just wanted to watch the party from her favorite perch, but soon came under heavy pillow attack:

The new animation for cyclone will definitely have a use in future airshows:

Get together in the Everfree. Poor lens getting danced on after fainting:

Until next time!

chrome thunder

2018 Nov 05, 11:02:53 #12 Last Edit: 2018 Nov 06, 10:27:09 by chrome thunder
It's been too long. Time for some more.

Spoiler: show

First off: August.
With the new update and changes to the exp system pending, I made an effort to get all of my characters to lv 50, so i could say they were there at one point (I don't have any plans to get them to 50 again as I just don't have the time):

Papa helped get his levels up by single handedly taking on the cockatrice horde in the Everfree (which I hear is impossible now  >:/  ):

Nightshade took part in apprehending a pony who was breaking the speed limit around Canterlot:

why hello up there:

 Nightshade taking part in an RP

You gained leet exp in flying :P

The animation for cyclone was neat when it stayed in one place:

Dahlia checking out the floating bench (RIP) after the update:

The crystal cave looked better than before:

She then proceeded to explore the new places, however her and the others had a problem: They were stuck with the armor they had on until they hit level 30. Removing it meant the inability to fight.

Nightshade at the bench:

She decided to try her hand at cooking, but decided it wasn't worth it:

Dahlia took part in the Wonderbolt's  LoE 1st anniv. airshow. Here she is with the group:

One idea she helped improve was the large number 1 made out of candy clouds. She became the guide for the other ponies, and the tip of the 1.

A pony tower after a practice, with Rockhoof in attendance:


Ellowee showed up at one practice session and blessed everyone with boops:

At the anniversary talent show:

The airshow went great, then afterwards Ellowee accidentally nuked everyone with a dragon.
She then started spawning in mobs during the hide and seek event, including the crystal bats, bookworms, and the mysterious King Dryad:

Then came the bunnies:

While everyone else was fighting them, Nightshade brought hers out and soon had a cloud full of them:


Nightshade training for the Nightmare Night airshow. She hated the idea of wearing a Wonderbolts outfit, but went with it since it was only a facade:

SCC shenanigans:

Once again the airshow was a success:

Pinkie bowling in SCC O: :

Papa was the first of the gang to get the bat pony transformation package (Nightshade may become a bat pony permanently):

Nightshade stalking an event (forgot what it was) in the Heartlands. Hitting everyone with surprise transfusions  :D :

GodotChrome and Mareylin MansonPapa at the costume show in the new Gala hall:


Chrome made a shocking discovery when he went to battle the lv 50 Lantern Sith Monster:

Is that all you've got? Wimp.:

Bird bath :

And as of now, the curse on my characters has been lifted, and they can freely change outfits now (AKA lv 30).

Phew that was probably the largest post yet. Until next time!

chrome thunder

Time for some more. First off though I'm RP'ing with another character, and we want to have a 2nd foal, but haven't found someone else to RP' it. It would be a filly unicorn. The RP happens maybe once or twice a week between 7PM and 12AM central US time. Would anyone be interested?

Anyway on with the photos!

Spoiler: show

Any certain reason you're up here?

Nightshade wants to know what's going on in that house.

Maverick and the flight team training for the airshow held for Sunny Skies birthday.

Papa and Rose on top of the library:

A Griffon guard helping Nightshade and Solar Flare out with some timberwolves:

Well look who it is:

Raspberry at a Thanksgiving gathering in the school:

And Chrome at the one that was at the ruins:

Sunny Skies #1

The riddle hunt for the party:

Group hug!

Crazy Train:

Nightshade came across some type of ship roleplay (not that type of "ship"):

At the Hearth's Warming Eve events:

Wonderbolt airshow time (with a couple of guests before the show):


Everything is better with the moon:

Chance encounter:

Nightshade at another birthday party:

Being silly:

With the new update, a group of ponies on a mission:

That mission being the enchanted skates. So far Maverick, Nightshade, and Dahlia have them for use in airshows:

(The tilted image comes from taking a screenshot while doing a roll)

The fireworks are awesome.

The flight team has stocked up on them for future airshows as the effects that can be done with them are superb:

Comet train:

Until next time!

chrome thunder

Well it's been awhile. Time for more pic's:

Spoiler: show


Team Cloudsdale preparing/training for the winter games ice skating race:

Grinding to raise levels for the games:

Get him!

Dragons aren't good for raising your level quick though.

A supernova of fireworks:

Raspberry and others taking over the Naiad rock in the Heartlands:

It was short lived though:



Farewell party for a player who left the game (forgot the name). Even Ellowee was in attendance:

Chrome at the Hearts and Hooves day event:

Even Ellowee was there:

Winter Games opening ceremonies. Team Cloudsdale represent!

Scavenger hunt. Raspberry did good in it:

Flight race. Maverick failed to place:

Papa watching the foal curling event:

Chrome in the ice race (Raspberry took part too). Despite being a lv 34 pony, he was able to tie the race with Pink Pony, who was lv 50:

Aerial view of another:

Team Cloudsdale after their winter games airshow  at Crystal Empire castle:

Closing ceremonies:

Ellowee decided to liven it up a bit with mob spawns:

Who keeps unblocking the cave to the mirror pool? :facehoof: 

Raspberry decided to take up artisan to get a set of iridescent armor and upgrade it with harmonies. 
Her successful attempt at pearlescent armor:



And her finished set of iridescent. She wanted to make some lv 4 harmonies for it and worked very hard at raising her level and gathering supplies, only to find out it was in vain as she could make harmonies no higher than lv 3:  >:/

Raspberry in the storm:

Random SCC moment :

Raspberry's somewhere in that steam bath:

One of those rare moments when the mobs are chill. In this case in the bramble woods (entered with a group of others, and for some reason they became invisible to me and the enemies went calm. It cleared up with a server reset):



I decided to hold an event celebrating the 8 year anniversary of the New Lunar Republic trope (April 24th) with a photoshoot event and airshow put on by the new Wind Riders (or Wind Howlers for this event as our version of the Shadowbolts).

The centerpiece act was a tornado of pegasi using fireworks:

Remember what I said about the mirror pool?  ovO

One of the clones fighting a hornet at Midway:

Another mob calm moment:

The NLR event started at the castle ruins:

The best princess herself showed up and thanked everyone for their support, and passed out rock candy:

From there the army of the night headed to Ponyville:

Finally Canterlot, where the castle was stormed and taken over:

The Wind Howlers then put on what was one of their best airshows yet:

After event party at SCC:

Papa and his family in front of SCC:



The Wind Riders have been hired to perform at the Gala towards the end of May, and training is already underway:

That's it for now. Next post will be after the gala.

chrome thunder

And time for some more. Mostly of the Gala.

Spoiler: show

Maverick in the new academy:

Using CC camera to view the strange land mass outside the academy:

Papa on the animal WWU mission. The bunnies he woke up loved to follow or go to NPC's for some reason.

The pre Gala dinner event:

For some reason some ponies appeared to be outside the gala hall at some points. In one case a pegasus seemed to be floating out in space:

Uh hello, aren't you supposed to be attacking me?

Raspberry found you can stand on the clouds in the weather WWU mission:

The Gala

Uh Flurry, what did you do? (just before the gala started):

Wind Riders getting ready for their show:

The crowd gathers for the show:

Show finale:

The team takes a bow:

Parade to the hall:

Here's a video of the airshow and parade:

The gala. 101 ponies attended:

Even Ellowee showed up for a brief time:

Glad I was able to attend the gala this time. Last year I wanted to, and even trained for the airshow, but I had to work that night.

Until next time!


QuoteFor some reason some ponies appeared to be outside the gala hall at some points. In one case a pegasus seemed to be floating out in space:

My pony was sat on one of the rooms pillars in the corner of the main Gala Hall room.  I don't know how I was positioned out there.

chrome thunder

Well... So much for my thread. Tinypic has shut down.

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