My original Character: Thunder Mesocyclone Douglas Johnson Stephen Storm

Started by Admiralthunderstorm, 2018 Feb 23, 13:28:04

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Here's just a *few* things about my original character:
Full Name: Thunder Mesocyclone Douglas Johnson Stephen Storm III
Pronunciation: th-und-er  s- t- AW- r-m
Nickname/Alias: T. Storm
Meaning: Protector of the Weather
Origin: Crossover from Thunder and Storm Families
Title: Leigoneer Admiral
Pet Name: Bosco
ID Number: 3481484148
Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 5170
Age Appearance: 18
Birthday: 7/16/0047 B.C.
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: Ponyville
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Immediate Family: Mother: Thundercloud Father: Superstorm
Distant Family: None.
Parenting: Strict
Upbringing: None.
Infancy: Barely Nutured
Childhood: Hated
Adolescence: Joined Navy at 17
Adulthood: Became alicorn at 56
Married Lauren Faust at 60
Coming of Age: age 17; joined Navy
Evolution: pretty much none.

Species: Alicorn
Ethnicity: Equestrian
Blood Type: AB-
Preferred Hand: ambidextrous
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Hair Color Black with red outlines
Hairstyle: Choppy (funky chunky monkey)
Skin Tone: Dark Carbon Gray
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 185
Birthmarks/scars:Right eye/ left mouth
Distinguishing Features: red fang stripes on bridge of nose and chin

Health: exceptional
Energy: excellent
Memory: poor
Senses: exceptional
Allergies: beans

Handicaps: N/A
Medication: N/A
Phobias: water,spiders,dying,losing loved ones, heights, small spaces, public speaking, being alone, needles, abandonment, the unknown, God, change balloons, pinkie pie, darkness, bridges, the red button.

Mental Disorders: Bipolar, PTSD,Depression, Anxiety
Habits and Mannerisms: Tapping hoof
Mood: Cantankerous but easygoing
Attitude: bad
Stability: none
Expressiveness:very expressive
When Happy: straight face
When Depressed: introvert
When Angry: Supercell (ponyville tornado)
Current Residence: Canterlot
Community: good
Lightning Storm
Lauren Faust
Friends: Rolo pie, Twilight Sparkle
Enemies: The Changelings
Heroes: Himself
Relates to: Nopony
Pets/Familiars:Albino red-tailed hawks
M- Vortecy
Most valuable possession: The U.S.S. Missouri
Prized Possession: Luna

Lovers: Lauren Faust
Marital Status: Married
Turn-Ons: Long hair, red hair
Turn Offs: anything that tries to (REDACTED)
Occupation: Leigoneer admiral of the equestrian navy
Secrets: None
Regrets: being born

Powers/Abilities: Weather Manipulation
Origin: Being born.
Source: Alicorn magic
Weaknesses: Lauren Faust or any of his friends or family. or... loss of things in the atmosphere that create thunderstorms
Immunities: cannot be persuaded to do anything
Restrictions: can only manipulate weather when there are certain conditions in the atmosphere
Favorite Colors: Black, red
Favorite Animals: Hawk
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Pegasus
Favorite Places: Canterlot, his bedroom
Favorite Landmarks: Canterlot cemetery
Favorite Flavors: sour, sweet
Favorite Foods:Cereal
Favorite Drinks:Club soda or seltzer water
Favorite Characters:Reddy Kilowatt
Favorite Genre:nonfiction
Favorite Books:none
Favorite Movies: none
Favorite Games:none
Favorite Shows:none
Favorite Music: Classic Rock
Favorite Bands: Filly Joel, The Rolling Spurs, Trotsky, Stalls & Mash,Blue Oyster Colt, Superflank,
Favorite Songs: Piano Mare, Blue Collar Mare
Favorite Sports: Doesn't watch sports but, if he had to choose, NASMARE
Favorite Stores: Super-Duper Mart
Favorite Subjects: Meteorology
Favorite Numbers:4
Favorite Websites:
Favorite Words: (REDACTED), <a href="">Read the forum rules.</a>waffle, Doncha Knah!
Favorite Quotations:"Life is a first-person role-playing adventure game that cheated because I never got to pick my character."

Least Favorite Colors:pink
Least Favorite Animals:frog
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: Unicorn
Least Favorite Places: inside
Least Favorite Landmarks: washington monument
Least Favorite Flavors: apple
Least Favorite Foods: anything that pinkie pie makes
Least Favorite Drinks: rum and coke
Least Favorite Characters: Patrick Star
Least Favorite Genre: Fiction
Least Favorite Books: None
Least Favorite Movies: Titanic
Least Favorite Games: Twister, Hopscotch
Least Favorite Shows: Dora the Explorer
Least Favorite Music:Rap
Least Favorite Bands:One Direction, Justin Bieber
Least Favorite Songs:anything romancey
Least Favorite Sports:Field Hockey
Least Favorite Stores:United Supermarkets
Least Favorite Subjects:Math
Least Favorite Numbers:7,5,3,8,69
Least Favorite
Least Favorite Words:hi.
Least Favorite Quotations: "We are all born ignorant but, we must work hard to remain stupid."

State of Mind: "(REDACTED)
Complement:"Cool. Now, go away."
Insult: "I just wanted you to know that somebody cares. Not me, but somebody does."
When caught in a bad situation: "I did not trip and fall. I attacked the floor and I believe I am winning."
Tag Line:"That's not a thing."
Signature Quote: "You want to know what?(REDACTED)

Well, as it says, Thunderstorm is married to Lauren Faust and is the Father of Celestia and Luna. I did him as a pony I wanted to be.
He's very, very cantankerous.
Here's a few pictures of him. (taken from my own page on deviantart) (mattropp44)

this is a family portrait of Thunder and Lauren


Your OC is very interesting! I also really like your drawings of him, they are great.
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