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I might well do that. I basically hang out in front of Sugarcane Corner most of the time I'm online anyway, heh.



You actually did help a bit. You did get most of them right though the riddle with the drip dropping fuzzy sound was by far the hardest.

Holiday Cheer

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Ponies of Equestria!  The time has come for a celebration of all the players who make Legends of Equestria a great place to be.  On November 24, 2018 we will be hosting WorldWide LoE Day.  This event will allow you, the ponies of Equestria, to tell your stories about your time in Equestria and what that has meant to you. 

It will also feature an exciting voting contest.  Nominations have been taken for the following categories and now it is time to vote for your favorites in each category, with the winners receiving special honors at the event!  So please vote now before November 24, so we can celebrate the ponies who make this place amazing!

UPDATE: Lens Flare was kind enough to remake the polls so we could include write in votes because apparently Strawpoll requires you to log in with Facebook.  Please use the link in his post below to vote!  Thank you all so much!

Favorite Party Pony in LoE

Favorite In Game Roleplay Event

Favorite Youtube Pony

Favorite Artist Pony

Favorite LoE Staff Pony

Most Creative Event Ideas

Overall Best LoE Player

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interesting. I notice that you yourself are not an option for any of these. Really, I don't know most of the people on these polls, so I voted for the ones I did know.
Incidentally, where will this celebration take place? Sugarcane Corner? And at what time?

Holiday Cheer

This is a good point, thanks Frisktaker.  I did forget that.  I also had to fix the Best Artist poll, so anypony who voted earlier will have to revote on that on. 

The WorldWide LoE Day Celebration will take place at the Heartlands Ruined City Stage.  The time will be announced later.

And one more event to note!  On November 11 at 11:30 PM GMT please come to the Cloudopolis Blimp area to help us in celebrating Old Autumn's Eve (based on the irl holiday St. Martin's Day).  Bring a lantern/torch and some snacks to trade.  We will parade through Cloudopolis and trade some treats with each other before having a nice party to end the evening.  This is sure to be a fun event for all ages!  :D

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I made a new poll on Google Forms (link below) so now ponies can choose "Other" without having to use their Facebook accounts. Ponies who have voted unfortunately have to vote again and those who haven't, I strongly encourage you to do so. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
I hope to see you all at the event!

Holiday Cheer

Hey all.  I know I've been spamming a lot of events lately, but I wanted to mention something because it would be really cool if any ponies who like roleplaying were able to come.  I've been trying to get a more involved and active roleplaying community going on LoE for a while now, with a more action oriented focus.  As I know we have the Sweet & Elite Roleplay which is amazing and Toot Sweet does such a great job with but (and I have never been to one due to time constraints) from what I understand these are more often than not slice of life and very casual one time events that sometime have a little longer plot. 

So you've probably all heard of The Witchmaster by now and you might be sick of him.  But if you're curious at all, there will be a very large RP event on Friday November 9th at 930PM CDT (230AM GMT) which will begin in Ponydale outside of SCC.  It's sort of a 'season finale' type event.

This is in no way an attempt to overshadow Sweet & Elite.  Please help them celebrate their anniversary.  These ponies have done so much for LoE and making it a fun place with an active community.  X3

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actually, this is the first I have heard of The Witchmaster. That said, I tend to spend most of my online time sitting on a bench outside scc, so as long as I'm online at the time and in the right instance, I'll probably watch it and be very confused.

Holiday Cheer

The date/time of the RP event is subject to change now.  Probably won't be tomorrow.  I'll keep you updated when I know more.

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Holiday Cheer

So a few updates on some things that are upcoming and you need to know about.

First of all today starting at 5:30 PM CST/ 11:30 PM GMT there will be an event in Cantermore Fountain Plaza that is meant to be a celebration of the United States baseball all stars playing in Japan.  There will be a parade, hide and seek, and some other fun events and snacks.  This is brought to you by Sapphire Moonlight and Pegafilly Twilight.  Please come and enjoy.

Tomorrow, Friday at 5:00 PM CST/ 11:00 PM GMT will be the aforementioned season finale of The Witchmaster's Key.  Come and enjoy.

And Saturday, November 17th please join us in the Heartlands PVP zone for a fun event and party.  If you want to know more about this event, please contact me via PM or on Discord.  I'll have the time up very soon.

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Holiday Cheer

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Hey everypony.  Got some big things coming up that I wanted to make you aware of.

Tomorrow is Amareican Thanksgiving and while that's pretty exciting for some, there are many of our player base who either don't celebrate the day or don't have anypony to celebrate it with.  So you are cordially invited to an Equestria Friendship gathering at the Ponydale Schoolhouse on Thursday November 22 at 10PM GMT/4PM CST to spend time with your pony family just hanging out and gathering to show each other that we care and that there is always a place for anypony who needs us.

On Friday, November 23 there is a birthday party for Sunny Skies.  Please gather at SCC at 9PM GMT.  You won't want to miss out on this one.  Sunny is a valued member of the community and is responsible for planning most of the Wonderbolts shows you see at events.  This will be a very special birthday.

And don't forget that Worldwide LoE Day is November 24.  If you haven't voted in our polls yet, please do so at the link above. This event will take place at the Heartlands Stage at 8PM GMT (time subject to change).  Please come and share/listen to stories about pony's adventures in LoE as we celebrate what we are thankful for most in this community.

Also see the front page about the rebranding of this topic.  I am not the only pony who plans and runs these events and it's important that the community recognize that.  So from now on, I am part of an organization called P.O.N.I.

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LoE day celebration has been moved to 11pm GMT (3 hours later).
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Holiday Cheer

I want to thank all of the participants in Worldwide LoE Day who showed up and told their stories and just spent the time in fellowship with other ponies.  The event was a ton of fun and you all made my day.  :D

I'd like to post the top three places for our polls here.  If you're curious how you or a friend of yours placed overall, please feel free to ask here or DM me or another member of PONI on Discord. 

Favorite Party Pony:

1: Random Fandom 19 votes
2: Berry Shade 10 votes
3: Aurora Skies 6 votes
(I got 8 votes but wasn't really a choice so sorry)

Best Roleplay Event:

1: Sweet and Elite Roleplay 26 votes
2: The Witchmaster's Key 12 votes
3: The Hidden Nights 10 votes

Best Youtube Pony:

1: Jet Black 20 votes
2: Lens Flare 14 votes
3: Nova Sparkle/Black Orichalcos 12 votes

Favorite Artist Pony:

1: Downvote Pone (Arifproject) 14 votes
2: Nina Dark Luna 11 votes
3: Amethyst Crust 10 votes

Favorite LoE Staff Member:

1: Flying Rattletrap 21 votes
2: Night Storm 13 votes
3: Galapagois 11 votes

Most Creative Event Ideas:

1: Berry Shade 19 votes
2: Sunny Skies 12 votes
3: Melody Sweetheart 8 votes

Overall Best LoE Player:

1: Jet Black 18 votes
2: Third Edit (Marshmallow Cactus) 11 votes
3: Melody Sweetheart 7 votes

Please take time to congratulate the winners if you see them.  Now on to other things!


Oddly enough this idea was pitched before the MLP Holiday Special aired.  We just didn't have a name other than 'secret Santa'.  But anyway, here's how this works.  Ponies will be given the name of another pony who they need to get a gift for, any gift will do but you could always try to get to know the pony and get them something special that they will appreciate.  You can also trade names if you want but you can't reveal who you have to anypony.  ;)   Near Hearthswarming we will have a party where we will exchange our gifts with one another.  :D

So what I need from everypony is to know if you want to participate in this so we can put your name in the pool.  Then we'll randomly draw the names on December 15th and hand them out to everypony so they know who to buy a gift for.  Let me or another member of PONI know here, on Discord, on any server I'm in, or in game.  Thanks and I look forward to a fun holiday season with you.

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Oooh! I wanna participate! That being said I have a tendency to miss out on certain events because of irl reasons. Is there something I can do just in case I have to miss out gift giving day (like maybe hunt down the pony to give them their gift or something safer lol)?
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Starry Heart

2018 Dec 05, 18:55:31 #174 Last Edit: 2018 Dec 06, 11:54:48 by Starry Heart
Not sure if this is answered somewhere else...I couldn't find it anywhere...but who are the members of P.O.N.I?
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Holiday Cheer

Ok sorry answering these questions took so long.  First of all Mint, yes I think it's fine to just hunt the pony down and give them their gift.  I can work with you to help you find them and possibly to even make the event so no worries ^_^ 

Starry, the current members of P.O.N.I. as I know them are:

Berry Shade
Melody Sweetheart
Third Edit
Lens Flare
Even Tide
Sunny Skies
Blue Cloud

Though Even and Word I think would consider themselves more 'helpers' than actual event organizers.

Now also regarding the Hearthswarming Helper.  Tomorrow is the day I will be handing out your names so please please please if you want to be included let me or one of the ponies above know somehow.  I will either Discord message or PM you on here with your pony.  Then the actual gift exchange party will be held on the 22nd at a time TBD.  Thanks.  ^-^

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Holiday Cheer

This is just a bump so ponies won't forget about events under the pile of 'how to fix this bug with the new update' topics  :]

However there are big things in the works.  Very soon, there will be an official announcement for the EQUESTRIA WINTER GAMES.

Also there are some birthday parties coming up.

December 28th at 9PM GMT - Starline Infinity
December 29th time TBD - Spring Strudel/Frisktaker
January 1st at 11PM GMT - Pumpkin Glow

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Has it been determined when Frisktaker's birthday party will start? Also, is there anything I need to know about how these parties work? Do I need to prepare anything? It is the first party I plan to attend.

If I don't read anything, I'll assume that the party starts at 9PM GMT. Also, is the location of the party already planned?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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