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Started by Holiday Cheer, 2018 Feb 07, 12:59:14

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Holiday Cheer

Big News.  We have officially settled on the Event Schedule and Times for the Equestria Winter Games.

As shown in our beautiful promotional graphic (courtesy of Gloomy Feathers  :P ), the Opening Ceremony will be held Thursday, February 21 at 10PM GMT.  This will begin at the Crystal Kingdom Stadium and will feature a parade to Ponydale the Official Host of the Winter Games.

Then the following three days (Feb 22 - 24), there will be a earlier session and a later session for all events.  This does not mean you need to attend both.  This means the same events will be repeated at these times so more ponies can attend and participate.

Early Sessions will be held at 7PM GMT/2PM EST/1PM CST/12PM MST/11AM PST
Late Sessions will be held at 10PM GMT/5PM EST/4PM CST/3PM MST/2PM PST

There are some slight changes to the previously announced event schedule:

Friday, February 22:
Flight Race
Scavenger Hunt Race

Saturday, February 23:
Foal Ice Curling
Stacking Race

Sunday, February 24:
Ice Skating Races (separate races for Pegasi, Earth Ponies, and Unicorns.  Full race if time permits)
Closing Ceremonies (will be following the late session this day)

We hope to see as many ponies at the Games as possible and wish the best of luck to all teams!

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

Holiday Cheer


I would like to thank all of the participants especially those those devoted weeks of their lives to working hard at training for the Games or planning the rules and other activities for the Games.

I would like to thank the members of PONI, especially Berry Shade and Even Tide who single hoofedly ran most of the events for the Games and without who we would not have had this amazing event.

I would like to thank our trafficorn volunteers: Optic Rainfall, Ivory Nightfall, Pumpkin Glow, Healing Lavender, Aurora Gem, and Shoo De Boop who helped keep the rules on track during the events.

I would like to thank the ponies who threw the afterparties between the Games days, ponies like Random Fandom and Flutter Fly.

And lastly I would like to thank our winners:

4th: Cantermore 25 overall points
3rd: Tartarus 27 overall points
2nd: Cloudopolis 45 overall points
1st: Ponydale 50 overall points

These points are calculated from the medals earned for 1, 2, 3, and 4 place with 1st being worth 4, 2nd being worth 3, 3rd being worth 2, and 4th being worth 1.  Points were calculated for teams and not individuals as there were some events where one team technically won multiple places.

Everypony who participated is a winner and I sincerely hope that we will continue to have all of you in our lives as the months go by and more exciting events happen in LoE! :D

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

Holiday Cheer

Just an update on upcoming events and birthdays.

Friday March 1st is Jet Black's birthday and there will be a party in SCC.  This may be held fairly late but be sure to hang around SCC as there will likely be festivities all evening.

Other upcoming birthdays are:

March 5th: Cheshire Cat
March 6th: Scoots

Please come out and say happy birthday to these ponies if you see them

On Saturday, March 2 starting at 9PM GMT, meet at the Cantermore Unicorn School grounds and bring a costume to celebrate CARNIVAL (US Mardi Gras).  We'll be celebrating with a parade through Cantermore and a dance party at the Gala Hall.  Prizes will be given for best costume!

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)


Aww man, I missed it. Oh well, I hope you had a happy birthday Jet :)
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