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Started by Doodlebugdraws, 2017 Dec 22, 21:04:21

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2017 Dec 22, 21:04:21 Last Edit: 2017 Dec 22, 23:31:32 by Doodlebugdraws
Hey! I'm new to the forum, so I figured I might as well introduce my main oc, Doodlebug!

Name: Doodlebug
Nicknames: Honey, doodle, bug
Talent: creating living drawings
Personality: a friendly and loud jokester with a penchant for mischief, a little bit hot-headed and can be self centered but tries to keep herself in check. Loves to chill
Pets: Clover the Honeybee (her first living drawing! she was very young when she drew it, so its not ver good.)
Likes: Honey, Naps, Animals, Flying, Art, Food, Humor, Movies
Dislikes: Crowds, Mushy noodles, being anxious/overwhelmed (it happens a lot whoop)

----A bit of backstory below!----
Doodlebug grew up in the suburbs of illineigh with her zoo/beekeeper mother (honeydew), architecturist father (Banister blank), and (future) engineer Metalmelder. She grew up with some troubles in the bullying region when she was younger, and her constant need to please and be liked didn't help in that regard. She was very shy in her younger years, and while she still retains some of those tendencies, mostly just anxiety remains. She is now currently living in michigrain, where she takes all sorts of art jobs and loves to spend time with her pets, enjoying the company of her friends and family.

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