Legends of Equestria Changelog December 22nd 2017

Started by Ellowee, 2017 Dec 21, 21:48:22

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2017 Dec 21, 21:48:22 Last Edit: 2017 Dec 24, 08:22:57 by Galapagois
  • Added quest Dashing Through the Snow
  • Added quest Trouble Stoppers
  • Fixed issues with Brass Tax
  • Fixed issues with Rehearsal Roundup
  • Fixed issues with A Book Too Far
  • Fixed issues with Letter of the Law
  • Fixed issues with Eye Sore


  • Added Ice Skates
  • Added Enchanted Ice Skates
  • Added Reindeer costume (Reindeer Antlers, Reindeer Nose)
  • Added holiday items (Holiday Tree Hat, Stocking Cap, Joyous Beard)
  • Fixed Batpony Wings coloring issue
  • Fixed issues with positioning on several wearable items (e,g, sunglasses, bat teeth, torch, bucket, lantern, pencil), especially on foal models


  • Winterized Ponydale -- snow textures, ice on river, snow particles
  • Added holiday trees and presents in Cantermore, Ponydale, and Cloudopolis
  • Snowing particles around holiday trees in Cantermore, Ponydale, and Cloudopolis
  • Added sliding on ice
  • Fixed issues with Wanda and Vogue not talking in some dialogue scenes
  • Fixed crafting interface to enable exiting from interface (note: not yet finalised & available fully in-game)
  • Crafting panel locks movement until exit from interface (note: not yet finalised & available fully in-game)
  • Train Station signs now activate from either left or right clicks
  • Reworked chat filter to reduce number of false positives
  • Cushions are now easier to sit on
  • Glasses position fixed for Stallion, Colt, and Filly
  • Whisper option in Chat updated. Available in right-click menu in chatbox
  • Model misalignment on pegasus takeoff fixed
  • Fix overhead text being rendered behind manes and tails

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Can't wait to check out the new quests and items. Boo yah! :D
Old time player of LOE, just have not been active on the forums... till now.

Glad to help in anyway possible and just trying to enjoy the game over all.
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im on win 8.1 and version 0.1.10 and it says logging in but iam not logged. whats wrong?


Think you could work a bit on chat? For me, I can't really say anything(IDK if it appears in chat) or see what others say. It might be some sort of version only thing, since I'm the only LoE player I know of which uses a Sierra 10.12.5 Mac.

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