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Started by ghastimafrix, 2017 Nov 25, 21:13:11

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I can be very picky when it comes to designing & using OCs - this certainly isn't the half of what I've got, but I think these ponies, being the ones I use on the Legends of Equestria game, are probably the ones I'll be using on the forums if/when I RP here, listed in order from most to least frequently used/played. I'll play them both her and in-game, as well, so don't be afraid to message about it!

In any case, this is a good chance to share them!  ;)

1. Commander Sweet Taiyaki

Commander Taiyaki's talents lie in the bakery, much like those of her mother, Marbled Mochi. However, this didn't satisfy her, and she aspired to join the Royal Guard, which Mochi disapproved of. Of course she would, considering the training of the Equestrian military could be unforgiving. Taiyaki exceeded expectations, however, leading to her earning a title that guards would respect.
 Despite this, however, she spends her time doing city patrols and security details for private events.

2. Typewriter

Typewriter is a bashful batpony author, famous for publishing a variety of fiction novels. She's mostly a shut-in, spending almost all of her time writing;
 when she's not writing, she usually spends her time at the Paso Fino in Cantermore or getting fresh air by Cloudopolis' rainbow pools.

3. Pumpkin Spice

Not to be confused with the batpony Pumpkin Spice, this country sweetheart spends her time working on the farm. Part of a family like the Apples,
 her livelihood is in crops of pumpkins - while shy, she is friendly, and strong in spite of her size. She often fantasizes about marrying a handsome, strong stallion, and settling down on a ranch of her own one day with nothing but her husband and her dog.

4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet can be a little oblivious and socially challenged. And obsessed with collecting socks. This said, she really is sweet and helpful. She enjoys listening to her scientist friends in the Crystal Kingdom ramble on about their experiments,
 though she doesn't really understand what they're talking about. She also has a habit of stimming by stomping her forehooves on the ground at random - she doesn't mean to be rude, of course!

5. Astra Vatic

Finally, a mare of great magic and fine taste - Astra Vatic. This unicorn is a collector of quartz, salt, and other such relics, and has made herself a master of combat magic, moving on to rituals that can boost one's mana in her studies. Not much is known about her, given that she communes with very few, but it can be told by her assortment of historic scrolls and books that she's a researcher of the anciet magicks.

And thus ends the list! This may be subject to change, given that I still have one slot that I shuffle around, and who knows - maybe that will have a permanent resident one day! But for now, these are my girls! Again, if you ever want to RP, please hit me up, or just let me know what you think about the characters above!

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