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Started by Holiday Cheer, 2018 Jul 20, 19:54:19

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Has any more lag events happened so far?

chrome thunder

a few but nothing like what happened in the Heartlands.
Speaking of which: Moving the pillow tag tournament to Sweet Apple Acres might be a bad idea. There's not much room or cover to hide behind. And there's the matter of Angel's angry relatives in that one spot. One person standing near the bottom of the hill can see the whole orchard.

Holiday Cheer

Ok everypony after some work, we had to revise the routes for the remaining events due to the Heartlands Dryad-Lag Incident.  They will now be held in Cantermore (Unicorn Teleport and Earth Pony Triathalon) and Ponydale (Cross Country and Relay).  Here are the maps:

Unicorn Teleport Race:

1. 3 Laps around the course
2. If you fall you start the current lap over
3. You may skip buildings
4. Have fun and be a unicorn

Earth Pony Triathalon:

1. First part is running up the hill and doing parkour across rooftops
2. At the end of the rooftops, drop down meet second pony who will run to the river
3. At the river, meet third pony who will swim to the end and climb the bank to the finish
4. No bunny hopping during the running portions of the race, hopping up the river is allowed.

All Pony Cross Country Race:

1. One Lap, every pony can compete.
2. Pegasi, Unicorns, and Earth Ponies will be judged separately due to abilities affecting performance.

All Team Relay Course:

1. Earth Pony starts, runs (no bunny hopping) to intersection down the hill from the Clover Cafe.
2. Switch to Pegasus, who must fly below the building roofs up the street, turn at the train station and meet the next pony where the road splits toward the Fountain Tree.
3. Switch to Unicorn who can use teleports or run back to the archway near Town Hall.

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

Sunny Skies (NLR)

Thanks for the information Holiday! :) Cloudopolis team is going to try their best in the remaining events :)

~ Co-Captain of Cloudopolis Team


We've had some great events over the past several days! Here are some of my favorite memories so far...

The Wednesday morning earth pony race in the Crystal Kingdom was lightly attended, with one racer per team. Even though my earth pony (Silver Sky) is still a filly, I decided to jump in and try my luck. Just wait til I'm older!

This photo was taken at the exact moment little Silver Sky was asked if he wanted to race. Cue the confused derpy eyes.  :o

On Thursday evening, we enjoyed a massive pillow fight at Sweet Apple Acres. Team Cloudopolis may have finished #3 on the field, but we're #1 in the hearts of our fans!

The Friday races in Cantermore (Teleport Race and Triathlon) were an absolute blast for the whole crew from Cloudopolis. Some of us had never been to the capital city, and we enjoyed every moment of it!

The triathlon racers lining up for what would turn out to be an incredibly close race. Congrats to everyone who ran!

Finally, after an intense day of racing, ponies from all 3 teams gathered in the Waterfall Cave beneath Cantermore to enjoy some well-earned peace and quiet.  ^-^

Here's to a great finale to the 1st Annual Equestria Games! (Go Cloudopolis, soar above the rest!)
Come visit the Waterfall Cave in Cantermore! We've got books!

Holiday Cheer

Well the Equestria Games for 2018 have officially passed and we'll be forgetting all about them soon.  Well I hope we won't actually because hopefully there are enough memories and friendships that were created during these Games that will last for a long time.  There were some very special moments and I think this event was a huge success for the Legends of Equestria community as a whole.  I personally have made a lot of really great new friendships because of it.

But I want to say a couple of things here before we go and leave this topic for next year and move on to the next big event.  First of all the official winners in case you missed it.

Silver Medal (Second Place): Ponydale
Gold Medal (First Place): Cloudopolis
Gold Medal (First Place): Crystal Kingdom

Thanks to all the teams having such capable and amazing athletes, the scores were very close and we of the Games Committee didn't feel it was right to try and break the tie in any way.  Everypony deserved to taste victory.  So congratulations to all the amazing ponies who competed in this year's Equestria Games.

As with any of the events we've done this wouldn't have happened without so much support from the community.  I deserve only the tiniest bit of credit in actuality despite what you all may think.  There is an incredible group of ponies who have worked very hard to come up with ideas, plan events, and help run them.  This includes but is not limited to:

Melody Sweetheart who had the original idea to hold the Games back when we were just finishing the Gala.  Without her this would never have happened and she lives up to her name everyday on LoE.

Sapphire Moonlight who did some of the original art for the Games, helped with ideas, gave the Opening Speech, and even participated as her OC Autumn Breeze.  She is the best party assistant a pony could ask for.

Even Tide who created a lot of the original routes and maps for the Games events even though we had to change them later due to the Heartlands lag issues.  They really did a lot to get the Games going in its early stages and created a great framework to follow.

Berry Shade who probably did more than anypony to get the Games going from helping in the early planning with ideas, volunteering to test events, running the early day Games sessions for our ponies of differing time zones, and just helping out in any way they possibly could.

Lens Flare who did a lot of the same things Berry did including helping with the early day sessions and also recording events for Youtube.

Gloomy Feathers for some great promotional art which we used to get this thing in the hands of the LoE Team.

Sweet Pencil who drew a Flag for the Games which was also incorporated into the art.

Pumpkin Glow who is the best trafficorn and best companion a pony could ask for.  She helped encourage me through the entire Games and really gave me the energy and support I needed to never give up with running it.  She also did a ton to help plan and test events and be a trafficorn for the actual races.

Blue Cloud who was there for all the events to be a spokespony and to do the start of race countdowns.  He also entertained us with comedy torch lighting/extinguishing acts a the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Clever who happily stood in to run the Unicorn Teleport and Triathalon events when I was unable to.  She really saved the day and I'll always be grateful.

Wordsmith, Jet Black, and all the others who recorded Youtube videos of the Games.

The Team Captains: Sir Dead Puppy, Sunny Skies, Festive Cheer, and Woven who showed great leadership, organizational skills, and radiated the spirit of teamwork to lead their teams during this event.  Seriously the Games would have been a huge mess if these ponies had not stepped up to help organize the teams.

And all the other ponies who played some part great or small in the Games, including but not limited to: MyaChan, Aquatic Showers, Summer Blade, CMC Scootaloo, Rosalia, Mysterfail, Ancient Quills, Sky Arrow, Silver Star.

Until Next Year.   <3 Holiday Cheer.

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)


Wow I'm so sorry I didn't see this until now! >n<

Holly, you're one of the bestest best friends anypony (or dragon) could ask for. Thank you so soooooooooo much for going through with all of this. I know it was stressful at times, but I'm super happy we got through it together as a team- of course I don't mean just us! Pumpkin, Lens, Jet, Blue... I could make a gigantic list but I don't want to take up too much space. But I know all of my friends helped and I'm proud of every single one of them. I love you all <3

I honestly had a lot of fun standing in for you during the unicorn race, despite some complications and delays. I was, of course, extremely nervous at first, but I had some amazing friends with me, helping me through my anxiety during the event, and eventually I was able to roll with it. I also really had fun being Emerald Isle and participating in the triathlon in honor of the CK team. I hope I did good enough! Haha!

I guess what this little softie is trying to say is: Thank you for, once again, showing me the magic of friendship. <3

Pumpkin Glow

My post event thoughts.  ^-^

Holiday Cheer

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Attention citizens of Equestria.  It has been almost a year now since the spirit of competition united and divided the ponies of Equestria in pursuit of that greatest of accolades, that of Champion.  The time has come once more to reignite the passion that led so many ponies to go down in history as Legends of Equestria.   We proudly bring you, the 2019 Equestria Summer Games!

The Games will be hosted in one of the cities which tied as Champion in last years Games, The Crystal Kingdom, with most events taking place there.   As it is the goal of the Games to include as many ponies as possible from different time zone, there will be held each day an early session at 7PM GMT and a late session at 11PM GMT.  The same events will be held during each session.

This years events (and the days they will be featured) with the rules for each are posted below:

Day 1 (Thursday, July 25):
-Crystal Stadium Obstacle Course Race
1. Speed is not key and as such all three pony types will compete together.
2. Racers will run the Figure 8 course around the Stadium track clearing the obstacles
3. Races will be timed and places assessed based on 3 best times overall
4. A ten second penalty will be assessed each time a pony fails to clear an obstacle

-Stacking Race to the Top of the Crystal Castle
1. Teams will consist of two pegasi and one other creature of any type
2. Racers must start at ground level and finish on top of the castle (by the fountain and
Prince Overwatch)
3. Pegasi must create platforms to allow the third member to climb without the use of flight or teleportation
4. If ponies fall and aren't caught, they must start from the ground level

Day 2 (Friday, July 26):
-Nightmare Rush, a challenge that takes place at Bramble Woods in the Heartlands
1. Ponies will compete in teams of six members
2. The objective is to get as far into Bramble Woods as possible before losing all team members
3. Once a pony faints, respawn but do not attempt to rejoin your team
4. No armor or healing items will be permitted for use in this event
5. As this is a team event, places will be assigned based on the most number of team members travelling the greatest distance into the Woods together

-Overland Flight Race in the Crystal Kingdom
1. Start and Finish will be at the train station
2. All competing pegasi will fly at the same time
3. Competitors must make one full loop around the Crystal Kingdom
4. Fliers are not allowed to enter into the city for any reason. There is one section where the world boundary comes close to the edge of the city, Trafficorns will be posted to ensure that fliers do not enter

Day 3 (Saturday, July 27):
-All Three Races Triathlon Team Event in CK
1. This race has three segments, one done by each type of pony
2. Earth ponies will begin the race at the bridge near the CK cave and will run along the railroad tracks to the Train Station
3. At the train station, pegasi will join the race and fly straight up the street from the station to the top of the Crystal Castle
4. Fliers must fly under the first arch encountered when entering the city, any flier who does not will be disqualified
At the top of the castle, unicorns will take over and race the final segment to the CK Hospital
6. Unicorns must use teleportation for the entire segment, using building rooftops is preferred but will not be requried
7. The finish line is at the hospital courtyard

-Crystal Kingdom Swim Race
1. Racers will begin in the water at the map's edge near the CK campsite
2. Racers will swim against the current down the stream to their right towards the Crystal Bridge
3. Places will be assigned in the order ponies swim completely under the bridge to finish

There will be a limit during this games on Alternate Accounts.  Players will only be able to participate in each event regardless of how many alt characters they have available.  They can still use alt characters, but in different events.

Teams are forming right now so please get your friends together and get signed up with a team.  Team Cantermore led by LeadMare and Team Ponydale led by Third are looking for members currently.  Ponies are free to form and compete in other teams as well.

We are so super excited to see you at the Games!

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

Holiday Cheer

Course maps for the Triathalon, Swimming Race, and Flight Race are shown below:


Swimming Race:

Overland Flight Race:

(This wonderful picture is provided by Even Tide <3)

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