Media Roundup: News, Videos, Screenshots, and More!

Started by Ellowee, 2017 Sep 18, 19:24:46

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Hey there, everypony!

We hope you've all had fun exploring Equestria together over the last week! The response to the start of our Open Access Release has been amazing, and everypony on the team is super humbled by your enthusiasm for the work we've done.

We're nowhere near done yet, though! We've been hard at work fixing as many of the bugs you've reported as we can, and we've already pushed out an uncountable number of hotfixes to the server. We're also currently putting together a new build of the game, which should be available in the next couple of days, to bring you even more fixes, and maybe a few other bits and pieces too; we'll make sure it includes a changelog, so you know just what we're adding for you to enjoy!

And of course, we're still grinding away at our larger content plans, readying all-new material for everypony to enjoy! More quests, more areas, more dungeons, more features - all of them are being developed as we speak, and we'll be bringing them to you as soon as we can!

In the meantime though, we wanted to highlight a few things we've seen from you, and the gaming community as a whole, that have really made the team smile!

First off, a few impressions and gameplay videos have been popping up that have helped to provide us with a good idea of what people are thinking of the game so far. One of our favourites was from TheHiveLeader, who highlighted the game alongside his (completely adorable-sounding) young daughter!

Our German-speaking team members also enjoyed this gameplay video from teddygun:

Twisted Heart has started a Let's Play of LoE's OAR, and you can catch the first video here:

Nyxie made a new intro for LoE that sounds a little familiar...

A beautiful remix of our 'Serenity' track was made by FruityFusion:

And LittleshyFiM seemed to be having a lot of fun with a lot of friends during their livestream a couple of days ago!

LoE's also gotten a bit of coverage from news websites. Our friends at Equestria Daily were kind enough to cover our servers going live and the release of our animated story trailer!

We were also featured on the MMO news websites and Massively Overpowered, thanks to TheHiveLeader's video!

And French gaming website Gamewave also covered the launch of our OAR!

One of the things we were most eager to see was screenshots of the game from the people enjoying it - and you didn't disappoint! We'd like to share a few of our favourites with you here!

Spot anypony you recognise? ;)

We were also blown away with some fanart we've received; for example, we were super impressed with this fanart of Pyrite from LunaEclipsa!

And this drawing from @MLP_SherbetPosy is just too adorable for words to describe!

That's all for now! We've still got a lot more work to do before LoE is anywhere near done, and we hope you'll all stick around to see what we've got in the works! Remember, you can help us improve the game: many of our teams are looking for more people to help us, and you can report any bugs you find in-game using the system explained here!

See you in Equestria!


Good to hear everything is going great!  Still looking forward to eventually seeing my mane and tail design in the game. ^.^ I will have to switch my pony to it when it comes out.

Night Striker

Glad to see that there's already going to be another update :D

But the real question right now player data going to be reset/erased again? I don't mind getting to lvl 50 again(I've gotten to lvl 50 each time there was an OAR), but I still prefer to know ahead about it, instead of waking up in the morning and seeing that I had lost everything and assume that it was a glitch or something.

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

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With all this attention the game is getting, I am starting to worry about the game's future. I still think Hasbro won't take down the game, at least, anytime soon, but if they didn't know the game before, I am sure they will find out about it soon, and could possible issues a cease and desist on the game, but I am sure the creators knew of that risk when they started on the game. Of course, Hasbro might have had already knew about the game for quite sometime, and they feel like the game isn't infringing on their copyrights and they are letting the game go. But, I guess we have to wait and see. I really don't think this game is infringing on their copryrights at all, so most likely, they will let the game go, and we will able to play it for quite a long time.


I see you guys ninja updated the LAR hat, which is now wearable. Can't wait to see the graphic

Thunder Spin

I haven't played the game since last weekend and now I'm really excited to do so. Good to hear you have fixed all those bugs. This game looks like it was made, while it's made and programmed by volunteers with good experience!

Trip Away

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I make a video too

(Its a basic gameplay but im new in this)

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