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Started by Ellowee, 2017 Sep 13, 09:46:16

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Thunder Spin


Sure am, here's me and my bestie. <3  Looove this pony so much!  I'm the light green pegasi. ^-^


How do I post my screen shots here?


1.Upload your screenshots to a photo sharing website.
2.Go to the image links and find the BBC code and copy the link.
3. Reply on the fourms and, click on "Insert image" and paste the link then click ok.
(The button is the blue square with a white border and,with a plus sign)
The link to your pictures should be there and will show up after you post it.


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Here are my screen shots I got of the pretty scenery!


I didn't notice this before, but I notice my pony in the screenshot of the party Ellowee used. I am on the website front page. I just think that is cool.


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Yep, I sure am! I've got a couple of pics here to share:

And here's a SCC screenshot with a few of my new friends: @Hermit , @Glitcher1987 , @Havoc77 and @Thundergirl



Came across this weird structure when I was exploring the Evershade. Wonder if it'll be important in the main story line of LoE.  >:/



Made this for one of my best friends who I met in LoE! :D


Therapy session after party, as someone said  ^-^


May I proudly present to you, the Top Hat Dancing Quartet:

Crazy never sleeps.



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Found this weird secret room in the library basement! What could it mean?  :/

And why the heck is this thing in here?! WHAT IS THIS THING?!?  :s


Look who I got a selfie with!! Thanks @Ellowee:ellowee:

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