[Tutorial] How to Use Our Bug & Suggestion Report System!

Started by Ellowee, 2017 Sep 07, 21:53:03

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When i log in after a while i get- failure: could not get user does anyone know how to fix this?  O:


:c  :s
Can someone help me with the train stations? They're not working!

Honey Bell

While I appreciate the fact that there are bug to be fixed, I urge you to use the Phabricator system as described in the beginning of the topic.

Thank you.
Hello I'm Honey Bell. Got a problem, I'm all ears, and hooves *giggles*. You can always find me right here, in Discord or Ingame


I wanted to let you guys know that Phabricator doesn't work anymore, so I can't submit anything. It refuses to connect.

On that note I need to report that I'm stuck at the Flying TM because I defeated the clouds Sunlight Chaser spawns without Cyclone. Quest marker NPC only reset their positions and now Chaser doesn't do the TM quest anymore, so I'm stuck as a foal.


excuse meh idk where to put this but here i go its not a bug just a problemo

SOOO  i went to checklist do to her quest and chose the animal team then defeated the monsters and went to  get materials  but then i  accidently deleted two of those materials and now i cant get it back, tried to reactivate the quest( didnt work  )   tried to  speak to them again (DIDNT WORK)  and now i cant complete the quest Xd


hi just wanted to ask/report a posile bug idk but when i was playing a a pegi i went ona that rainbow quest for zap apples the mare beneath the rainbow falls asked me to fetch her one but i soon found a bit of a problem i think its called quest loop or in other words this is whats happening. ~ go to blimp following the yellow mark oh now it tells me to go back oh now she tell me to go get her talk to her friend oh its a guard pony the yellow mark is following him oh wait i can't seem to talk to him ugh log out log back in oh its looped at the blimp again.~ so now what i can still go on other quests but that one is bugged for me

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