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Started by Ellowee, 2017 Sep 07, 21:53:03

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Help. In the quest Costume of the night .. I went to the Pony ensemble and took the quest from him.
He sent me over the cardboard to Bluebell. Then go to Loadsa Coins for rainbow water. After that I went to the forest to get branches, and then I accidentally removed the cardboard and did not notice it. I went to the Ensemble and he said that the materials are not enough. I noticed that there was no cardboard and went to Bluebell again.She did not give me cardboard because she already gave me.
Now I can not complete the quest Costume of the night
What should I do? (Do not delay the answer and sorry for English)


So...I tried to register on Phabricator(which I guess is basically like GitHub), but I am not receiving the verification email for some reason. Dangit. Oh well, I'm sure any suggestions I'd have were made by like twenty other people anyway.


On the game of LOE there's a bug where ponies can't see the others eyes close on both ends only yourself, please fix it when you can


Welp, since Phabricator absolutely refuses to send me my verification email(and no, it's not in Spam, I checked), I suppose I have to say it here, but entering the school put me out of bounds. Fortunately, I was able to clip back inside.

Again, I wish I could figure out how to get Phabricator to send me the email so that I could actually submit a bug report and suggestions, but it just isn't cooperating and I can't find any way to make it cooperate online. What's worse, because it's in a perpetual state of wanting to send me the email, and I used my gmail account, I cannot register via Google either.


for now that can be fixed by typing the /stuck command, this should bring you back in
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oh, I was able to clip back in, I just felt like posting it. Is there any way I can tell Phabricator to at least give up so I can register via Google, or am I just stuck posting stuff here. Speaking of which, the text in scc seems to be missing.


soo... whenever I go to cantermore as Pacific shores, a bugged quest marker appears on top of a filly's head

Is there a way to fix this?
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yes report it to phabricator. Check which quests are still open.
Hello I'm Woona. Got a problem, I'm all ears, and hooves *giggles*. You can always find me right here, in Discord or Ingame


Hey, this is a fun game and all. But there's something that truly irritates me.

Why is the mane and tail so... jiggly?

I move only slightly, and the hair goes spastic, all over the place. To the point it looks ridiculous. It doesn't even look normal.
It sorta ruins the hairstyle too. There's this one mane I really like, but I can't even use it because it won't keep its shape. In fact it looks like a blob having a seizure on my head. Is there a way to fix it?


reporting ti to phabricator using the link provided
Hello I'm Woona. Got a problem, I'm all ears, and hooves *giggles*. You can always find me right here, in Discord or Ingame


When I entered the Ponydale School, my filly Berry Sweet got stuck in a void and cannot move at all... if you could fix it somehow, that would be nice.


Здравствуй, у меня такая же проблема, можешь пожалуйста рассказать как ты ее решил? X3
Hello, I have the same problem, can you tell me how you dicided it?  X3


For now, type the " /stuck " command in chat box.  It will return you inside the correct area of the school.

Some instructions/help/guides could be included within the games folders.

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