Legends of Equestria Changelog 8th September 2017 (OAR)

Started by Ellowee, 2017 Sep 07, 21:47:14

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Hope everypony's ready for a big ol' changelog!

  • Fixed multiple hats bug
  • Chatbox updated GUI
  • Chatbox is scrollable
  • Missing bridge in Evershade Seclude fixed
  • Installed Bramble Woods dungeon
  • Installed playground in Ponydale
  • Updated terrain and assets in the Heartlands (new river rocks, graveyard)
  • Added mobs: Corgi, Dalmatian, Roc, Birch Dryad, Naiad, Karkadann, Dryad King, Timberwolf King, Haetea, Apple Dryad, Living Bush, Yaba Baga, Bookwyrm, Centicore, Pegasus Rock Golem, Oni Pony, Training Dummy
  • New Manes and tails
  • Created Foal Stage
  • Water sounds for waterfalls and streams in various scenes
  • Various collision mesh fixes
  • Reorderable Attacks/Actions GUI
  • Floating tree fixes in Heartlands
  • Gryphons' Roost added
  • Gryphon NPCs added
  • Added pet turtle
  • New music added in several scenes (battle music, Heartlands night music, Cloudisseum, Ponydale, Evershade Castlegrounds, Weather Factory in Cloudopolis, Evershade seclude)
  • New items: Mountain flower, pencil, Top Hat, sunglasses, Fyre Flye armor, Moonlit Flame Armor
  • Some items now recolorable: Socks, Top Hat, Mountain flower
  • Moved several spawn and stuck points for better access
  • Potion bag slosh physics
  • Player model physics on ground and in water updated
  • Wind physics on Cantermore cliffs and bridge
  • Added guards to the Heartlands
  • Added lots of mobs to the Heartlands
  • Added lots of mobs to the Evershade

Quests added/modified:
  • Animal Care TM
  • Partying TM
  • Healing TM
  • Magic TM
  • Updated all three Tutorial Quests
  • Getting Down to Brass Tax
  • When It All Comes Together
  • Here He Goes Again
  • I Shouldn't Be Here
  • In My Own Little World
  • Justice's Blind Eye
  • Eye Sore
  • The Knead for Speed
  • Metamorphic Ventures
  • Mindless Violins Revised
  • It Belongs in a Museum
  • Pest Offense
  • Rehearsal Roundup
  • Ring Race
  • Rooftop Rumble
  • Safely Home
  • Script Error
  • Thirty Minutes or Less
  • Special Delivery
  • Storyline Quest #0
  • Handle with Care
  • Unbridled Fury
  • Going to the Dogs
  • This Way to Adventure
  • Can You Hear Me Now?

There's a whole bunch more little tweaks here and there, in the back-end of things, to hopefully improve performance and your experience!


Super excited for the OAR!  The new changes look awesome! :D

Smol question:
Will there be a music talent mark? Or if not, will one be added later on? (you mentioned adding more talent marks in the OAR changelog announcement, and my OC's talent is music-related, so I wanted to know if there would be a skill tree for it immediately or if it would come later)
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Wow a lot's been added since last time, though I didn't know that there was supposed to be a bridge in evershade forest. I always though that was a broken bridge added in for the atmosphere of the environment or something.

As for the new armor, I really hope they don't outclass my Moonlight Armor cause I really like wearing it to the point where I might try to get through the entire game just wearing it if I have to XD

While I may not be part of LoE staff, I always try to help others who might have problems in LoE the best I can because I want others to share my enjoyment of the game. ^-^

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I'm So Excited 2 More Days :D Also Will There Be Cherry Talent Marks?
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Yayyyyy! This is SO exciting! :D <3 Can't waitttt! In the meantime I got house cleaning and Monster Hunter Stories to keep me occupied for the insufferably "long" wait x3

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This looks amazing! I can't wait to play the game!


Can't wait!! (But will have to till probably after 3pm local time. *sigh*)

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Quote from: Ellowee on 2017 Sep 07, 21:47:14Added mobs: Corgi
Moderators will have fun with the corgis. And they probably won't kill them
Quote from: Ellowee on 2017 Sep 07, 21:47:14Added pet turtle
Won't we have to trot for that? Aren't turtles slow? And ... How do they attack? I'm just curious. I've never thought of pet turtles in LoE.


Wait.. Fyre Flye armor? Moonlit Flame Armor? Where do I find these?! o.o

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Loving these updates. So much has changed since I last played.
Old time player of LOE, just have not been active on the forums... till now.

Glad to help in anyway possible and just trying to enjoy the game over all.
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