The Drifters (OCs)

Started by DrifterCrow, 2017 Sep 03, 19:07:06

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Full Name: Shadow Walker

Alias: Emural

Gender: Male

Race: Earth Pony

Age: 32

Shadow "Emural" Walker stands at five foot tall and weighs around two hundred thirty-five pounds. He has a black mane and tail with dark grey streaks. His coat is black and his eyes are maroon. His cutie mark is a light blue rune magic circle. He wears a black trench coat, which is big enough to hide his cutie mark and large black leather saddle bags.

Magic Detector: A village guardian or warrior chosen and trained since birth. Has the ability to detect any form of active magic, either while it is being activated or in constant use. Cannot detect inactive magic.

Contractor: A chosen pony given to one of the Six Gods of the Old Ways. They are to become a representative and can no longer use their given name. They have the ability to borrow the powers of their God, but at a price. (Contractor Power: Shadow - Can turn into a either a shadow or a small dark cloud. Price: Slowly takes away his personality the longer it is used.)

Village Representative: A chosen pony from one of the six villages to be sent outside of the Six Lands and interact with the outside world.

While he often shows an emotionless face, he does have emotions and personalities. He has concern over others similar to himself, his home village, and towards his friends. He is calm, even in tense or dangerous situations, he always keeps his cool. He can think in a long term effect or think and react quickly in a fast-paced environment. He is aware of his surroundings, even to the most faintest of sounds and sight.

Magic Detection (Magic Detector)
Shadow (Contractor)

Saddle Bags:
Red Book "Altercation Magic"
Green Book "Communication Magic"
Blue Book "Protection Magic"
Black Book "Destruction Magic"

Trench coat:
A blank scroll
A small black mirror

Full Name: Allizard Krow

Title: The Drifter

Gender: Male

Race: Pegasus

Age: 39

Allizard Krow stands at around four feet ten inches tall and weighs around two hundred twenty-one pounds. His coat is black while his mane and tail is white. His eyes are navy blue. His cutie mark is a black feather with a white outline and three golden coins sitting next to the feather. He wears a black hooded cloak with a small money bag hiding underneath.

Wandering Merchant: A merchant who has chosen to wander from village to village, city to city, and even from nation to nation, selling their goods to other citizens.

Scavenger: A pony who has decided to take from those long past, whether from ruins (old or recent) or from the deceased.

Allizard Krow appears to be a mysterious shady fellow, however his intentions are more or less innocent. He is known to be very silent, especially when flying. This comes in handy when he goes out scavenging or looking for information. He is very honest of his prices and can make for a fair deal, but does keep quiet of the sources of his wares. He is cautious and aware of his surroundings, keeping a mental note of what goes on around him and what might happen. He is very polite and proper in ways of etiquette. He always attempts to make his customers important and comfortable, though his reasons tends to be very obvious. Allizard is independent, working alone without any sort of help from any local merchandising or trading company.

Silent Flight - Can fly without making a noise.
Shadow Step - Can create after images of self through movement.

A medium-sized black airship, merchant variety.
A standard pack-able merchant stall
A medium sized bag of bits and other forms of currency (if any).
Hide within the darkness, and strike from the shadows. Fly through the night and watch for thy enemies.
Welcome to the Crow's Nest. For I, the Drifting Crow, shall sate your needs with whatever I have.

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