From the Dark Skies, I have come.

Started by DrifterCrow, 2017 Sep 03, 17:07:59

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2017 Sep 03, 17:07:59 Last Edit: 2017 Sep 03, 20:38:35 by DrifterCrow
"Greetings from the land far away. For I have come to sell my goods for you all today."

From my greeting, I'm a roleplayer. Here for both the game and the forums. I know I have to wait and luckily for myself I have great amount of patience. I was once a part of the community when the game first opened itself to the public before closing, but a under a new name. So I guess, it's good to be back.
Hide within the darkness, and strike from the shadows. Fly through the night and watch for thy enemies.
Welcome to the Crow's Nest. For I, the Drifting Crow, shall sate your needs with whatever I have.

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