Thoughts on Triple Threat

Started by Keystar, 2017 Aug 24, 13:35:09

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to sumerize I didn't like it and thought that it was the worst ep of the season. (so Far)

Now for those who stick around here are more thoughts:
The ep was to predictable, it felt like every other cartoon or show has done this plot and this really didn;t add anythign new to the standered trope.
the only thing this ep set up was next weeks ep. But the best part about the ep was when Ember was saying how much Twilight and Starlight look the same.

That was really funny. Otherwise the rest of the ep was your standred don't let the friends meet trope. ducking out and jumping from one friend to the other just seemed like there was little effor put into the story. I don;t have any problems with the map selecting spike, it was gret to see ember again.
That's my thoughts, not a great ep, just blah to me. If you loved it then that's great. but this is just my opinion and I hope you all have a great time watching the rest of the season. I am not stoping just becasue of a few boring eps. I like the show overall and even the comics can't always have a super story.

Better stories are yet to come so only time will tell what direction things go.

Anyway I rambled on long enough. Take care and thanks for readong my thoughts.


I would have to agree with everything you said, there are a couple few of these episodes. I like to think of them as "filler content"
It seems they get a couple really great story ideas in a season and spread them out. I'm sure they are working with little time and a budget.
I would rather see some really good episodes and some not so good instead of a bunch of ok episodes...

Foxy Socks

I thought it was pretty good. I loved how it showed Spike, without making him look that bad. I loved that side of him, and hope to see more.

I also loved seeing Ember and Thorax again, and loved how they interacted.


The episode just feels cringey and kind of forced. Though even as a kid I found the "don't let x know y is here" plot line to be ridiculous and can't recall a usage I've ever enjoyed watching.

It had a few good moments and nice to see Ember and Thorax show up again but I'd have to rank it as worst this season.
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