Legends of Equestria Open Access Release: All The Details!

Started by Ellowee, 2017 Jul 04, 17:53:35

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Hey again, everypony!

It's been a pretty big few days for us; we just announced our Open Access Release, starting September 10, 2017; that doesn't mean we can rest, though! We've still got a lot of work to do before we reach that day - and beyond.

We thought you all deserved a little more information about the Open Access Release (or OAR for short; aren't acronyms great?), so this post will hopefully give you all the details we can share right now!

First off, what do we mean by 'Open Access Release'? Well, put simply, we see this as the next logical step after our Limited Access Release (LAR), which kicked off in December 2016; since then, we've had our game servers permanently online, and available for a select group of players that we hand-picked to help us iron out all the bugs they could find, and provide feedback on the game. What we're basically going to do is open up access to the servers for everyone - so, as long as you have a computer that can run LoE, and an internet connection, you'll be able to make an account and play!

Speaking of being able to run LoE, our system requirements are fairly low; we're looking at 2GB of RAM, a 2GHz Dual-Core processor, a graphics card with 256mb VRAM and support for DirectX9.0c/OpenGL2.0, and around 3.5GB of storage space. Basically, if your computer was bought around 2010 or later, it shouldn't have a problem running the game. We're developing LoE for Windows (Vista or later), MacOS (10.9 'Mavericks' or later), and Linux computers, and will be releasing the game via the 'downloads' page of our website; other operating systems or platforms aren't currently being considered, but it's possible that in the future, it might be an option we look into.

These requirements are subject to change, though; it's important to remember that this isn't the 'final release' version of LoE. We still have an awful lot of stuff planned for the game; a boatload of new quests, zones, abilities, Talent Marks, characters, and more, is all planned. That's not to say that the September OAR version of the game will be empty; there'll still be plenty for everypony to do and enjoy - but we have so much more planned. We're calling this an 'Open Access' release for a very good reason; LoE isn't finished, but we're in a position where we've got enough ready that we're ready to make it available. Think along the lines of some of those 'early access' projects you might've seen in recent years, where the developer makes the game available while still actively working on it!

To give you a rough idea: we have three 'story arcs' planned for the main storyline of LoE. We're aiming to have the first arc implemented by September; that means we have all the material in mind for another two-thirds worth of game.

So, what will you be able to expect in September? Well, you'll be able to start off your life in Equestria as a filly or colt from one of the three pony races (Earth, Pegasus, or Unicorn), and learn how to experience the world we've built, alongside a rich and varied cast of main and supporting characters.

Through exploration and questing, you'll be able to acquire your Talent Mark, from six distinct branches of expertise: Animal Care, Healing, Partying, Magic, Combat, and Flying. You will be able to guide your character to adulthood (or stay as a foal, if you prefer!).

You'll then get to explore seven distinct 'zones' full of adventure and experiences. You'll be able to do all of this alone, or with friends - ones you started playing with, or ones that you make along the way - and form a Party or join a Herd with them to face numerous challenges together, such as Dungeons.

And everything you do, you will do it in a living online world, full of not only characters we've designed, with unique conversations, backstories, and tasks for you to complete - but also full of other players just like you, experiencing Equestria together. Our moderation team will be working hard to make sure it's a safe and enjoyable world for everyone, and we really hope you enjoy playing in it!

We can't thank you all enough for all the patience and support you've shown us over the 5 years we've been developing Legends of Equestria, and we can't wait to take this next step forward with you all. We plan to keep releasing more information on everything that'll be available in the OAR in September, so please keep an eye out over the next few weeks!


I'm so very excited! The game sounds and looks amazing so far. One more month of waiting is going to be difficult but I can do it!


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OMG, you get to start out as a filly/colt?! That's adorable! ^-^


You have to start out as a child?  O: That's cool and all but, i'm curious about the cutie marks though.  o.O I mean, when you earn the cutie mark, will you be able to choose from a selection of them or, will the game automatically give you one by random?

My oc for an example, has a paint brushes as a cutie mark. But, it seems that the talent marks are only Animal Care, Healing, Partying, Magic, Combat, and Flying. It makes me wonder.   :s


This is so exciting! I can't wait to start playing with everypony and helping to keep the peace! [emoji178]

While the game isn't done yet, I want to give a special, warm thank you to everypony who's contributed to the game, both past and present. If not for the tireless work and dedication of every artist, programmer, game designer, musician, voice actor, and every other team member, we wouldn't have made it to where we are now: a functioning MMO that's entirely fan made and free! :D

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For animal related cutie marks, is there a Fluttershy Cottage type area somewhere on the map where we can engage with cute animals and earn marks that way or like how do we get animal care marks? Will there be some hints if not a guide on that particular area of mark earning? The rest seem like they'll be pretty self explanatory but when it comes to animal care all I'm aware of is the ability to earn the pets.

I kind of want a yarn ball cutie mark lol.


I'm so excited and I can't wait to play it again with my new Brony friends who never tried it out before! ^-^

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