Hello, ponies of Equestria!

Started by MapleSyrup, 2017 Apr 07, 19:57:39

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2017 Apr 07, 19:57:39 Last Edit: 2017 Apr 08, 19:23:17 by MapleSyrup
Er, hello, everypony! My name is Maple Syrup and I'm new here in LoE. To make the proper introduction, I will tell you about myself!  ^-^

I came from the Maple Syrup Kingdom. My father's name is Big Oak and my mother's name is Saffron. My job was being a maple syrup supplier, maker, and deliverer to many regions of Equestria until I decided to take some time off and spend some time travelling. That's how I found out about this place! So, I guess that's it for now. I hope to become great friends with everypony!   :3

<br /><br />Maple Syrup goes best with pancakes! TO THE INTERNET! ovO

Proudy Hooves

Hello and welcome to the LoE Community! Enjoy your stay there!
There you can show yourself as a classy writer, creative artmaker, clever role-player or a cheerful and talkative fun-bringer like Pinkie Pie! And even more...
If you want to play LoE then wait patiently for announcement regarding further game access!
Now you just can look at forums and do anything you wish! But don't forgot to read and obey the rules there!
Good luck, mate!
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