[APRIL FOOLS!] Legends of SOCKquestria!

Started by Ellowee, 2017 Apr 01, 06:50:23

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Quote from: Mike Dragon on 2017 Apr 09, 02:29:49

Alternatively, there could be an actual arcade cabinet somewhere (maybe inside Sugarcane Corner) with LoS on the screen as an animated texture, though not possible for the player to interact with it. It would be like the cabinet is simply on and the game is running on Demo Mode.

Maybe a quest where an NPC standing in front of said arcade cabinet asks the player to help him visualize how to beat a challenging level in his game, and then suddenly you're wearing springs on your shoes avoiding socks being blasted out of a cannon. All the while, he's shouting encouragements and critisims at you.

Quote"It feels weird that you don't respond to my game paddle..." "No! Don't get any of those socks dirty! I kinda sorta borrowed them from my mom and she doesn't know yet." "Yes! Oh, I feel a breakthrough coming through!" "You could be a speed runner!"

Hopefully there'll someday be a 'Things-With-Buttons' update that adds typewriters, arcade cabinets, studio camera, and stuff you can interact with. I'd love to walk up to a typewriter and get Sims-esque options to "write trashy novel" or whatever and have a book with a random texture appear in my inventory that has a random goofy title.  And then the item can be sold to an NPC shopkeeper for a few extra bits.

Let's turn every detail into something important.


Wow... I missed this, probably since it wasn't in the LAR section of the forum. I really need to stop assuming that there won't be any news other than what is mentioned there.

Anyway, I can confirm that Legends of Sockquestria works on Linux, if you have Wine.

No, not the drink. The program that lets you use Windows programs with some success.

Best game ever. Loved the music, especially. Great message, and I look forward to the sequel.  ovO
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Can't download because my Windows 10 is a party pooper  :c

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Quote from: White Chaos on 2017 Apr 12, 15:38:54
Can't download because my Windows 10 is a party pooper  :c

i dont get these people. windows 7 works perfectly well yet they change it to broken windows 10. news flash. only one game need win 10 for now.

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Quote from: Mike Dragon on 2017 Apr 06, 23:36:29
Here you go!  ^-^

Quote from: Galapagois on 2017 Apr 08, 11:05:19
Updated, with a little luck our own website won't decide to block it too  :ellowee:

Yay! Thanks!

Sorry, I forgot to come back after posting that.

Only thing to sort out is getting my antivirus to stop deleting it. :T

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