What Happened to the Open testing?

Started by cbguy101, 2017 Mar 03, 19:35:04

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I understand it's been quite some time since the last post about public testing and closing testing. I just was wondering, will there ever be another opening/chance for the people who want to get in to the game early to test since last time? I have wanted to help with the development by testing the game but nothing has came up since the last sign-ups. Just a question for everyone to know the answer to, thanks!


At the moment, LoE is in the 'Limited Access Release' stage, meaning that the game is permanently available for play, for the accounts we selected based on applications in December 2016.

There were, at the heart of it, three reasons we ran Open Server Events: to show off our progress, to test our systems, and to get feedback.

The LAR fulfils the first criteria pretty completely; we hand-selected participants based upon a number of criteria, but the major one was whether we felt we could trust them to leave consistent, high-quality feedback for us to work off of. It also covers the second one mostly, because if we update or add a system, it's live there for active players to test immediately.

The first one has pretty much already been addressed with the OSE's we've held in the past. We've shown the majority of our really big stuff, and a lot of the changes and additions we're working on at this stage are pretty minor, which means that most players wouldn't notice a difference between events. Rather than hitting a stagnation point (where people think we're making no progress because for the last 3 OSE's they've seen nothing new, when actually we've done a whole lot of work in the background that they just can't see), we'd rather release the game with at least something new for the majority of players to enjoy.

A pretty big and persuasive reason, though, is that making this game is a lot of continuous, hard work by our entirely-unpaid volunteer team. When we do an event, it means entire days where we need all hands on deck to deal with whatever problems emerge, handling server stress and emergency bug patching and all that malarkey. At this stage in development, where we're working towards a release build, it's the kind of interruption that the team doesn't really need. Right now, we're in a really good spot; we've got a smaller, committed group that's helping us to identify bugs that we can (ideally) quickly squash, and we can add new, smaller stuff that can get quickly tested on a variety of systems and have feedback provided.

This doesn't mean we won't hold OSE's in the future; maybe we'll add something new before release that we just have to brag about, or need testing by a large number of people really quick, or some other fourth criteria that I'm probably overlooking. At the moment, though, we don't have anything planned. We will, however, most likely expand the LAR based on our needs in the future, so keep an eye out for an opportunity to apply for that!
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