Hey you! You're awesome! <3

Started by LeviathanTS, 2017 Feb 28, 01:53:27

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Rasy (Flanniest Flan)

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Quote from: LeviathanTS on 2017 Feb 28, 16:52:32
@Rasy You are an excellent apprentice of the disc, I'm proud of you ovO
Seriously though, you're great fun to talk to :3

(This thread is already so sweet... it's great ^-^ )

D'aww, you are awesome too! <3

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@Ellowee You are awesome for being that one mascot that we all love.
@FeverishPegasus You are awesome for being that one Designer friend I grew close to (Also that one Flan cult member).
@Popey You are awesome for being that one TL that I love.
@Galapagois You are awesome for being  that one TL constantly burning my mane off and being my arch nemesis (I love you too <3).


What is this 'happiness' others speak of



Quote from: Peace Keeper on 2017 Mar 21, 03:06:14
@LeviathanTS you are a great friend to everyone. Is like there's another me in the forum. Having fun, being silly, helping others, making smiles. Is like we are alike.It is good tattoos to have to have a shining forum and friendship and that is why you are awesome.

Aww... thanks Peace! That's so nice :3
I do like to be friends with all I encounter here, and care for each member I encounter too ^-^

Surprisingly though, I don't actually think we are that similar x3

Alastor created the amazing banner of the Chat-O-Landians! 8)
Awesome avatar artwork created by Peace Keeper, you did a great job! ^-^
Hi, I'm Frost Burn, I like to help if I can! if you need me, I'm here :D


@ZeyRax @Segatendo @--Asylum
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@LeviathanTS and @DarkSpectre summon me?
Congratz you two for successfully summon me back after 15 months of inactive~
kinda miss the chatbox pones, how are ya'll~?
im more on FB and Discord now, life is a bit busy~
but still i'll not on here frequently, if want continue contact can ask me in PM for discord and fb idk~
(my skype get hacked and cant really get it back)
stay awesome and cheers~ wub u all~
hmm 15 months


Ok, I just want to say that I really missed being on this forum during this more-than-a-month and I'm glad we're online again because this site is the most welcoming, positive and fulfilling I ever had the luck to be part of.

So, yeah, it's a "You're awesome" to everyone who will read this. ^-^
"Oh, somewhere deep inside of these bones
An emptiness began to grow
There's something out there, far from my home
A longing that I've never known"
- "Jack's Lament", Danny Elfman

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