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Started by Mystogan Vokunkiin, 2017 Feb 15, 18:24:33

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Mystogan Vokunkiin

 This here is Shadow Strike.

   Now then, you may be wondering what kind of pegasus has such odd markings on his body. Well, he wasn't a pegasus before. This stallion's former name was Azrael. And he was a powerful asmodian sorcerer, a walking weapon of war. How did he get changed into a pony? The answer is simple, the magic of the new world he found himself in changed his shape and appearance. Making him a pegasus. Which is only fitting. As asmodians have wings themselves.

   Little is known about this stallion to other ponies though. He has been living quietly in Ponyville. Being an alchemist, he creates potions for mainly health, mana stamina, and a few other boosters. Suffice to say his sales are quite high with the affects these potions bring to their purchasers. He even has a shop up in Canterlot as well. Yes, he is well known for his potions, but no one really knows who he is or where he even came from.

    Shadow Strike is a quiet and reserved stallion who stays in his home a lot. only leaving to gather herbs or groceries from the market. Though every now and then, he can be seen on the outskirts of Ponyville at the large lake just outside the town, Looking through his old tome he uses in magical combat. While the unicorns have their horns, he channels his magical abilities through this very book

    Want to roleplay with him and learn more? Please do hesitate to contact me. :)

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