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Intro : After I read again the bio I have written for Force Chaser , I thought of continuing Force's and Lightning Key's bio into a story. It is going to have three chapters. Disclaimer : If you don't like kinds of love and romantic stories you better stop reading. Instead if you do like them, read the story below! Enjoy!

Lightning is thinking all the time about her family. She is missing home for two years.  Are her brothers alright? What about the rest of her relatives? She wants to know. But it is difficult for her to leave the Everfree Forest. She is now one with all the wild animals that live there. The only thing she was sure she had to do is light fire, because night is coming. Meanwhile, in Ponyville, her parents are taking a look at the photos they had taken with Lightning Key. It was exactly two years ago the date she left them. They were all crying. They had put a letter on a branch of the most beautiful tree in Everfree, hoping one day she finds it. And the miracle happens. Looking for branches and sticks, Lightning flies up to the branch the letter was hung on. She sees it and takes it to her tent. She guessed it was from her parents before she opens it.

"Honey, are you alright out there? We miss you a lot. We are all together writing this letter to you, because we want to explain how hard it is to live without you. And to tell you that Force was in prison for two months. We hope this makes you feel better. So ... Living without a part of your family isn't easy ...! I know, you are missing for two years. But we still haven't used to living without you. Your brothers really miss you and aunt Drop has made plushies of you for them and most of the kids in out family. We wanted to let you know. Every time one of us goes to church, they always light a candle for you. We really miss you. Your father has repented for what he told you and he wants you back. We miss you a lot. Please, write us a letter when you have time. We want to know how you live out there. Be careful! - love, all of your relatives"

It was the first time Lightning sweetened for something. Tears of happiness were running on her face. She had forgotten it was night outside. She packed all of her stuff, to get ready for her trip back to Ponyville. She was excited and now she had a good reason to tell her brain that they are going back. She couldn't sleep, until midnight, when she thought it is better to sleep now she felt sleepy.

The sun appeared from behind the mountain, waking up all the animals. Except for Lightning. She was still sleeping, as she went to bed late last night. Birds were singing their beautiful songs. Frogs were jumping in the lake, from waterlily to waterlily. Everything seemed peacefully. Not for a long time. A scream stopped everything in the finally-peaceful-forest. It was Lightning that woke up and realized the train to Ponyville arrives in a few minutes and her tent was far away from the train station. She puts the tent inside her bag and leaves flying quickly to the station. She felt her heart breaking. When she arrived to the station the train just came. She entered the train with a sign of happiness.  She sat in a seat only looking at the view of the window. She was going to Ponyville again! How much would the city have changed?

The journey was very long , but that didn't mind Lightning. As long as she knew she was going back to her family, she didn't care about anything else. Right then she remembered Force Chaser, her bully. How many ugly things has he done to her? He was bullying her since she was two years old. And the last time he bullied her was the day he left the camping, exactly two years ago. Ten years enemies! Maybe twelve! Now, every beautiful sight from outside the window became an ugly place. Lightning wanted to go back to the Everfree. although she knew it is impossible to stop the train from cosigning those people to their places. She sleeps to make those bad memories leave her.

The train arrives, waking up Lightning Key. She was at Ponyville. All the good and sad memories she had during her life in Ponyville came back into her mind. For her bad luck, she hears a familiar voice.

"Hey Shortie! See you came back to Ponyville! Miss your family, huh?" It was Force talking to her.
"Yes, my smarty boy, I came back to see my family. Any problems with that?" She turns back and faces him. At the same moment Force's rudeness began taking a nap, making his face more clear.
"Yeah ... I see ..." he says looking down at the ground. His ears are now down and his face seems sweeter to Lightning.

For the first time Force felt sad for one of his friends. Lightning's face was hurt and there was dry blood on her left ear, the one she had an earring. Her wings were missing feather. Her eyes were both hurt. Force couldn't look at this sight of Lightning Key.

"What's wrong with you? First you are mean to me and now you are crying!" Lightning was ready to slap him and he was up to turn his head, but Lightning changed her thought and went to find her house.

It didn't take her a long time to find it. She ringed the door. A grey stallion with black mane opened. 'He should be sad, he's only looking down' Lightning thought. Obviously, it was the truth.

"Who are you" he asked in his deep voice.

"I ... I am Lightning Key" she answered.

"Lightning Key .. Hmmm ... I see ... your relatives are waiting for you in the living room"

They walk inside the room. Lightning is very surprised. She had not seen her relatives for two years and they all looked different. Even Force Chaser - he was sweeter to her! Then, she remembered what had happened and she is now sure it's good to be back home. It's a great feeling to see your relatives again! It's even nice to meet your bullies!


Chapter 2


Her whole family is here. They all run and hug her one by one. Now she feels lucky her family cares about her. Her aunt took her to see the plushies she had made. She has a great time spending her day with her family. And her day became better when her cousin suggested her to go and find her friends. She adores her friends as much as she adores going on walks with them. So, after they discussed for a quarter, she left them to re-explore Ponyville with her old friends.

She was near a cafe called "The packed tuna" when she heard a voice calling her.

" Lightning! Oh goodness, good to see you are back" one of her male friends, the one she was 'closest in thoguths' was talking to her . Lightning didn't really like him. However, he was better than the other males she had met.
"Yes, I am back to see my family" she stated.
"So, Platinum, why are you here?"

"Just going on a walk" says the stallion named Platinum Sky. He has sky blue coat, lime green mane and tail and forest green eyes.

Meanwhile, Force is four steps away from them. He sees him talking to Lightning. He takes a seat at the restaurant nearby and spies them.

"Wanna go somewhere together?" Platinum asks her to make her trust him. A few years ago, he had told her that he passed the same experiences she does and now he tries to make her his girlfriend so he will be more rich, as he knew that Lightning is a descendant of a rich family in Las Pegasus.

"I can't . I am out to meet my friends again" she says , trying to escape from going somewhere with him. She had thought of something, a reason he wants to be with her. Because the last three years it was more clear that he didn't love her. And she didn't love him AT ALL.

Force stands up and quietly follows Lightning.  He reveals himself, while they were walking under a pink dogwood tree.

"Uh ...Short-Wing ... " he says, never forgetting the nicknames.  " I wanna talk to you for a little while"

" Huh? You? Want to talk to me? You're not kidding, right? " she says confused.

"Seriously ... I have to ..." he continues nervously, scraping his hooves.

"A aaalright? Let's just sit here" she points a bench under the tree .

"Uh, can't we go somewhere more private? Like somewhere around the train station, since tourists aren't coming this season?"

"I suppose?! But why do you want to talk to me? You're my bully remember? We're enemies!" she feels worried. What if he lost his memories? She had no idea what was the reason she was worried about that.

"I do remember" he states and leads her to the way to the train station.

Lightning is still wondering why would he want to talk to her. There was no answer coming inside her brain. Force sits in another bench, under a lovely , full of green tree. Lightning lays next to him.

"You remember the crocodile that pulled you in the lake, right?" he begins talking sweet and quietly to his finally friend.

"Ugh, I was sure about that ! " She says annoyed he did it to hurt her.

"I just wanna let you know ... Also, the flashlight that blinded you for a week ...! I put it there !" His head turns down.

Lightning was crying for a reason she couldn't understand. Her tears stop running as her phone rings. Her parents were calling her to meal with the others. She excuses Force and asks him for a little help on showing her the way to her house, in case he still remembers it. He feels like putting his wing on her, however he holds himself to not do so, and takes her to her house. He leaves immediately
, so her relatives won't see him with her.

She was home in no time. She was really hungry. Her mother approaches her saying :

" How was your first walk in Ponyville after two years?"

"Good, good. It was good. What's cooking"

The smell of a nice-roasted chicken with potatoes arrives to her muzzle. It smelled delicious! Walking into the kitchen, she saw it in the oven, telling her : "Eat me! Eat me before anyone else prevents to! I know you want to eat me!" . She wants to open the oven and take it out of there, eat it on her own, but her mother's voice cuts apart her thoughts.

"Roast Chicken with potatoes - your brothers' favourite"

Now, the thought of what should have Force wanted to tell her appears again into her mind. As she was hungry, she let it go. Hungriness goes first. Perhaps she was solving the mystery thought later. She couldn't hold on to eat that roasted chicken.

So, after meal she went to the same place she had been on a while ago, with Force Chaser. He wasn't there, so she thought of texting him. Opening her phone, she can see a text he had sent her. It writes :

" If you need me , I'll be behind the princess' statue."

Lightning flies to the statue. She is there herself. There were only the birds tweeting happily. Force wasn't anywhere. She leaves angry he tricked her another time. She was wrong. A hoof touches her. She turns around

"So, you where here?"

"Oh course I was here!" Force replies. "could I have lied to you?" he asks himself quietly, waiting for an answer, which didn't exist.

"Well ...what did you want to tell me before?"

"Err... remember yesterday, when you were talking to Platinum?"

"Yes, why?"

"You sure heard a noise. It was the bottle of water I was carrying"

"What? Why were you spying me? Actually , the question is why are you telling me?" she says angrily and then surprised.

"Because I know you're an idiot and you couldn't understand it yourself! Also , I guess we can be friends. I gotta stop doing this to ya "

"You are the one that thinks that. Not me. You almost killed, me once! Now, you want to be my friend? I don't trust you, you and your thoughts are very suspect! " she flies away, as fast as she can.

"Yes! Leave! You think I care about being your friend! Well, Mrs. Egghead, I DON'T! You heard that? I DO NOT CARE! " he yells and flies back to the statue. After all , he reiterated
for what he has done and texts her.

"Just know you'll always find me there"
She was sad she left. However, she didn't want to be friends with this pony. "I will wait a long while, learn more about him, and then I'll choose" she is thinking on her way to her home. She looks at the sky. There are many grey clouds - it was going to rain soon. That made her feel better. Still, she was in a bad mood. A few clouds are shaped as hearts and a few other ones like ribbons.

Her little cousin runs to her when she opens the door. She looks scared. Lightning had absolutely no idea what had happened. Her cousin, Aurora, points at the window. There is a police officer. He is knocking the window glass, hoping for somebody to open the window. She flies up to him and opens the window.

"Are you Lightning Key?"

"Y-yes that's me" she answers

The police pony gives her a sheet.

"This says that you need to pay sheets to live in Ponyville. If you don't pay the sheets in one week, we're afraid, you'll have to leave and go to the Everfree again." he says and leaves

"What am I supposed to do now? I have been for only three days and the sheets are pretty expensive!"

Lightning runs to her bedroom and opens her phone again. Another text from Force appears. She remembered she has to decide quickly if she'll be his friend or not. Even though she knows the answer, she isn't sure if she has to tell him. She went to the statue again. She was going to tell him about the sheets. She didn't care. When he saw her, he was glad she came back to see him. He felt like it was his fault she left - and it was.

"Are we buds?" he asks

"No we're not. I only wanted to tell you that perhaps I leave to go to the Everfree and have A GOOD DAY, sir!" she says. Yup, this was the way she wants to tell him she's leaving.

"But , but , you just came, you can't leave!" he says and runs after her

"I said GOOD DAY!"

"You did mean it? I mean, I know it is my fault you were into the Everfree forest. Isn't there a way I can make it up to you?" he tries to explain

"I see you have changed a lot since I left. If you think you can. Try, you'll see it isn't possible" she cries. She cries often since she came here. It should be the Environment

"I'll wind a way" It is that moment when you see your future friend crying, you want to hug her, still you are afraid she'll attack you and you let it go.

"Jut leave me alone! It's simple! If you haven't done anything I wouldn't be leaving now. So , let me do what I think is right!" she runs away from Force, forgetting he's faster than her.

"OK. Blame me" he leaves her run herself.

One week later, Lightning decided to leave. She told all her relatives and friends. She told everyone she knew, besides Force Chaser, she is still not talking to him. One night, while she was packing up her stuff, she saw a flashlight.

"Who's there?"

"It's me - Force Chaser. Why aren't ya talking to me?"

Lightning turns her head away.

"What's wrong?" he still wants to know.

Lightning takes her packages onto the bed and continues the packing up.

Her trip to the Everfree was peaceful. Same for Everfree. She was really hungry so she went hunting. Force was inside her tent, trying to find a place to hide cameras. Meanwhile, Lightning was looking for foxes. She had a little gun with her. Force followed her footprints and found her chasing a fox. The fox hid under a hole, in a cave. Lightning had dropped her gun somewhere, while she was running. Force had taken it and she couldn't find the fox. He walked closer to her. As if it was dark, she couldn't see it was him standing opposite her. She thought it was another creature. She was so scared, she curled up in the corner waiting for some help. The gun was shown. Still not the entire body of Force. He put the gun away and laid next to her, telling her he's not a monster yet. She wiped off the cool sweat that was running on her head. Suddenly, they saw a big bear. Force shouted her to run away. She couldn't move. When she was a kid the same bear broke her arm. The bear was mad at her. Force was far away. Lightning wasn't able to do anything. The bear slapped her, making a kind of roar. Lightning has a great fortune, so Force heard it and flied to there. He had never flown that fast before. He rushed to her and hugged her.

"Don't worry about anything, sweetie. I am here. Nothing's going to hurt you" he cries in a sweet, quiet tone.

She cuddled and tried to hush. Her fortune was even bigger. That big, that the bear stepped on the gun and ... well, killed itself. They were so lucky!

"Thank you for coming! I wouldn't be alive without you!" She looks at him.

" I didn't do anything. Trust me"

" You calmed me down. If you weren't there hugging me, I would hear the shot and die due to fear " she cuddles again.

Last morning, they both decided to go back to Ponyville . They had saved the old tickets. They weren't telling anyone about this story. It was a secret they both wanted to keep for themselves.

***The End***

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