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Started by AndrewLight, 2017 Jan 27, 13:57:57

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Name: Andrew Light
Age: 18 years old
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Mal
Personality:I am a pegasus who lives in Everfree, I am someone very fast flying and I am even rival of Rainbow Dash! My job is to do research on my past. I have lost my memory since a fall, fortunately the trees in the forest slowed down the fall. I am with a yellow phénix who is the guardian of my house, his name is Steve. And Ralve the timberwolf, it's still a baby since I found him blocking under a tree trench, I help him and get him back to his tribute, but they treated him as a less than nothing and banit , It is there that I took it under my wing. I am friends with Manes 6, and they have a lot of confidence in me since I help a young filly against thugs and who challenge me to a race to fly, that's where I have my mark.
Relationship: nothing
Other: I have great courage.


The personality of your OC includes a small backstory... That is really unusual. You also say I when you are talking about your OC...
Okay, I think those are not big problems that won't allow you to RP. It is just unusual to those RPrs I know and perhaps every RPer
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