Mlp eyes on SAI

Started by Thundergirl, 2017 Jan 19, 05:38:14

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Which painting program/app do you use to draw eyes?

Any version of Photoshop
1 (8.3%)
Any version of PaintToolSAI
5 (41.7%)
Any version of ZBrush
0 (0%)
Any version of Autodesk SketchBook
0 (0%)
None of the above
6 (50%)

Total Members Voted: 12

Voting closes: 2019 Oct 16, 06:42:00

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I love making MLP eyes and I'd like you to see how I draw them. =>
Spoiler: random eye • show
I  use PaintToolSai very often to make pictures (like my avatar pic) . I used SAI for these eyes, too.

Sweet Brew

I can't do eyes for the life of me. lol
Nice going. :3


[move=20]EYE STYLECHANGED!!![/move]

Aqua Fire

The program I use is called "None of the above"! Jk I draw better on paper.
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For the gradients, I use GIMP.  For everything else, I use MicroSoft Paint.

Note:  I use a mouse to draw.

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