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Started by Yuineria, 2017 Jan 17, 09:47:08

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Name: Flawless Aurora
Age: 20 (Human) = Young Adult
Race: Alicorn/Unicorn Pony
Gender: Mare (Female)
Personality: Flawless Aurora is one of those royalty ponies that practically cares more about her friends and fun than being a mentor and taking responsiblity as princess. Though, it's not uncommon for her to skip a few days of fun to do her princess duties around Ponyville to boost her self esteem up when she personally brings it down. She is a caring pony and loves cute things, animals and foals. A motherly mare, loyal, kind and a silly little thing once you get to know her. SHE IS A SUCKER FOR ASIAN CULTURE AND FOOD! x33
Likes/Dislikes: Asian Culture(Chinese/Japanese), Ramen, General Tso's Chicken, Lo Mein, Seafood(Shrimp/Crab Meat), Friends, Magic, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Cute Things, Foals, Animals, Nature, Interesting Books, Royalty, Being Admired, Adventuring, Happiness, Reformed Changeling Designs, Creativity, Art, Pastel Colors, Favoritr Color(Lilac)/Negativity, Queen Crysalis, Vegetables, Rainbow Dash & Applejack, Too Much Responsiblity, Paperwork, School, Loosing Friends
Job: A Chinese Buffet
Relationship: Classified
Other: I can be a unicorn in no alicorns allowed role plays!

Sweet Brew

Race: Alicorn
Job: A Chinese Buffet

I don't know why, but this made me laugh really hard! lol
No, I'm not laughing at you! No worries!
You have a very cute OC. :3

Though I could sort the Likes/Dislikes category better.
To be honest I'm not sure which ones she's supposed to like or dislike.


Ah! Heheh, look for the / as this is a sign it is serperated like in the title, also, her apparence has change and her name as changed to something else. I need a help with a new name, it needs to fit her cutie mark, her new design is my new avatar. And Twi is still my fav.  X3


So, did you put this for roleplaying or you put it to have some kind of story for your OC? ^-^
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I do not own the pic

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