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Which of the three seems more interesting (Interpret that how you will) to meet?

Roach Mojave
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Lollipop Candy
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Rough Opal
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Roach Mojave
Spoiler: show

Name: Roach Mojave
Sex: Stallion
Age: 25
Species: Earth
Eye Color: Silver
Coat: Dull Brown
Mane/Tail: Dark grey (Almost black)
Physique: Roach has a moderate tone and muscle build to him from living in the badlands. Excessive exposure to the sun has given him freckles on some of his exposed features (Face, hooves, chest) In place of regular teeth, due to an accident a few years back, he has been fitted with a set of durable steel chompers.
Residence: Roach lives in an old mine system in the Badlands. While he considers this his true home, he does have family all over Equestria and occasionally travels back to either visit them or just to tour some of the many great sights the world has to offer.
Occupation: Miner
Cutie Mark: A steel pick hammer, pointed end embedded into stone

Unique Traits:
Spoiler: show
Bite Me: Becoming lost in the desert is one thing, getting lost with little to no supplies can be fatal. It was this very mistake that caused Roach to resort to eating small minerals to keep himself going. While it did keep him alive, it also permanently damaged his teeth. He did not believe in modern medicine, or even using potions for that matter. Luckily for him, he stumbled upon a very crafty blacksmith who offered to make him a new set of teeth completely out of forged steel. With his new set of chompers, he can chew up just about anything with ease. He made consuming solid objects a regular habit. Though they weren't doing much for him nutrition-wise, the muscles in his jaw built up enough to give him a nasty bite.

Badland Wanderer: Moving to the Badlands took a large toll on Roach at first. The excessive sunlight slowed him down by assaulting him with enough heat to roast an egg on a rock. His skin would burn to the point where he had blisters forming under his fur coat. Over time, he adapted to the climate. His thin blood allows him to travel throughout the desert-like area with little to no repercussions from the heat. His body adapted as well by holding in most fluids that he consumed and storing it for energy. He considers the freckles on his body to be a sign of his new life-style, as he no longer burns from being out in the sun all day.

Iron Hide: Being a miner isn't easy, accidents can happen at any given moment. Roach has suffered a lot of physical trauma from doing what he does, and in turn has grown accustomed to most forms of pain. While he can still feel pain, he can shrug it off rather easily. Multiple incidents involving physical damage to his body has made the skin beneath his coat unusually thick, reducing the amount of damage he actually took when an accident occurred. He still has a few nasty scars though.

History: Roach is just one of three children in his nuclear family. He was never any good when it came to schooling, book smarts just weren't in his vocabulary. Though not the brightest when it came to that, he had a knack for identifying animals and wildlife. He was gifted for having survival instincts unlike any other in his family. When disaster would strike, he would be the first to know.

As he got older, he found himself being pleased with the idea of a life outside. He took to building shelters in the backyard, refusing assistance from anypony who offered it. He wanted to live a life where he could explore, be out in the open and make something of himself, for himself. Of course, in order to do that, he needed money. A close friend of his offered to talk to his father, who was a miner by trade, to get him a job. In less than a week, an old stallion came to his home and took him off to start training.

Many years passed and Roach was loving every second of it. He was a natural when it came to work and his knowledge of dangerous animals, as well as having keen senses to dangerous environments, benefited everyone in his field. He earned his cutiemark in mining some time ago already and kept to it like his life depended on it. It happened shortly after he completed his training and put him out on the field. At the time he couldn't afford a pickaxe, so instead he carried a decently sized pick hammer to do the work. The first few hours couldn't have been more uneventful, just swinging at rocks over and over again to find nothing within them. It was just a few short minutes until it was time to leave when he finally struck something. As he broke apart a large stone on the cave wall, it burst open to reveal a large number of gemstones that nearly blinded him with their radiance. He was filled to the brim with excitement, the joy he felt practically pouring out of his mouth as he drooled at the sight with a dopey smile on his face. A strange tingling sensation followed, as well as a chill. He glanced around, his eyes soon resting on the mark he now holds on his flank. But that's history.

The job was enjoyable, but the areas they worked were running low on precious minerals. Roach suggested going to a place much larger, a place that ponies were fearful to touch. The Badlands. Of course, given the dangers of being in such a place, they declined his suggestion. In a fit of anger he completely destroyed their official headquarters, taking down their primary support beams and causing the building to come crumbling down.

Obviously, this didn't work too well in his favor. A lawsuit was filed and the company sued Roach for everything he had. He was left poverty stricken, homeless, and jobless. This went on for about a year before he decided to change it. If the Miners weren't going to scavenge the badlands for what riches it may hold, then he would do it on his own. And he did. He traveled to the Badlands, took on countless struggles, and dug down deep. In time, he found what he was looking for. With all of the minerals he found, he could move back to the civilized world and retire as a millionaire.

It was tempting at first, but by then he had already fallen in-love with his new life. So he stayed in the Badlands, mining what he could, adventuring as he pleased, and occasionally touring the cities back in Equestria.

Character Personality: Roach can be laid back every now and again, but he's a tough stone to crack. He has no problem sharing storied about himself, but prefers to keep his emotions and feeling to himself. He's fairly open-minded as well, but stubborn as a mule when it comes to his beliefs on certain topics. While adventurous and fun at times, he can be stern and has no problem telling it as it is. Probably the worth thing about him is his temper; This is the only thing he truly struggles to control. Being used to living on his own, he can be slightly hostile to others, especially if their new.[/spoiler]

Lollipop Candy (Candycolt)
Spoiler: show

Name: Lollipop Candy
Sex: Stallion
Age: 23
Species: Earth
Eye Color: Yellow/Orange
Coat: White
Mane/Tail: Shades/Tints of red
Physique: Lollipop is fairly tall with a slim form, which is odd considering his diet; His metabolism must be crazy!  He doesn't possess excessive amounts of muscle, but has a few defined outlines, specifically in his hooves.
Residence: No permanent residence.
Occupation: Traveling salespony.
Cutie Mark: Two lollipop's in an X stance.

Unique Traits:
Spoiler: show
Clownish Appeal: Given his demeanor, and sometimes even his appearance, Lollipop has a way of attracting attention. Not that it is bad, mind you. His happy smile and seemingly never-ending amount of confidence is all it takes to win over most he meets. His near overflow of charisma helps a lot as well. This makes it neigh impossible to avoid meeting ponies and becoming friends with them rather quickly. His goofy behavior and kind-hearted nature makes him both fun to be around and come off as a pony that can be trusted; The only deceit to be found on his bright face being his painted red cheeks.

Circus Freak: Despite his diet, Lollipop maintains a slim form, and is the tallest member of his family. On top of that, most of his bones are double jointed, allowing him to twist and bend his form in some unnatural ways. However, he never uses this little skill with ill intent. More often than not, it's either to help him with work, or just to put on a small show for anypony wanting to see something neat. He also keeps a fair amount of props on hoof to use during these to keep things entertaining and fun.

Don't Blink: Lollipop is surprisingly light, given his size. This allows him to be quick on his hooves. One second he could be standing in front of you, the next he's across the room staring at something shiny! His speed usually relies on how he's feeling or if he does something out of instinct. He uses it the most when working though. His quick hooves are strangely efficient and have kept him from falling behind when he would become crowded for his products.

History: Lollipop is the second-born in his family, the middle child. Despite growing up under the same roof, none of them ever behaved exactly the same. He was a lot more excitable and upbeat than his other siblings, always finding the bright side to even the worst of situations. He was constantly moving, unable to keep still for more then a few minutes at a time. He loved to explore, roaming around towns to see what they held and what wonders could be found.

Time passed and as it did, several dreams and ambitions began to surface. While in school, on top of being the class clown, Lollipop learned that he had a knack for cooking. Discovering this made him curious as to how far this talent of his went. He experimented left and right with different things; Common foods, pastries and eventually candy. There were times of trial and error, a few fires here and there as well. However, everything he did taught him more about what he could do and his creative mind filled him with ideas of what could be improved on and how. His cooking skills were good, but they paled in comparison to his pastries and candy. Deciding to cut off his weakest link, he dedicated his skills entirely to those two things. Upon declaring that candy was his life, and that it would one day rule the world- obviously just to get a few laughs from his classmates- he found himself overcome with joy and presented with his cutiemark.

Staying true to his word, Lollipop focused all of his time and energy into sweets and baked goods. He was given grants to go to special cooking schools and excelled in the very subject he dedicated his life to, even graduating at the top of his class. He would never claim to be the best per se, but knew that what he had to offer was close to it. He was also pretty sure that most of his good grades came purely because he befriended his teachers and made them laugh. In all reality though, his teachers loved how creative he was, as well as how willing he was to take risks that most wouldn't dare. His work ethic was effective, his treats were exquisite, and time was never a problem since he managed to move so fast and not once make a mistake in their kitchen.

After all of that, he started a business. He got a loan, bought a building, and in time 'Lollipop's Delight's' was open and ready to take on the world! It started off slow, as most new businesses do. But, in time, word got out and ponies became curious. Ponies would arrive, talk to him, try out what he was offering, and then fall inlove with both him and his shop. After only a few weeks his candy shop became the hot-spot of his town. He catered mostly to the younger crowds, but even parents and grandparents found it hard to resist his sweets. There was one pony in particular that he remembered, it was his first customer. He was an older stallion, roughly in his late sixties if he had to guess. The stallion came in and chatted for about an hour, but neither gave their name to the other; Lollipop figured his own was obvious, given the name of the store. A bit of time passed and the stallion tried a simple cupcake. That one cupcake quickly turned into several and even a few other things he had out. Once the pony was satisfied, he paid his bill and left. Before walking out of the door though, he looked back and said goodbye, referring to Lollipop as 'Candycolt" just as he left. It caught him off-guard, but he didn't complain. In fact, he kinda liked that nickname. From that point on, business started to grow and everypony in town knew him as 'The Candycolt'.

A couple of years passed and everything was running as smooth as ever. Lollipop achieved his dream and made a lot of friends along the way. But, he found himself sad. He didn't feel sad often, but this small wave of depression was haunting him for months and he couldn't figure out why. He thought back to his family. His parents were alive and well, still living in his childhood home with his younger brother. His older brother moved out shortly after Lollipop left for his schooling. He would receive letters from him every now and again, getting to read about all of the places he was visiting and the adventures he would have. Lollipop envied him for being able to go out and see the world, to explore to his heats content. Then it hit him, that child-like urge to go out and explore surfaced and it did so with a vengeance. He didn't want to settle down in his shop, not yet. He wanted to go out and experience the world. But, he didn't want to give up his dream either. That's when it hit him again...Specifically, what hit him was a blueberry pancake he had flipped before becoming lost in thought, but an idea did as well!

It was with a heavy heart that Lollipop closed down his shop. For the longest time, it meant everything and more to him, but he just wasn't ready to slow down. He bought a rather luxurious cart, filling it up with everything he would need to continue making his treats and pastries while on the road. Since then he's traveled nonstop, making friends wherever he goes and never staying in one place for too long; All while whipping up some of his crazy sweets and selling them along the way. That sadness that had plagued him for so long seemed to vanish overnight, letting him know that he had made the right choice.

Character Personality: Lollipop is an interesting pony, to say the least. He's kind of random, a little all over the place, and goofy all around. He is a very open-minded individual, preferring to think outside of the box in any situation. He's adventurous, funny, and probably one of the nicest ponies you can meet, if also a bit obnoxious. He's the very definition of your typical class clown; A generous soul, he'll help anpony if he can. Especially if what they need is a good laugh.

Character Summary: Lollipop is a fun-loving pony with a seemingly endless amount of energy. He prefers to introduce himself as 'The Candycolt', saying that it's what his friends call him. He owned his own candy and pastry shop in his home-town, but closed it down when he realized that he wanted to travel. Now he moves across Equestria on hoof, selling his goods and spreading laughter wherever he goes while still living his dream of being the candycolt.

Rough Opal (Stranger)
Spoiler: show

Name: Rough Opal
Sex: Stallion
Age: 20
Species: Earth
Eye Color: Yellow
Coat: Dark Grey
Mane: Dull Red
Physique: Rough Opal's body was built like any typical stallion back in the day. But, his recent activities and discoveries have left him thin and almost skeletal in appearance.
Residence: Unknown
Occupation: None
Cutie Mark: None

Unique Traits:
Spoiler: show
Strange Body: Exposure to a universe as twisted as the one he now roams has affected him physically. It has taken his biological makeup and added its own personal touch to it, making him nearly as capable as the other beasts that make up the population. Aside from adding a few unique additions, it's turned him into something that should not exist. A hybrid between pony and Strangist (As they call themselves). His skin is made of some tough stuff, difficult to puncture and quick to regenerate. His form can bend in ways that should not be possible, and he is capable of summoning tentacles from his body at will. He also has a second head on the end of his tail which he frequently speaks to in an unintelligible language native to the world he lives in.

Strange Mind: One does not have their entire genetic code rewritten and then come out the same, especially in a place like this. The world he lives in is filled with madness and chaos. Not a day goes by where you don't watch something get eaten by something much larger. Being forced to live in this environment can corrupt ones mind, but that's minor compared to what the universe itself does simply by you existing there. Nearly every logical part of his mind has been removed and replaced with that of a wild animal. That being said; He can communicate with all sorts of wildlife, both inside and outside of this world. On top of that, his mind has become an anarchist's paradise, making it nearly impossible to know what he is thinking.

Strangeland: This is less of a trait as it is a curse. Creatures native to this world cannot survive for more than a few minutes outside of their universe and though Rough Opal is still half pony and it is possible for him to return to Equestria, this world has left its mark on him. Traveling back to Equestria is a painful process that leaves him weak for several minutes. Furthermore, he is not as strong outside of his new home. The longer he is away, the weaker he becomes over time before his body completely shuts down.

History: Rough Opal is the youngest of three in his family. Though they all grew up in the same environment, he and his siblings differed to a certain extreme. Rough Opal was arguably the most curious of the bunch. He always had an odd fascination with mythology and stories of otherworldly encounters. Something in particular that caught his attention was a story his father told him when he was really young. At first, the name sounded like gibberish. But, then his father clarified, "In our tongue, it means Strangeland."

This place his father told him about, though not an ideal world from the sounds of it, was still an interesting one none-the-less. Opal truly believed that there were other worlds that ponies could travel to if they just knew how. It was just a matter of finding out how.

Rough Opal became obsessed with magical theories on teleportation and portals that led to other worlds. He dedicated almost every second of every day to reading and discovering hidden connections that he believed to be present in these writings, trying to discover the secret to inter-dimensional travel. He spent years and a countless amount of bits as he poured himself into his research. Any normal pony would have shied away after so long with little results, but this didn't deter him in the slightest. In his mind, this was the key to his destiny. Perhaps he would even get his cutiemark once he makes his big discovery!

It started off rough, but thankfully for him, one of his siblings was more than happy to help fund his dream. With the second-oldest running a very successful business in their home town, he was able to spare enough money to keep his little brothers research alive. The oldest didn't bother though, emphasizing on a regular basis how Opal wasting his time and shouldn't be playing around with magic.

Fast forward several more years; Rough Opal still lives with his parents, his brother having moved out and started their own lives elsewhere. He would get letters from them, one always undermining him and the other always supporting his efforts. He didn't hold his oldest brothers words in a bad place, knowing that he only said these things because he thought he was helping him. However, it did push him to try harder. In time, his hard work finally paid off.

After so many years of collecting and analyzing data, Opal believed that he had finally stumbled upon something important. If his information was accurate, there would be something quite valuable to his research in the forbidden south. He would be taking a major risk going somewhere so dangerous, but he was close to finding out something. He could feel it. It took nearly four months for him to locate and travel to the exact location where he needed to be. What he found though, was so much more than he expected.

The first thing he spotted was the skeleton of some sort of massive beast. He had never seen anything like it before, or even read about something of this magnitude being in this area. Upon further inspection, he found that the lower part of its body was in a cave. He made his way in and found something that made all of those years of seclusion seem worth it. He found a portal. It looked more like a tear between worlds, like whatever made this was desperately trying to get out. Looking back at the skeleton, he felt a bit unnerved. If something this big wanted so badly to get out, who knows what could be waiting in there. He was tempted to leave, but a small voice was calling out to him. He couldn't understand what it was saying, but he felt as though it was beckoning him.

The small voice continued to whisper into the depths of his mind as he stared at the portal. He got the strangest feeling just from looking into it; It felt chaotic, dangerous, and strangely alluring...

No pony has seen him since.

Character Personality: Manic in every way, shape, and form.

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